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  1. Taxation of Stock gains

    Hi,   I know about capital gain taxation. In my home country Bank or the Intermediation Provider takes care to deduct and pay for me this taxes on each gain. To make it short, you don't need to fill paper and do complicated or boring stuff. Is the same also in Germany or I should declare in detail all gains in the annual tax form ?      Also, are losses put in a kind of pool as a compensation for capital gain taxation ? I mean, if I make 100 euro loss and afterwards  I make a 100 euro gain for which I have to pay 25 euro tax (just an example), then i will not pay 25 euro tax and my "loss pool" will decrease from 100 euro to 75 euro. Is this in place in Germany ?
  2. Demeaning: Where to hire midget and/or dwarf

    I was thinking the same, I could really not believe this kind of things exists. 
  3. Why are you happy today?

    looking forward to post in this thread...
  4. Apart Gutenberg Project, I found a site with a good selection of "classics". It is less messy of Project Gutenberg and books are more "well presented", The site appears to be a legit and well known one, nothing "underdog" or illegal. The problem is that they put this disclaimer on each page where you can download a book (no matter if it is an "ancient" Dialogues by Plato or a less "ancient" Michael Strogoff by Verne):   This ebook is only thought to be free of copyright restrictions in the United States. It may still be under copyright in other countries. If you’re not located in the United States, you must check your local laws to verify that the contents of this ebook are free of copyright restrictions in the country you’re located in before downloading or using this ebook.   How I can check if a book is still protected by copyright laws in Germany ?   EDIT I have found here this info   Q: Who are the authors? Why are they copyrighted in Germany, but not the the US? A: Heinrich Mann, who died in 1950. Thomas Mann, who died in 1955. Alfred Döblin, who died in 1957. In Germany, they are copyrighted based on "life +70 years" of copyright protection (so, copyright will expire after 2020, 2025 and 2027, respectively). In the US, copyright protection for works published prior to 1978 is based on the number of years since publication.   Can be this a correct rule ? Any clarification or help will be welcome
  5. Sorry but I am not asking If I will be caught or not   Usually copyright decades automatically after a certain amount of time. This can change from country to country. I am asking if anyone knows how it works in Germany. What I found for Germany till now is the rule "death date + 70 years". After that date there are not anymore copyrights.
  6. The " where are you really from " thread!!

      A pair of people since I am in Germany mentioned/asked this referred to Italy...half seriously half for joke, you know. Actually I work lot less since I am in Germany. 
  7. Hi,   Anyone her knows a forum where to discuss topic like heating system for home, solar energy, etc ? Before asking for some quotes I would like to make an idea by asking people. People I know live unfortunaley live in flat or they did this kind of stuff 20 years ago or more.
  8. Apart laws, rules and stuff like that I think it should be a form of respect to at least try to learn the language of the country that is giving you its citizenship. Furthermore, it is not completely true that working in IT makes learning German useless. At least in my IT field major part of job positions requires a decent German knowledge because sometimes you will probably find yourself interacting  with key-users that don't give a crap about talking in english to explain me their business process and how they want that interface. They are germans living in Germany. It is fair.     And don't get me wrong on this. My German is not good, I find ultra difficult to improve it. 
  9. My natural gas rate doubled

      Usually is the "heated space". That actually means all what is inside the roof and the external wall. Even if a room is not heated, the heat will tend to cross the internal wall and door in order to reach that not heated room
  10. BREXIT positives and negatives

      Yes but this time no special status for UK. If they want to come back in the EU this shall be at the same conditions of the other countries.
  11. Working on garden leave

    have you tried to contact the new company and explain them the situation ? 6 week delay is nothing   PS: please don't tell them you are willing to work for free as a workaround.
  12. My natural gas rate doubled

    11 is nothing. Local Stadt provider here in Munich area will go 18 from 1st nov. Free-market or private providers ask for 25-32 cents per KWh
  13. My 9kWp Photovoltaik Anlage

      I can confirm what Gambatte said. Here in Bayern, if you want to install an heat air pump (not geothermal, not water) you have to spend even more than 40k. A lot of demand for the Air Pump (they are available next years) and for the HeizungBauer (lot of them were telling me I had to wait next year, they were full of work). Prices for heating systems, solarthermi, PV systems are going up crazily.