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  1. Lucky FFM.  Your city will soon be infested by hipsters from Williamsburg.
  2. How do I make it sound like Utopia?   LA and SF have human feces and discarded hypodermic needles littering the sidewalks.
  3. Got attacked by two Croatians in Unterhaching

    Not as big as yours, Lisa, but I have a much smaller ass.  And my tits don't droop to the floor.  
  4. California stopped being part of America about fifty years ago.  It's more like the Britain of Edward Heath with better weather and beaches.
  5. Thanks again for your "helpful" post.


    1. hasenpfad1

      Thanks for confirming that you're a virgin snowflake whose favorite pundits are The Simpsons.

  6. Got attacked by two Croatians in Unterhaching

    You're nuts.    $100 billion?  So every man, woman and CHILD in the U.S.  spends an average of $300  a year on sex slaves?  And which western countries engage in female genital mutilation?  Or shoot little girls in the head for going to school? What an imbecilic post!
  7. American craft beers are garbage compared to German beers.  IPA's are for hipsters with no taste.