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  1. Need ELSTER online help

    Hello,   After successfully registering with ELSTER I'm painfully going through my first online freelancer VAT filing and hoping some kind soul with experience with the online ELSTER can help me out.   Apparently ELSTER updated their online application in January 2011, so none of the other guides I've found here on Toytown seem to apply. Once I get through this successfully, I promise to write a new guide. :-)   These are really basic questions, I know, so please be nice:   Section 3 is - Lieferungen und sonstige Leistungen (steuerfreie Umsätze) or "3 - supplies and other services (tax-free sales)" is this what I paid out (expenses), what I brought in (actual revenue realized), or what I billed?   Section 5 is Innergemeinschaftliche Erwerbe or " Intra-Community acquisitions" (according to Google translate). What is this? The page is pictured below.   Thank You