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  1. Hi all,   my son (5 years old now) will start the primary school next year. I am Italian and my husband is German. Our son speaks fluently both languages and we were looking for a school where he could continue to learn both languages and cultures. However we would like to stick to the German program (to avoid to have any problem in case we move to another city in Germany- my husband works in a bank and it might be moved to Frankfurt...) still offering something more than "normal" German schools. We recently came across the "Scuola bilingue italo-tedesca Leonardo da Vinci" which opened in 2013 in Munich (Obersendling). We had the chance to attend a presentation of the school, we as well had 1:1 session with teachers and the director and so far we have been impressed. It seems that this school is exactly what we are looking for. The program is fully in line with primary schools in Bavaria. In addition there will be the second language (Italian or German) and more attention on music, arts and, of course, Italian culture. English (extremly important from my perspective) will start from third grade (this is not the case in German schools). Let's say... not a piece of cake... but exactly what we are looking for for him! Classes are small so that each pupil can get the attention he deserves. A gymnasium will be open in the next years. Teachers are experienced and this is for me very important since more and more often schools (kindergarten etc.) tend to hire very young teachers and personell to pay them as less as possible... I know a couple whose kid attends the italian-german bilingual school. They confirmed our impression. They just say that the kid is enthusiastic. I would be happy to have your view and experience, guys... Especially if your son/daughter attends this school!   Thanks. Kate