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  1. Mutterschutz for partner?

    Thanks! But if he starts the job in mid January, and I have the baby in July, he might have to tell them while he is still in the probationary period... I hope there won't be any problems... 
  2. Mutterschutz for partner?

    Hi Everyone, This might be a strange question, I tried searching for an answer but couldn't find one... I am in early stages of pregnancy. I know that I can't be fired from my job no matter what because there is Mutterschutz. But my partner is starting a new job soon, and I am wondering when he should inform his employer and if he has any kind of protection so that they don't fire him because of my pregnancy? He might want to take a couple months of Elternzeit when I have the baby, which I'm not sure the new employer would like...    Thanks
  3. Travel insurance recommendations

      Now you have to tell me that story because I never would have thought I would need legal assistance when travelling... 
  4. Travel insurance recommendations

    Hi everyone, I am looking for travel insurance, mainly one that covers medical needs. Preferably something that I could use for multiple travels because I might travel a few times over the next year. I am pregnant, do I have to look for something specific? Am I supposed to notify the insurance company? Thanks :)
  5. Best hospitals for natural birth

    Hi everyone, I am also interested in having a natural birth, and would prefer not to go to a hospital, but don't want to deal with the mess of having a home birth.  I have heard about the Geburtshaus München - has anyone here had a baby there?  Or could someone recommend something similar, or a hospital which has rooms that don't feel/look like hospital rooms? I would like to give birth somewhere where I would feel like home.  Thanks :)
  6. Curtains or Blinds in my new flat

    I have something like this: https://www.otto.de/p/seitenzugrollo-klemmfix-rollo-k-home-lichtschutz-ohne-bohren-1-stueck-432340873/?variationId=132846416#variationId=132846416 There is even a video there explaining how to hang them without drilling. 
  7. Thanks, @someonesdaughter !  So if I go on Mutterschutz in June, that means I only work 6 months, so I would get half of my vacation days? 15 days out of 30? And if you say holiday entitlement continues while I'm away, what happens to those days if I decide not to go back after my year of Elternzeit?
  8.   I meant that I would be having the baby in July, so I would leave 6 weeks before the due date, and not planning on coming back to work for at least a year. I'm wondering how many vacation days I could take during the time I'm still at work for the first half of 2019.
  9. Hi everyone - I have a question about vacation days and maternity leave.  If I get 30 vacation days per year, and Mutterschutz would start in June 2019 (so I only work 6 months of that year), do I only get half of the vacation days?  
  10. Difficult working conditions

    And if it wasn't clear before - I do not want anyone to shut down the company. I have nothing against my boss. I like my job and do not want to leave. I just want someone to come and have a look at the place and tell him that we shouldn't be working in such conditions. It has always been dirty and dusty but it is definitely getting worse with time. I have cleaned the office and surrounding areas many times myself, but we would need some serious professional help to get rid of the spiders and pigeons, and fix the heating and other problems we have. And my boss won't pay for any of that.  I don't think I am spoiled or entitled for wanting to work quietly at my desk without swatting flies and bees every two minutes, or walking into the office without being pooped on by pigeons, or having to share the bathroom with spiders. Just because my boss grew up on a farm and doesn't mind these things, or doesn't ever feel cold even when its -15 degrees outside, doesn't make it OK or a healthy work environment.    Also - many employees have left over the last few years I've worked here, because they had problems with the boss or with the working conditions. If I filed an anonymous complaint, he would probably think one of the previous employees did it, especially since one of them has already contacted a lawyer about an issue they had when they got fired. 
  11. Difficult working conditions

    Thanks! What kind of union? we don't have one for the company I work, we're only 4 employees. Is there like a general one? 
  12. Cat Trainer

        Thanks!  I have seen many episodes of My Cat from Hell, I really was hoping to find someone like Jackson Galaxy to come and see my cat and give us advice... we've tried many of the things he suggests. Like play time - my cat simply doesn't want to play. ever. We have tried so many different toys but nothing will get her moving or get her to play along. Same thing with scratching poles - she just doesn't use them, she will always try to scratch our couch. We have also set up lots of different places for her to hide, or climb up to, so she has safe spaces.      Maybe I will go back and watch some more episodes and see if I can find other ideas. 
  13. Difficult working conditions

    I never said I don't like my boss. He is a good guy, he just doesn't think that it is that important to have a clean, warm, safe working environment. I don't think they would just shut the business down without giving him a chance to make things better. 
  14. Cat Trainer

    @Krieg Sorry for your loss   Mine is just like yours was - she will let you pet her but when she doesn't want it anymore she attacks. She has been with me for almost 10 years since she was 2 months old, I got used to having the crazy cat that everyone is afraid of, but my partner and I are really worried that the cat might attack our future children. She is even on some medication that the vet suggested to calm her down, but once in a while she will still attack my feet for no reason. And we have to be very careful around her.  I would really like to try and make it better for her and us, before we have kids.
  15. Difficult working conditions

    It is obvious because if I wanted to leave I would just do it instead of searching for a way to make things better.