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  1. Seem to me, if I read about the two extremes ( China seems to have moved to the far right so is only communist in name. Russia and the former USSR states are now purely capitalist countries, but were once as communist as it perhaps got. Some argue it's an unachievable ideal. I think it's a shame the western education system doesn't teach more about the far left and far right wing ideologies and openly discuss them, rather than just labelling them as 'bad' and never actually talking about the problems and the typical outcomes where countries have tried such approaches.  
  2.   I happened to be at the bank today, so paid interest in the machine as someone was asking about it. The company is (Domain name is from Antigua/Barbuda) according the QR code on the machine. Locations can be found here:   I did a quick online check. Price quoted on the screen for 1oz bar was 1919 Euros as of 07.08.2022. Google claimed the spot price was 1736 Euros so that around a 10% mark up on the actual gold price. Example bars show appeared to be from Switzerland and serial numbered. As the company claims to be Swiss, this seems to make sense.   Kind of a dumb question I am sure, but how exactly would you change such a gold bar back to cash? I assume a jewellery place might purchase them? I see for values over 2000 Euros, you need to provide an identify card. As it's just a dumb machine, anyone wanting to bypass this could just buy one bar at a time. But it's not exactly as if you can wonder into Lidl and use such a bar, so I presume there is someone who would actually buy the gold bars again?   I can see how someone might want to buy these as a store of value, especially as the Euro vs everything else is crashing these days, or to speculate on the longer term increase in value. Maybe also as a novelty, a birthday present for example, but otherwise I can't see the use of such a machine. 
  3. Cost of living crisis

      Yes I am guessing 6.47 was a special. Happened to try Kaufland this week. At least a decent sized store which was good. Blockhouse 4x125g burgers were still 8.49 Euros, which if way more than the 4.99 Euros I got use to paying. Bought some mini steaks there at 5 Euros, a much better deal.
  4. Cost of living crisis

    Hanover gets serious on energy cuts
  5. Cost of living crisis

    That's an interesting idea, but I have no idea how to make those nice Blockhouse burgers I like. I am guessing it's more than just minced meat and they add some flavouring or something which causes the meat to stick together. But actually I do like the idea. One thing I miss from back home was the ability to buy steak mince. Often mince contains a lot of not so healthy stuff that they otherwise could not sell as proper meat. Might be an interesting thing to try if I can figure out how to make them.   As for alternative, plant based burgers, if I could find some I might try. I sometimes travel one other city, and there they have a lovely place which sells only vegetarian food including amazing burgers. It's however, just a single place in a city far from Munich. I think like a lot of people, I would be happy to eat less meat, but when I tried many years back, frozen veggie burgers were, well, awful. Maybe things improve.
  6. Opinions on health insurance

    I would say I am not particularly happy with the private health service provided by Continentale. Having been with them for many years, on the COMFORT-U package, they never seemed to ever refund my premiums as they claimed.   So I anyway decided to use it more like the public system, as I wanted to know how they paid out before I got to a point where I might actually need this, retirement, which is thankfully a long way away, but anyway I wanted to know.   1. I submitted a claim for an annual medical check-up, which they paid. 2. A visit to the doctor later in the year, for which they charged me a 20 Euro deductible, but paid the cost of the doctors visit and the prescription, but excluded the SBAHN ticket I had to buy to visit him. 3. I submitted a claim for glasses, which they rejected. According to the policy, they pay 300 Euros per 2 years, and I have never claimed. Turns out the small print read 'must be referred by a doctor' if initial usage, and if you have ever worn glasses/contacts before you have to pay an additional premium, something I clearly missed when I signed up. 4. Today a repeat prescription for the same medicine prescribed last time, from the same doctor, was rejected on the basis 'A052 The tariff does not provide for any benefits for these costs.'   I really like systems like my HUK car insurance, where I can login, see all the options, and just add in additional cover. I have a feeling if I want to do something as simple as add cover for glasses (7.50 Euros/Month), then I have to phone the original insurance broker and allocate a chunk of my time to filling in additional forms. Continentale does have an app for submitting receipts, and it's pretty easy to use, but there is no login to see my account, what cover I have etc. Are all health companies in the stone age, or are there some modern ones now who just have an online interface?  
  7. Cost of living crisis

    For comparison, mine moved from 86 Euros to 165. I adjusted it back to 150 Euros (based on this year's actual consumption), as every year they seem to over charge and then refund me money. So, yes gas bill almost doubled, but it seems they add on some amount extra on the monthly payment. 
  8. Cost of living crisis

     I need to go shopping somewhere else it seems. It was the 4x125g ones that I paid 8,49 Euros for. Did not even know they did bio versions. Where are they still 4x125g for 6,47 Euros? Lidl, Aldi, Edeka?
  9. Cost of living crisis

    Was surprised to find this past weekend, when I went to buy some burgers for the BBQ, the frozen block house burgers I normally buy had gone up from 4.99 Euros to 8.49 Euros. That's 70% more than a few weeks back. Looking in the fresh section, I saw both pork and beef mini-steaks had also increased considerably. I guess meat in general now becomes far more expensive.
  10.   I hear many such carelessly discarded e-scooters end up taking a swim in the Isar or in other rivers in various major cities helped by people annoyed at them just being left everywhere, rather than there being an organized point at which they are left.
  11. Airport Chaos

    Time: 11:30 ...and they are not paying more than minimum wage.. Time: 17:50: "100K Euros to become a pilot".    Interesting video to watch. Article quoted:  
  12. What made you laugh today?

      Labour and Conservative leaders having a 'fun' exchange.
  13.  Also the;jsessionid=9F5F6788743553486C3A2FA84FBAF972.live722 OR   In summary, 4100 Euros a month, or 49,200 Euros per year in 2021. I'd prefer median too, but these are averaged. It varies a lot also by federal state and job occupation. The problem you have with survey's is the number of people who took part and how many of those people contribute to the question you ask from that data set.
  14. Airport Chaos

    Emirates refuses to play ball and cut flights at Heathrow   Emirates said the airport now faced "an 'Armageddon' situation due to their incompetence and non-action".
  15. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Oh, that video in the article is so funny.