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  1. Hello I’ve looked at several threads but unable to get any specific answers to my question so please excuse me if there is any duplication which I have missed.   I currently own an ISA in the UK but am not happy with the OEICs it’s holding and looking to sell. Its held by the fund manager and I am not able to change the investments or port it to another provider keeping the ISA wrapper as non-resident in the Uk, and as we want to stay in Germany long term there seems little point in keeping it (unless I’m missing something!)   I want to keep it in GBP /sterling at the moment and I am considering buying some investment trusts (UK listed) but this is not set in stone. Are there any particular advantages/disadvantages with opening an (expect) account with a stockbrokers based in the UK as apposed to one based in Germany/EU with a GBP account especially with Brexit looming?    Does anyone have any suggestions of the latter?    Many thanks