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  1. Australian to German driver's licence conversion

      I have just received a letter, aftersome 7 months of waiting, that I can come to collect my German license but it states that I am invited to a come and speak with them about the issuing of the license. Is this the standard way of stating come and collect it or is there yet another hurdle to get over? Will they try to ask some trick questions about something, like my favourite colour or underwear preferences? and yes, the whole thing makes one a little nervous...  
  2. Australian to German driver's licence conversion

      Thanks for your input. I only met one Beamter at the Burgeramt who took all the documents and processed it all and took the fee. He then said ti would take 2 months. But, now from another office ( I take it it all goes to one central place where they "complete" it) I got the request. Makes you wonder what the point of the first interview was after all. 
  3. Australian to German driver's licence conversion

      They have now, after 5 months only asked for the date of issue of my current licence - NOT of my first ever Australian licence - I check it by called them and asking them to specify. So can you tell me which one it is because I am now trying to just get a document that shows the former. But if it means waiting months for a letter asking for the latter then better to know now. It seems that it is a rather arbitrary process after all.  
  4. Australian to German driver's licence conversion

      I also now downloaded my driving record only to discover that 30 years I got a listing of negligent driving - yet at the time I was not even in Australia or driving anywhere in the world in the year before, that year of after. seems someone got my data and misued it. So I am reluctant to show this to the German Authority, even though I did not loose points or so. I never had an accident or even a sppeding fine or parking ticket in Aust.  Really strange.
  5. Australian to German driver's licence conversion

    Thanks for the info. Did you apply for the information from the RTA by email and if so did oyu have to ask them to specifically fax it back or would they have emailed it back? I have been waiting now 5 months. In thIe initial interview where they ask for all of the documents atc I thought it was already all through. Now 5 months later they ask for the date of issue as an official letter. So am trying to get this infor ASAP. What I don#t get is that the local Bezirksamt Burgeramt who processed my application did not aks for this or my eye sight test (which I had but as he never asked, I dod not hand it over). I don't know what the point was of the initial appointment if they don't ask for everything needed. Anyway thanks for any tops as to the RTA info. 
  6. Do you mean the initial paperwork when you apply to convert the licence? so far I have been waiting 5 months.
  7.   Thanks - I will give it a shot. 
  8. Thanks, that sounds hopeful but I also don't have a UK passport which I think would make it easier.  
  9. ahhh!...I have a UK licence and address but don't have any other way to show that I was living in UK at time I got the licence. So its a bit tricky.
  10.   On that note - assuming you are not Dutch, did you have to show them that you had been a resident of Holland? Just interested in how this goes since I have such mixed nationalities and papers.