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  1. It's essentially Winter, brrr. Get warm by getting your drink on!   Come join us and other English speaking XPats at Bar Marienhof for stiff drinks, free shots, and a round of fun! Bar Marienhof is our favorite gay neighborhood drinking spot in Prenzlauer Berg (a few minutes from U Alexanderplatz or U Eberswalder Str).  Natürlich everyone is welcome! Have a cocktail and speak some English! Please feel free to reply to our thread with questions or a RSVP.  Details: 10:00 pm to 2:00 am ✮ LONG DRINK SPECIAL ✮ 4,50 EUR ✮ Bar/Café Marienhof, Marienburger Str. 7, 10405 Berlin (Tram M2 or M10/short walk from U2 Senefelderplatz or SBahn Prenzlauer Alle) WWW.MARIENHOF-BERLIN.DE