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  1. Hi   I´m selling my xbox one (500gb), 2 controllers, 2Tb external hard disk, headset and 6 games (Fallout 4, Gears of War 4, Cites, Wolfenstein 1+2, Call of Duty). Its in good condition and has hardly been used over the last year. EUR100 for everything, pick up only (Schwabing area of Munich).    Thanks
  2. Mobile roaming charges on the Channel ferry

    Hi   This actually recently happened to me on a ferry to Sardinia. I got stung with around Eur 375 and had no clue. The first thing I knew was that my data didn't work when we disembarked the next day.    My phone provider emailed me a few days later saying they would reduce it to Eur 95 but don't do it again. Which I thought was fair enough.    Like you there was no warning on the ship about connecting to offshore network.    I'd suggest appealing to your phone provider. 
  3. Hi   So we are on holiday in Italy with our own car, I come round a corner and end up driving through a fresh pile of wet paint. It looks like it a full paint can fell off a truck, the driver must have picked up the can but just decided to leave the mess there. So now my car has a nice amount of bright blue paint on bodywork, alloys and tires on one side. From what I can tell its not water based paint, its possible massonary paint. Now the insurance will cover it but as we have an excess of 500 euro I´m reaching out to see if anyone has any experience of removing this from a car themselves. Is this the sort of thing which can be removed easily by yourself or done for a few hundred euros from a garage?   I´ve had a look on the net but it seems theres a thousand different sites each with their own method and with US only products, so I´m interested if anyone knows any products I can buy over here.    Thanks
  4. Driving from Munich to Lake Garda

    Thanks for this, I think we´ll end up checking out Chiusa / Klausen.
  5. Hi   Does anybody know a nice place to stop for a few hours on this route, somewhere roughly half way around the Austrian/Italian border?   We are going to be driving with a baby and so we need to break up the journey somehow, I was thinking a nice lunch spot or something for a few hours.   Thanks
  6. Websites for online trading of stocks and shares

    Hi   I´m just digging this one up to see if anyone has any recommendations for share dealing accounts? I had been using degiro but I´m moving as they are struggling to deal with a UK account owned by a German tax resident.    Thanks