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  1. Surrogacy law in Germany

    Thanks for all of your responses and input. To address a couple of points:     I would not be against adoption but I've also read that the waiting times are multiple years here in Germany, what with the extremely low birth rate. I'll continue to look into it as an option though.   We wouldn't consider surrogacy if there was a viable alternative. The cost would be a massive hit for us but it seems like the only potential option as things stand. I'll continue to look for a good lawyer here to advise us. People dealing with this topic seem few and far between. 
  2. Surrogacy law in Germany

    My partner and I are looking at the possibility of surrogacy overseas and we'd like to find out more about the legal side of that here in Germany. I know there has been some movement in the courts recently but we need proper advice before moving any further.    We are a heterosexual couple in our 30's and both resident in Berlin for the last 6+ years. We are only considering the surrogacy route because of some major health problems a pregnancy could cause my partner and a child.    I've contacted some lawyers in but many don't seem to have the experience to offer us advice in this matter. So if anyone has a good recommendation for lawyers or direct experience of the process that would be really appreciated.   Thanks in advance