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  1. Thanks @dj_jay_smith!  That's what I was wondering - if I should even try to apply or if I have to wait until I have the full 5 years... going to KVR is not a fun thing so I didn't want to go if I have no chance.
  2.   That's what I'm trying to understand... if I have 3.5 years of German pension paid, I guess that's not enough, so what other proof am I supposed to bring? That I had a job in the country I came from and had a pension plan there? Does it matter that I was in Germany for 1.5 years without working or paying towards a pension plan?
  3. Could anyone help with my question above?
  4. US Immigration Lawyers in Munich

    Thanks for the detailed reply, @engelchen.  I remember reading somewhere that if a child is born in Germany and can't take the parents' citizenship for any reason, Germany would have to give the child citizenship. But if what you say is right and there is an option that the child would be stateless, obviously I wouldn't do that to them and I will keep my other non-American citizenship so they can have that one until they are old enough to get a German citizenship. I have contacted a lawyer who is supposed to know about US and German immigration laws, will update after my consultation if anyone is interested...  
  5. US Immigration Lawyers in Munich

      What if the child doesn't have a father?
  6. US Immigration Lawyers in Munich

      I understand why they have that law, but for someone who was born in the US and has never felt at home anywhere more than in the US, it is very difficult for me to accept that my child has to be the citizen of a country I grew up in and left as soon as I could because it was so bad.  Even though I have always wanted to move back to the US, life brought me to Germany... and I am happy here. But I am still an American.  The reason I don't want to give birth in the US is because my partner wouldn't be able to leave work for long enough to be there with me, and I don't want to be all alone when I have my first baby. Also, it would be extremely difficult financially seeing as I have no health insurance there...  
  7. US Immigration Lawyers in Munich

    Wow @2B_orNot2B thank you for the detailed answer!! I really appreciate it.
  8. Hi Everyone, Not sure where to post this so I'm trying here. I have a residence permit because my partner has an EU passport. We have been living in Germany for 5 years now, and I would like to request the Niederlassungserlaubnis / Daueraufenthalt - would it be best to ask for Daueraufenthalt because my partner has an EU citizenship? Is it harder to get that over a Niderlassungserlaubnis?   Also - out of the 5 years I've lived in Germany, I have only been working for the last 3.5 years, which means I don't have 5 years of pension paid... is there any way to get around it?    Thanks!
  9. US Immigration Lawyers in Munich

    Any idea what would happen if I give up my other citizenship and I only have an American one when the child is born? Would Germany have to give the child German citizenship?   I definitely don't want to give birth in the US, so that is not an option unfortunately.   Who can I contact to ask these questions? I don't mind paying for a consultation, just not sure who I'm supposed to go to... 
  10. US Immigration Lawyers in Munich

    Unfortunately I have only been in the US for two weeks since I left when I was 10. My parents were there legally when I was born but only had residence permits, were never American citizens, so going through grandparents isn't an option. When I emailed the consulate, they just sent me a link to the requirements and when I tried to question further, they answered that they can't give me any further info and my request for the child's citizenship is only determined through an official interview with the Consular Officer (which I can only do after I have a birth certificate). I am extremely disappointed because my child won't be eligible for German citizenship when it's born (I have only been in Germany for 5 years) and I really really don't want my child to be a citizen of the country I lived in between age 10 and now.  Any chance I could convince the Consular Officer anyway?  
  11. US Immigration Lawyers in Munich

    I'm looking for a US immigration lawyer who could help me... I am an American citizen living in Munich, and going to have a baby, wanted my child to have American citizenship too, but I tried contacting the consulate and they sent me a link with the requirements, which say the parent had to live in the US for five years, at least two years of that after the age of 14, but I only lived in the US until age 10... has anyone else had this problem? or could reccomend a good lawyer I could talk to?   Thanks 
  12. Pflichtversicherung vs Freiwilligversicherung

      Thanks, El Jeffo!  But would being on voluntary basis be a problem for his new employer? or would it cost us more? wondering if he should just ask to get 5000€ to be under the limit... 
  13. Pflichtversicherung vs Freiwilligversicherung

    Hi Everyone, I got here when searching for info about  Freiwilligversicherung.  I am insured by TK ( Pflichtversicherung) and had my partner registered on my insurance because he wasn't working. Now he got a job and will be making more than 5100€ brutto monthly. So TK said he has to sign a form to change to Freiwilligversicherung.  Now after reading this thread I'm worried about Elternzeit - I am going to have a baby in a few months, will he have to pay for his insurance when he takes 2 months of Elternzeit? Are there any other differences we should know about?   Thanks!
  14. Mutterschutz for partner?

    Thanks! But if he starts the job in mid January, and I have the baby in July, he might have to tell them while he is still in the probationary period... I hope there won't be any problems... 
  15. Mutterschutz for partner?

    Hi Everyone, This might be a strange question, I tried searching for an answer but couldn't find one... I am in early stages of pregnancy. I know that I can't be fired from my job no matter what because there is Mutterschutz. But my partner is starting a new job soon, and I am wondering when he should inform his employer and if he has any kind of protection so that they don't fire him because of my pregnancy? He might want to take a couple months of Elternzeit when I have the baby, which I'm not sure the new employer would like...    Thanks