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  1. Driving from Munich to Lake Garda

    Thanks for this, I think we´ll end up checking out Chiusa / Klausen.
  2. Hi   Does anybody know a nice place to stop for a few hours on this route, somewhere roughly half way around the Austrian/Italian border?   We are going to be driving with a baby and so we need to break up the journey somehow, I was thinking a nice lunch spot or something for a few hours.   Thanks
  3. Websites for online trading of stocks and shares

    Hi   I´m just digging this one up to see if anyone has any recommendations for share dealing accounts? I had been using degiro but I´m moving as they are struggling to deal with a UK account owned by a German tax resident.    Thanks        
  4. Hi   I thought I´d just update everyone on this. So I managed to get an appointment in Munich to change my drivers licence. Only it turned out I had the wrong abmeldbestatigung, I needed the one which said which country I was in before I arrived in Germany. Anyway they gave me an appointment a week later so not the end of the world. The following week I gave it all in, handed over my UK licence and just had to wait. They give you a reference number so you can check up on the status, though you need to make an appointment to pick it up. So I would recommend already getting that booked in as it seems to be a 4 week waiting list to just get an appointment to pick it up.    Interesting enough Munich is allowing the Brits to do it by post if you can´t get an appointment in time for the 12th April:
  5. A good Kinderkrippe, ideally bilingual

    Hi   We´re currently also trying to find a Kita place so I can share what we have seen. 1. We applied to 1 private place and found they weren´t that good on communication, emails go unanswered or they take weeks to reply. We had to continually hound them just to get any reply. When we went to visit them we found out that we shouldnt have asked any critical questions, e.g.  whats the cost, whats the stuff turnover like, e.t.c.  They seemed to just want to hear about how great their Kita place was and how much we would love to go there. If you manage to suck up well enough they should let you know soon. I would suggest going onto the Kita finder and applying to as many public places as you can asap.  2. No. 3. From what I saw you can apply to places anywhere, some people want a place near their work, others near their home.
  6. @CustomX   Did you just turn up at the Amt or did you book an appointment first? If you just turned up where was the Amt? From what I can see in Munich I have to have an appointment to be able to exchange my UK licence but they won´t give me one until early March. Which is cutting it a bit close to Brexit.
  7. Investment options for Children

     @stdnt - I ended up setting up the Comdirect one, it seems pretty good and I would recommend it. My only compliant is that it isn´t too user friendly.
  8. Mortgages for property outside Germany

    Hi   Just digging this thread up and wondering if anyone has recent experience of mortgaging a UK property while living in Germany?   We own a rental property in the UK outright and considering whether to take some capital out by remortgaging. It seems like the German banks won´t touch it so it looks like it will need to be done by a UK firm. I´m just wondering if anyone has some recent experience with this or can recommend a decent company.   Thanks
  9. Brexit / Applying for German citizenship

    Hi   So I applied in Munich and today just got citizenship so I thought I´d add the time lines as it may help others. It definitely seems that they are processing the applications much quicker than expected. I was told to expect 6-9 months from when I handed my docs in but it was actually less than 3 months.    Early July - walk into the KVR to find out what I need and get given an appointment for 14th September to bring everything. At this point I already had the B1 and Citizenship Test results. The lady thought if I was lucky I would get it before 31st March.  14th September - drop all the forms off but find I´m missing one which I send in the next week. The guy processing didn´t think I would get it by 31st March.  24th December - get the confirmation letter through that I just need to pay and go pick it up.  28th December - go into the KVR and pick the forms up.    Thanks
  10. Hi   I have a Microsoft wireless keyboard, the UK layout to give away. Its used but works fine.    I no longer need it because I was getting confusing switching between DE and UK keyboards.    Thanks
  11. New dads in Munich?

    Hi   I'm a new dad of 2 month year old boy and I'm wondering if there are any other english speaking new dads out there who might be interested in doing a playdate/beer garden.   I've looked for playdates or something similar but they all seem to be tailored to mums and/or during weekdays.   Anyway let me know if anyones interested in starting something.   Thanks