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  1. 2018 Tax help

    I basically need someone with more knowledge than me to help me self file.     
  2. 2018 Tax help

    THanks!    However looks like I will be spending around 100 euros per hour? I had heard that students do it for less?    
  3. 2018 Tax help

    Hello All,   Ive been using an Accountant for my wife's and my Tax filing. I´m am working with a contract but my wife is freelance. The accountant didn't offer the best service and would charge me 400 each time. Also i ever got a refund from the finanzamt, were many people in the same situation as me would.    Anyway. I need help with 2018 and wondered if anyone knows someone who can help me fill in the forms? I have steurgo but still need help! Will to pay obviously.    Any help would be great.