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  1. Thank you everyone so much!  I took my mom to Dr. Cesar Perez and it was the best decision, now she is going to get proper care.
  2.   Thanks, yes she was in some specialists but I was hopping to get a second opinion here before going on with what she was said before. this is because in Spain the public health system is not "the best" and doctors aren't that friendly as here. it happened to her that she was said to take some pills and after a year of it, another doctor told her the source of her problems is the pills that previous doctor told her to take.  (in Spain you can't choose a doctor, they can just change if you move or they are moved to other cities)  So I'm looking forward for her to get all checks from scratch. 
  3.   Yeah I was searching there too, for some strange reason I couldn't see Spanish on the list before, maybe I added too many filters, still I was hoping to find a recommendation from someone because there is a lot of doctors to choose from. 
  4. Hello nice people I have brought my mother from Spain to live with me and sorted out the insurance, so she has finally received her beautiful AOK insurance card.  She is already retired and I'll be taking care of her for now on. So I would like to ask you if you  please could recommend a doctor for general checks and continue her treatments here in Munich.  I have check a lot on the topics for recommending doctors but it's usually for young people like us, and also in English. my mother can speak it but not so good as before, so better in Spanish if possible, I'll always there to translate but you know some times is not really possible.  Why not my doctor? well I'm planing to change it too, he is the type of doctor that fixes everything with : just drink a tea.  but my mother has a largue list of issues including big back problems. Thank you very much everyone  Best regards Isra