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  1. This man really is a savior. Very knowledgeable and responded to my personal message within hours. I didn't have much time left to figure out how to go about my pending Family Visa application and this is why I attribute the savior part. Not only that but his only ask was for me to post this message, which was coming anyway, of course. 


  2. I've tried calling a couple of times now. THey have it logged on my file that it is now out of their hands because there is a law stating that retroactive cancellations can only be completed within the first 3 months of being signed up to the public insurance. Wouldn't give me to a supervisor and wouldn't budge. The worst.


  3. Hi Guys,


    Thanks for the responses.


    I have already contacted the private insurer already and the plan won't go beyond this month, but he seems to be avoiding the plea for having my money refunded. I assumed this would happen, so I posted here to see there are any other means at my disposal for retrieving the money if he does simply ignore my pleas. I am going to go into AOK tomorrow to ask there too.


    As far as how a guy writing his thesis could let this happen: again, I admit this is mostly my fault, but at the same time it is beyond me that I could be signed up for public insurance through my employer without ever having to sign something, or at the least being informed. Let alone that private policies are only valid under certain working conditions - paying more through the public umbrella because I don't earn enough seems a little backwards. I am starting to realize how good we have it back in Canada, even with its drawbacks.





  4. Hello Friends,


    I am facing a situation that is largely my fault for being an ignorant Canadian that is used to health insurance being automatic. The story is that I was originally covered as a student here in Germny with AOK. I turned 30 and they wanted to raise my premiums much too high, so I switched to a much more affordable student plan through Mawista. I began working for a research firm to write my thesis and have continued working there under HiWi status for the past 8 months. I had no idea that my employer automatically signed me up again for the social coverage once I was no longer a student. I didn't thoroughly examine my pay stub to see that there was a 92 Euro debit under a KV abbreviation. It turns out that because I earn between 450 and 4000 Euro per month that I need this social health insurance anyhow. So, I am now wondering if there is anyway to try to retrieve my funds from the private insurer, Mawista, without having to rely upon an act of kindness. In the end, this is close to 500 Euro.


    Any advice is very much appreciated!



    Mr Willy