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  1. Insurance for freelancer based on spouse's income?

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  2. Hi all,   Currently, we have private health insurance for both myself and our two kids. My wife is publicly insured (with the TK) and works as a freelance teacher (DaF). Unfortunately, this particular combination ends up being very expensive due to the fact that TK use my income to calculate my wife's contributions (total family income divided by 2). See:    This was also the case when my wife wasn't working at all. Apparently, my income is always taken into account until my wife earns more than 2,268.75 Euros a month, meaning that we currently pay the maximum amount (about 400 Euros a month) just for my wife (with the private insurance for myself and the kids on top of that). Moreover, my employer only makes a contribution for myself and the kids.   I was just wondering whether there was any way to reduce the overall payments? Yes, I know that I should have opted for public health insurance, but my circumstances were different at the time. The issue seems to be the combination of my private insurance combined with my wife's freelancer status with public insurance.   Many thanks in advance for any constructive advice!