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  1. Hello all, For the last meetup of 2018, we'll be meeting on Wednesday, December 19 at the Rosenheimer Christmas market (Weissenburger Platz) at 6:30, then moving to Teatro tapas bar for food at 7:15. Please let me know if you're planning on coming, so that I can adjust the reservation as needed.
  2. Hi jamiee260 - we're generally there for a few hours, so you could certainly join us after the kids are in bed :)
  3. Hello all, Our next meetup will be on Wednesday, Oct 17 at 6:30. Servabo Pariser Str. 15 Rosenheimerplatz Ubahn Please let me know if you're planning on coming and I'll adjust the reservation as needed. See you soon!
  4. Hi Sonali - please join us! We meet about every two weeks, and post the details the week before. We just ask that you let us know when you're join (just by posting in response to the meetup info) so that we can make the reservation for the right number of people. Hope to see you at one of our meetings soon!
  5. Count me in, for both Wiesn and dirndl-wearing! :)
  6. Looks like we should have a good crowd :) doucetmargot, Merrygoround - please do join! And it's not a problem if anyone is arriving a bit late. For people who haven't joined us before, we should be easy to spot, since we'll be such a big group. I'll also send my contact info by message in case you need any help finding us. The weather looks wonderful, so I've asked for our table to be outside.
  7. Hello all, Time for another ladies night! We'll meet on Wednesday, September 19 at 6:30. Taverna Melina Merkouri Maistraße 26 U-Bahn Goetheplat It's like a beer garden, but with Greek food, a brilliant combo! Please advise if you'll be coming, so that I can adjust the reservation for the right number of people. Look forward to seeing you there!
  8. I'll be back at last next week, and looking forward to it! Will also be jetlaggy, so might not last long - wine helps with jetlag, doesn't it??