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  1. Freelance while employee

    Hello   Before starting my topic description I would like to say hello to all the community. It is a pleasure to be part of Toytown Germany.   About the topic, I'm a Product Designer enrolled with a company in full time contract as a Praktikant. A few days a go I was approached by a start-up company also in Germany interested in having me as a consultant for the development of their first in house Product.This would be a short term project as the timeline points for a possible lunch in the beginning of the year, so we are talking here about 3 months. So from the law perspective it would be a "freelancer" job and not a "self-employed worker"...I think.   The odds in getting a permanent position with the company that I'm working at full time are good so I would like to keep this position at least until February 1st (when my full-time contract comes to an end). But this project is also very interesting from the perspective of experience, network and also extra budget.   What I would like to ask is if it is possible to do the external consultancy work and still be enrolled in my full time work, or might be there any issues related with Registration, Taxes ( My Praktikum is not mandatory by the university so I'm paying a percentage on taxes)or Insurance (I'm insured by TK with my current employer).   I hope this is a clear description, and thanks for the advices.   Best Regards