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  1. Hi people in Toytown,   I need your help here for thw topic of Tax class change.   After I hv married in 2019, my wife and I change tax class from 4:4 to 3:5. I earn more; therefore I am tax class 3 and my wife is 5, then we got more money in our pockets every month.   Few days ago, we hv got a letter from Finazamt and they asking us to pay aroun 1700 Euro back because we paid less tax in 2019.   Question 1. I do not understand why they are asking us to pay. Is this normal for 3:5 tax classes for a couple both earning? If so, I do not understand the concept of switching to 3:5...     Question 2.  If there is a reason why they asking, does this only apply to the 1st year (2019) after marriage or again for 2020, 2021, etc?     Please share your thoughts, experience, knowledge... It will be very much helpful.   Stay well guys!      
  2. @KriegThanks for the quick help!   Do you mean that the total amount of tax for both stays same no matter which tax clss option we choose? But then the concept of switching to 3:5 for the married couple who doesn't hv that much difference of income is not really making sense. I am actually earing more than 60% of total income of the family and a lot of people (also online) said that is better to switch to 3:5.... very confused. (and sad)