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  1. I refresh this topic in order to understand if something changed for the taxation of coin earned with Staking. As far I understood this is subjected to normal income tax. If today I earn 1 coin from Staking, and the today value of this 1 coin is, for example, 500 euro, then for tax purpose sake I have to consider 300 euro. Let say I will pay 200 euro of income taxes when I will do my steuererklarung. But if at the end of the year the coin has lost value, for example it has reached 100 euro I will be in a situation where I have to pay 200 euro of taxes over something that i can sell just for 100 euro. Basically staking can be dangerous and bring you to spendin taxes more money of what you could have     DO you know if something has changed since this discussion in 2018 ? I really hope so..   thanks  
  2. Too much technical ? 
  3. Hi,   it is my understanding that if I buy some crypto and I keep them for more than one year before selling them, then the gain i do on that sale is free of tax. I am not a crypto traider, i am a so called holder so I will (and i want to) be in the above case. But what happens if in the meanwhile I add to my wallet some "fresh" crypto ? The same type that I have already ? Are the "old" ones still free of tax after one year ? In other words, is the First in First Out principle valid also for this 1 year rule ?   In order to be more clear I will do a (imaginary) example. On 1st Jan 2015 I buy 1 BTC and 1 ETH. Starting from 1st Jan 2016 I will not pay taxes on gain derivated from sale of these Coins. On 1st March 2016 I buy 2 BTC and 2 ETH.   What happens if on 1st April 2016 I sell 1 BTC and 1 ETH ? Can be that sale considered referred to the BTC and ETH I bough on 1st Jan 2015 and then be considered tax free ? Or the Purchase i made on 1st jan 2016 has in someway reset the "after 1 year is tax free" counter ?        
  4. Around 6th Feb a closed all my positions sensing that Covid-19 would have impacted on the market. Maybe a bit too early ( I guess I lost further 8% of gain before te crash) but I don't regret it at all. Now I was waiting for (at least) a double bottom before putting back my money on the market and increase my Crypto portfolio but all this is going crazily up  Let see now with the Q1 earnings but if I look at the forecasts they are already very low so it will be quite easy to beat them.  
  5. Coronavirus

      As far as I know and I saw, in Munich they are closed.
  6. Coronavirus

      I can say that in Italy if you are at least 50 years old you have the BCG other word you have that scar on the upper arm. My parents, aunts, uncles, etc. they have all, from the oldest to the youngest.   And we know this Covid 19 is deadly mostly for older people...let say from 50 upward.   So I am not sure about the protection factor given by the BCG vaccination. 
  7. I closed my position before the Corona Virus panic because I sensed that the panic would have come. Maybe a bit too earlier ( i lost the last part of rally) but I don't regret at all. Now i am liquid and waiting to enter again. Before starting to build again ETF positions, I was waiting the second part of the crash, the ones that supposedly should occur when the peak/panic will reach USA but it seems this is not going to be the case.  Any view on this ? Do you think a second bear leg is going to come ?
  8. Coronavirus

      Then in this case I am not at all prepared. 
  9. Coronavirus

      Nothing strange here. I always believe that politicians in charge are the mirror/proxy of their own people. Trump is there because a lot of americans liked him, trusted hum and consequently voted him.
  10. Coronavirus

      Is there any clarity on this ? It is my understanding that the death rate in Germany is that low  because here they don't count as a Corona Virus death, someone with other pre-existent pathologies that got worse due to corona but formally died for those pathologies. Is this true ?  
  11. Here in Munich I found V-Markt the one having more stuff when all the other shops (edeka included) were having empty shelves. For the pasta lovers ( i saw past disappearing from shelves like toilet papier) mountains of pasta, from the cheap brand to the mainstream ones (barilla, buitoni) to the top brand (De Cecco, Molisana).   A bit over priced compared to the already overpriced ones (rewe/edeka) but you can avoid to go to several different markets in order to complete your weekly grocery. 
  12. Coronavirus

      In Italy they are catching infected people outside while they should be supposed to be in quarantine. They can be charged for a crime that, translated literally from italian, is "procured pandemy". Till 5 years of jail.
  13. This is staged at late afternoon on a roof of a building facing Piazza Navona in Rome, famous also for Bernini and Borromini art pieces. Usually that place is always crowded by tourists.  Music is Debora's Theme by Ennio Morricone from Once Upone a Time in America of Sergio Leone. Personally I would just avoided the italian flag (I am italian, but I don't like patriotic-drama stuff)
  14. Coronavirus

    I see here in Munich people still hanging around. I think they don't have still perception of the danger. They are not "scared", it is still for them an issue of other countries, just death tolls on news. I am Italian and I was following since Feb (i guess in much more detail ) what was happening in my country. One month ago talking with colleagues I could see the difference in perception of the danger. I was complaining about the lacks of restrictive measures or even complete lockdown (the sooner, the better) they were saying they were satisfied how the government was taking care of that. Me and my gf started a kind of personal lockdown/quarantine earlier than the one ordered by the Bavarian government.  I was reading an article on an italian newspaper saying that the chinese community in Milan started its own lockdown way before the italian governement ordered it. I guess the same happened in my case here in Germany and for many italians abroad.   People are dying. In some northern provinces (for example Bergamo ones) the count of bodies is so high that not only the local crematorium are saturated but also, now, the ones in all the north of Italy. They are moving bodies to the crematorium in center italy. Bodies in the coffin are "parked" and "buffered" in the churches and since few weeks Army has been called to manage this transport of bodies in a safe way.   Since weeks many nurses and doctors are not coming back home to their families in order to avoid to put them in danger. They started to rent together apartments near the hospitals and they live there now. From non official channels i got info that in some (very few I guess) cases a saturation point was reached in term of respirator utilization and that doctors started to make choices like "put the old patients on pain killer (he/she has less chance to survive) and give the respirator to the younger one". This I guess was one week ago and more, when the number of cases was rampaging and the building of additional hypercare stations in hospital was still ongoing.   Most of my relatives are in the south but some of them in the North and friends or friend's relative got Corona (luckily not in a strong way). Perception from their words is that it is easy to get it and they ask us (abroad and in the south) to please do not underevaluate it and stay at home. I guess that there in the north of Italy the number of hidden cases is so high that we have a real epidemy and that is why is so easy to get infected.   In the disgrace Italy got extremely "lucky" because the most affected region (Lombardia/Lombardy) is the one with better health infrastructure in Italy. It is like besieging cannons are firing against the strongest and thickest section of the walls of the city. If the same would have happened in the south of Italy I can grant you it would have been a totally different story.      
  15. I contacted flatex support (that will answer in German...) and I am trying to google with googletranslate helping me but it would be great if I can have an answer here. In 2018 taxation rules for fund changed. I knew it. But i did not know about this fiktive Veräußerung and so I am trying to understand if my broker basically sold and bought again without triggering the capital gain taxes payment ...or yes ? What it is happening actually ? Expecially from a tax point of view, what happens and should I do some actions ? My broker manage automatically the tax part, so automatically capita gains are payed to the Finanzamt. Does this fiktive operations change something ?   I discovered this looking at my Depotbestand and I saw that the "kauf" costs did not match with the one i have on my excel sheet where i track all operations...they were too much near the current value of funds although i bouth them few months ago.