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  1. My employer owes me costs of approved home office equipment/conference cost/monthly lump sum/training course. Some I have been asking for reimbursement for months. Some were promised and hasn’t realized. A total around 1400 Euros. Does anyone know what kind of entity/lawyer can help me on this topic? Recommendation of individuals are welcome. If the amount is too small for lawyers to take my case, is there anything like the equivalent of  Mietverein for tenants? The company has less than 10 people. Thank you!
  2. Thank you so much for asking this question and others who provided helpful responses.   Does anyone know the answer to OP's 2nd question?   2. How do I pay specifically for the dividends, do I pay the difference from the 26.2% that Germany wants to have, being 11% to Germany first and then the 15% to the USA?    I am using Turbotax for my American tax and it would help me a lot knowing how it works.