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  1. I contacted flatex support (that will answer in German...) and I am trying to google with googletranslate helping me but it would be great if I can have an answer here. In 2018 taxation rules for fund changed. I knew it. But i did not know about this fiktive Veräußerung and so I am trying to understand if my broker basically sold and bought again without triggering the capital gain taxes payment ...or yes ? What it is happening actually ? Expecially from a tax point of view, what happens and should I do some actions ? My broker manage automatically the tax part, so automatically capita gains are payed to the Finanzamt. Does this fiktive operations change something ?   I discovered this looking at my Depotbestand and I saw that the "kauf" costs did not match with the one i have on my excel sheet where i track all operations...they were too much near the current value of funds although i bouth them few months ago.
  2. I need a cleaning person for few hours per week but I would like to avoid the minijob situation and to her/him as a kind of an employee. At the same time I would like a fully legal situation.   Can, legally, a cleaning person works as a freelance ? I pay this person XX euro per hour and this person take care of paying taxes, social insurances fees, etc. This person give me an invoice. If this is legally possible, can i then deduct this expenses with my Tax Declaration ? I guess it should be the case of the max 20% of 20.000 euro per year.        
  3. Putzenfrau/man as a freelance ?

    It is not for the tax advantage. You have it more or less also if you register her/him as your mini job employee.   I want to avoid all this hassle of the minijob plus the the fact I have to keep paying him/her in case of sickness and then ask refund from minijob and all this paper crap i want to avoid.
  4. Taxation of Stock gains

    Hi,   I know about capital gain taxation. In my home country Bank or the Intermediation Provider takes care to deduct and pay for me this taxes on each gain. To make it short, you don't need to fill paper and do complicated or boring stuff. Is the same also in Germany or I should declare in detail all gains in the annual tax form ?      Also, are losses put in a kind of pool as a compensation for capital gain taxation ? I mean, if I make 100 euro loss and afterwards  I make a 100 euro gain for which I have to pay 25 euro tax (just an example), then i will not pay 25 euro tax and my "loss pool" will decrease from 100 euro to 75 euro. Is this in place in Germany ?
  5. Demeaning: Where to hire midget and/or dwarf

    I was thinking the same, I could really not believe this kind of things exists. 
  6. Why are you happy today?

    looking forward to post in this thread...
  7. Apart Gutenberg Project, I found a site with a good selection of "classics". It is less messy of Project Gutenberg and books are more "well presented", The site appears to be a legit and well known one, nothing "underdog" or illegal. The problem is that they put this disclaimer on each page where you can download a book (no matter if it is an "ancient" Dialogues by Plato or a less "ancient" Michael Strogoff by Verne):   This ebook is only thought to be free of copyright restrictions in the United States. It may still be under copyright in other countries. If you’re not located in the United States, you must check your local laws to verify that the contents of this ebook are free of copyright restrictions in the country you’re located in before downloading or using this ebook.   How I can check if a book is still protected by copyright laws in Germany ?   EDIT I have found here this info   Q: Who are the authors? Why are they copyrighted in Germany, but not the the US? A: Heinrich Mann, who died in 1950. Thomas Mann, who died in 1955. Alfred Döblin, who died in 1957. In Germany, they are copyrighted based on "life +70 years" of copyright protection (so, copyright will expire after 2020, 2025 and 2027, respectively). In the US, copyright protection for works published prior to 1978 is based on the number of years since publication.   Can be this a correct rule ? Any clarification or help will be welcome
  8. Sorry but I am not asking If I will be caught or not   Usually copyright decades automatically after a certain amount of time. This can change from country to country. I am asking if anyone knows how it works in Germany. What I found for Germany till now is the rule "death date + 70 years". After that date there are not anymore copyrights.
  9. The " where are you really from " thread!!

      A pair of people since I am in Germany mentioned/asked this referred to Italy...half seriously half for joke, you know. Actually I work lot less since I am in Germany.