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  1. Hello all - see you tonight! For new people, I've sent you contact info, just in case.
  2. Sorry everyone, I forgot that this was a leap year when calculating the date! Next time will just look at a calendar... Yes, it's Wednesday March 4.
  3. Hello everyone, Time for the next meetup! This time, we'll try out a brand new winebar/restaurant for everyone, since it only opens on Monday next week. Hopefully a great new discovery... Wednesday, March 5, 6:30pm Jolandas Vinothek Kazmairstr. 28 (Schwanthalerhohe Ubahn) Let me know if you're joining so that I can adjust the reservation as needed. See you there!
  4. Hello all - we've had a few cancellations so we're going to cancel the meetup for tonight, and will try again another week. Til then!
  5. Hello recordedlita - sent you a message with contact info. See you tomorrow!
  6. Hello all, Our next meetup will be Wednesday, Feb. 5 at 6:30 Armonia (Greek night!) Aberlestr. 1 Ubahn Implerstrasse/Poccistrasse Let me know if you're planning on joining so that I can adjust the reservation. See you there!