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  1. Great - see you all tonight at the Schwabing Christmas market! I'm sending my contact info to everyone to make sure we don't have problems finding each other in the market.
  2. Hello everyone! Our next meetup will be on Wednesday, December 4. We'll take advantage of the Christmas markets being open to meet first for a mulled wine, then head indoors for some food as it gets chillier. 6:30 - Munchner Freiheit Christmas market. Meet at the subway exit at the beginning of the market. 7:30 - Deja Bu has a brand new second location, only a five minute walk from the Munchner Freiheit market. I love the Gartnerplatz location, so am looking forward to trying out the new one! If the weather turns out to be dodgy, we may head to Deja Bu earlier - I'll be in touch by text and posting here if there is any change from the plans above. Hope to see you next week!
  3. Hello everyone, After a bit of a break for Bavarian holidays, we're back to starting our meetups! Since the summery weather is continuing just a little longer, we'll enjoy the sun while we can. Our next meetup will be a picnic evening on Wednesday, September 4 - weather-dependent, of course, but it looks promising at present. If it looks like rain, I'll post an alternate nearby location. Bring along some drink/snacks - I've got enough plates and cups for everyone (BYO cutlery though), and looking forward to using a few of them up! We'll meet at the Kiosk Reichenbachbrucke along the Isar at 6:30, and make our way to the other side of the river to a grassy patch. If anyone is running late, look for my bright orange picnic blanket or give me a call/text - let me know if you don't have my number. Nearest Ubahn is Fraunhoferstr, and there are a number of trams that stop nearby. See you there!
  4. Hi wildcat78 - you're welcome to join us! There are generally people from different nationalities (including German :) ), so we talk in English as the shared language. We usually meet every other Wednesday. Hope to see you at one of the future meetups!