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  1. Hi,   I need to verify my ID in order to facilitate my house sale in the UK. (Anti-Money laundering regs etc).   The UK law firm completing my conveyancing have advised me that I must certify my ID by taking the required documents to a 'UK qualified' solicitor based here in Frankfurt, or I may use the UK Consular services (so my nearest is Düsseldorf).   I have been in touch with the UK Consular services who have provided me with a list of contact details for some law firms in Frankfurt, who I have emailed an initial enquiry. However as of now I am waiting for replies, I will chase these today.   In the meantime I thought I would turn to my fellow Toytowner's for advise: Could you recommend any firm in the Frankfurt area that meets my needs, any experiences to share and the likely costs would be great please?   Many thanks, Regards, Martin.