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  1. landlord stole my stuff

    Why is everyone being so german about this?   What’s he got to gain by lying to people on the forum? He’s not using his story to take your credit card details. He’s looking for your advice, not trying to steal your advice from you. It’s absolutely laughable that this is what this forum has come to. And so what if he’s not Mexican!? If you’re not offering constructive advice, why are you wasting your time? 
  2. Difference when you dress up and down

    @SmurfLee   don't let them get to you. If they had to live a life that was even half as cute as yours (the equivalent of an eighth as cute as mine) they wouldn’t be so dismissive. They don’t know the struggle of having an infinite amount of charm and intelligence and narcissism and BEAUTY.         
  3. Difference when you dress up and down

    @SmurfLee   i am touched by your words. I am also very VERY cute. And you’re right, the burden of being very pleasant to look at can become enjoyable. But I have become so cute, that everyone looks. I sometimes catch very attractive and well dressed women staring directly at my fully erect penis as I walk through Munich city centre. Its disgusting. Even though I quite like it.   Don’t ever feel alone, cuties united 4eva.
  4. Three-word story

    And half a
  5. Got attacked by two Croatians in Unterhaching

      This is what happens when men can't deal with the fact that women find them repulsive. That's probably closest thing to female companionship he's had in years.
  6. The Vent - No Chat!

    Yormas, München Pasing, I order a Large Cappuccino. Lots of other people waiting. After a few minutes, Yormas girl shouts LARGE CAPPUCCINO! I look around, nobody is taking it. So I take it. Out of the crowd, a frustrated shriek of disapproval. An awkward looking DB Schaffner appears, Pokemon style.   Disgruntled DB Schaffner: "ERRRRRRR warte! WARTE! Eigentlich ist das meine Große Cappuccino, Ich hab es bestellt bevor du überhaupt da wars! So geht das NICHT!" Me: "Woher soll ich wissen, ob Sie etwas bestellt haben, als ich überhaupt nicht da wars? Ich hab ne Großes Cappo bestellt, jetzt ist einer fertig und keiner nimmt ihn, es wäre komisch, wenn ich ihn nicht nehmen würde, oder?" DB Schaffner: Looks at me, furiously. Me: "Wenn du so emotional wirst, Nimm den Cappuccino, das ist mir egal." DB Schaffner: shakes head and Mutters under his breath, no eye contact. Me: "Hallo?" DB Schaffner (aggressively): "Ja hab Ich gehört!" Me: "Dann komm her und hol deinen Kaffee." DB Schaffner (aggressively): "Nein das will Ich jetzt nicht!" Me: "Dann halt die klappe, bitte."   I feel like a lot of this country's people have a capacity to confront that far exceeds their ability to deal with confrontation.    
  7. Weiterbildung eligibility without vocational qualification?

      Weird, eh? xD   Thanks guys!
  8. Hi guys,   So my boss is asking me to do an IHK Course, Elektrofachkraft (IHK) für festgelegte Tätigkeiten, and is offering to pay for it.   I'd love to do the course, as the work I'm involved in is very technical, and I'd need the certificate in order to secure the next promotion. I dropped out of college after being offered a well paid Job in 2007, so I've only got British High School qualifications (GCSE). According to the IHK Website, you need to have a vocational qualification in order to participate in the course.   Just wondering if anyone else has had any experience in this sort of situation. Someone at work told me you can qualify for the course without a vocational qualification, as long as you've been working in a technical industry for a while, but I'm not sure how true that is.   Thanks in advance for any help,   Adam.