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  1. Lawyer for inheritance advice, prices?

    The distinction isn't that clear-cut between legal issues and tax issues. I asked my Steuerberater, but he said that he (and a Steuerberater in general) is likely not competent to answer questions about how German tax laws and courts interpret and apply German rules to things like foreign trusts etc., that don't have a direct counterpart in German civil law. Nor to give advice for tax planning in a foreign jurisdiction, with the goal of minimizing taxes for involved German residents. It can be complex, and require a team of multiple lawyers and tax advisers in both countries.   I'll consider posting in the finance forum, thanks for the suggestion.
  2. Lawyer for inheritance advice, prices?

    It has to do with the German inheritance tax that applies to anyone living in Germany. The lawyer I got the quote from advertises as being an expert in international estate and inheritance issues.
  3. Looking for legal advice about overseas estates and inheritance questions. There's no court case or anything, so I guess it would be an hourly rate just for advice.   I was quoted €297 (i.e. €250 + VAT) for an initial discussion of up to one hour (Erstberatung) by a Berlin lawyer, and €452 (€380 + VAT) per hour after that. Is that something like the going rate? From browsing some other threads like "How much do lawyers in Germany cost?" and from the regulations, I was expecting €190 + VAT for the Erstberatung, and somewhere around €200 or so for hourly rates, but maybe that's outdated. I'm probably already on the hook for the Erstberatung. Just wondering if it's reasonable or if I should try to keep shopping around after that, and if so, if anyone has a good recommendation. Thanks...
  4. Thanks, that's what I needed to know...   It was part of a four-trip ticket, and the current price is 15 cents more each. So I'm out the whole €3,30. I'd be tempted to just use it and play dumb, if I wasn't going to the airport... I wonder if they have some way to get a refund or credit?   Whenever someone back home says "say something in German!", my usual reponse is: "Ich habe eine Vier-Fahrten-Karte gekauft. Habe ich eigentlich eine Fahrkarte, die für vier Fahrten gültig ist? Oder vier Fahrkarten, die jeweils für eine Fahrt gelten?". Always gets a laugh. Eventually.
  5. I haven't ridden a train since 2019. But I have to make an urgent trip, so... I have an old unstamped Berlin ABC S-Bahn ticket I bought in 2017. Is it still good? How many years does it last? I can't seem to find any information about it online.
  6. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    If you're still waiting for your second dose, you can just show up at one of the centers and get it early if you want. I guess there's some minimum time from the first dose, maybe four weeks between biontech or moderna, but the six-week wait isn't mandatory.   Me at the ice rink today, talking to the man at the front gate:   "I have an appointment for Saturday, for my second dose, but I'd like to do it today." I show him the e-mail about the appointment, which they needed to see last time.   Him: "Your appointment is for Saturday, today is Wednesday."   Me: "Yes, but I'd like to do it today."   Him: (Long sentence that I didn't quite catch, but something to the effect that it's not possible for one to attend a Saturday appointment when it's not Saturday.)   Me: "Um. I'd like to get a vaccination without an appointment."   Him: "Without an appointment? Sure, go right in."   Me, about forty minutes later, leaving with my QR code: "Yay!"
  7. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    Wow, that's crazy, it's like trying to snipe an eBay auction. I saw that some appointments are coming up "green" around the end of June at Tegel. But when I click on one, and go to the Doctolib site, there's nothing there. I guess it's already gone? Are people using some  kind of automated bot?
  8. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    You have to go to the Doctolib page for the vaccination centres: Otherwise the main Doctolib page will take you to a list of about 20 practices in Berlin offering BioNTech/Moderna vaccinations, none of which have appointments. Some have AstraZeneca. My doctor has changed his website to say "Please don't call or e-mail about vaccinations!"...   The vaccination centre appointments are going like hotcakes. The only one that seems to have any left is Erika-Heß-Eisstadion, for Moderna. It said the next appointment was July 15th, but every time I clicked on one, it said "appointment no longer available". I just kept clicking as fast as I could... finally I managed to get one for the 19th. I imagine they'll all be gone soon. I have no idea how it works in terms of when they add new appointments, or if you can somehow move yours up if something earlier becomes available.
  9. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    Ok, I see that now. You had written "Berlin has lifted the priority groups for vaccinations outside of the vaccination centres." - but not entirely. I had read earlier that the plan was to completely lift the prioritization, and hadn't heard about the part where they changed their mind, and it's only in special cases where they're unable to use up the vaccine for prioritized groups. Not really sure how that works then.   It sounds like there is really very little of the Biontech/Moderna around, and nobody's giving it to non-prioritized (group 4) people. Maybe if you happen to be at the doctor and they happen to have an extra one, but not so likely? I suppose I just have to wait a while longer then, and see what happens in June.
  10. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    Yes, I haven't been able to find anything about the vaccination centres de-prioritizing or not, or when.   According to this article last week, doctors must still use their vaccinations for priority groups 1-3, and only for others if they can't:    
  11. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    I did mention specifically that I'm not in a priority group... almost, but not quite.   I haven't been able to get through to my Hausarzt. Usually I just show up during Sprechstunde if I have a problem, but I don't think it would be helpful showing up looking for a vaccination, especially if I don't want AstraZeneca. His website says he's been doing some vaccinations, but he's not keeping a waiting list. It's definitely not encouraging people to try to make an appointment.   One thing I'm wondering about, is that from 7 June, the prioritization is dropped Germany-wide. It was already dropped in Berlin, except for the vaccination centres. So maybe the vaccination centres will be open to everyone then?
  12. Berlin Corona Vaccinations

    I have a question, how actually do I get a vaccination?   I read that about 40% of Germans have received one already. Are there really that many old and sick people? I'm rather old and somewhat sick, but just shy of being in a priority group. How are so many people getting it, is it that most are getting AstraZeneca? I don't think I want that... Is there some possibility to get one of the other ones in the near future? My doctor's website isn't very helpful, and I haven't been able to get through on the phone.   My experience in Berlin is that if I patiently and politely wait my turn to be served at a bar, I will remain thirsty, as a stream of young people push their way in front of me. Is the vaccine kind of the same? I'm ok with waiting my turn, but I don't want to be a fool, waiting for some invitation that won't come until everyone else has got theirs...