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  1. 1st written warning from employer

    Hi all,   Greatful for any help.   I teach in a berufschule. A genuine mistake (my mis-reading the timetable) meant I didn't turn up for a lesson on Tuesday.   Today the boss gave me an 'Abmahnung' (written warning), which I had to sign reciept of, and threatens unspecified work related consequences if they have to give me another one.   Afterwards, I disussed it with an office mate who picked the following holes in it:   1. It speaks of several incidences of lateness but has only one dated example of being AWOL. Shouldn't they be more specific?   2. It doesn't say anywhere on it how long this will stay on my file - My colleauge reckons it should be shredded after 2 years and this should be made clear to me.   3. The consequences of re-offendening are covered by a generic sentence - something like 'work related consequences' (I don't have the thing in front of me right now, but could get it this afternoon); shouldn't it be a lot more specific?   My work mate reckons I should get to a lawyer within the next 3 weeks to get it annuled and taken off my file. She thinks it's the begining of a process to ease me out (we've been bought out and the new owners would love to shrink the payroll).   I haven't got the time to go to a lawyer until next week (and I don't know if I have rechtschutzversicherung for work-related problems, hope so), so can a more experienced TT-er jump in with any experiences of this?   Apologies for length and thanks in advance,   Edd