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  1. The German Federal Office of Languages "Bundessprachenamt" (German Defense Langauge Institute) is looking for teachers of English as a foreign language. Locations Munich, Ellwangen, and others in Southern and Northern Germany. Military experience helpful, but not necessary. Their closing date for applications is 20 Dec 2022, to commence April 2023. Find out more under or give them a call.   You can find the offers here (Munich is listed inside the Ellwangen ad, a little tricky to find) Karriereportal der Bundeswehr:,%2522Langu%2522:%2522D%2522,%2522Place%2522:%252273479%2522,%2522SearchCategory%2522:%255B%25220020%2522,%25220021%2522,%25220022%2522,%25220023%2522,%25220025%2522,%25220026%2522,%25220027%2522,%25220028%2522%255D%257D Indeed: