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  1. Residence permit and ALGII both expiring

      Thanks! And that’s precisely what I did. Turns out, the human on the other end of the phone line said that a Fiktionsbescheinigung had already been approved/entered into the system in early-ish March, and he was surprised to learn I’d not received it yet, so he’s forwarding the whole business to the relevant people to get it sorted.   Nothing like immigration/unemployment benefits problems to make one feel alive! But hey, all’s well that ends well.   Thanks, folks!
  2. Residence permit and ALGII both expiring

      Thanks! Yeah, accurate advice would be good ... I’ll check it out.    In in the meantime, accurate advice from clever TT-ers is more than welcome!
  3. Hi folks,   Well, I’ve encountered my nightmare scenario:   My residence permit expires on 17 April (I sent my paperwork in last month, but I’ve not even received a Fiktionsbescheinigung yet) and my ALGII benefits expired on 31 March.   Quite apart from the fact that I’m not getting money this month, I’m faced with a real chicken-and-egg situation: on the one hand, the Jobcenter won’t extend my ALGII benefits without a renewed permit and, on the other, I’m likely not going to receive a Fiktionsbescheinigung if I don’t demonstrate I’m receiving money to live on every month.   Needless to say, I am at a complete loss what to do to solve this problem. All I know is, I want to stay here in Munich, and find another job (been looking for the 15 months).   Any advice on how to solve this problem, such that I don’t have to leave Germany? Thanks!!!   (PS: I’m single and live alone, so a ‘green card marriage’ is not a viable solution.)   (PPS: If it matters any, I’m Canadian, so unfortunately I don’t get the benefits of EU citizens, and I still haven’t made enough payments to the pension system to qualify for a Niederlassungserlaubnis, despite living in Germany since Jan 2012.)