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  1. Hi,   i am looking for a cleaning lady but I would like to know what should I check or pay attention to. She will work on call, so no a fixed agenda. Hourly payed.   First thing it cames to my mind is what happens if she get injured in my home ? Is she supposed to be insured for this and if yes how i can check ? Or should I pay for this insurance. In my home country you pay the ladies with some voucher you buy from post office some "voucher"  and in those vouchers is included the insurance. Is there something similar here in Germany ?   Also, how i can check she is not taking unemployment money ?   Finally, can I put these expenses in my tax claim ? If yes, I guess I need to have invoice from the lady, right ? Has this invoice to contains some mandatory information ?   Thanks
  2.   I did it according to what they told me 2 weeks ago when I asked to their call center what was the next step. They told me "ok you have a second appointment in 2 weeks and before that date you should remove the stuff". We did it but no one came to the appointment and now they start to say bull*hit about "ah but the first was the valid one"..."ah but if at the first appointment the guy was not able to read then it is now *for ever* not readable so there was no sense in a second appointment", etc etc etc...they keep saying "for this year no further reading".   What puzzles me is also that I did what they told me but not they messup and are trying to put this on me again.
  3. Hi,   i am talking about that man that comes in your home and read from your heaters the numbers related to your consumption and in some case he changes the thingy attached to the heater that indicates this number. In the first appointment one of the heater was not easily accessible (past years the guy  struggled and did it but this year he refuses to do the job) because covered by a wooden structure. He said no problem, you will receive a post card for a second appointment. We called the customer number of the company providing this reading services (Brunata Metrona) and they confirmed us the date of the appointment and asked us to remove the wooden structure before that date. We did it. But the day of appointment no one came. Brunata Metrona on the phone told us that no further reading will happen for this year and all is ook...but they don't answer to my question "ok, which number you put for this heater that you were not able to read ? How are you estimating the consumption for that heater?".   Now what happens ? I guess that the yearly reading is done in order to verify the real consumption and give right number for the end year balance/adjstment of nebenkosten. Am i wrong ? Should I push about this missing reading ?
  4.   Yep that was the current plan indeed.  At this point I am asking myself if I had to report the accident to the current insurance company or not. Accident occurred on July 2018 during relocation. On December 2018 I received a small increase in insurance fee just because the change of city (and risk associated) but my SF class increased anyway, like nothing happened.
  5. 1 year ago I had an accident while driving a rented van. I had the total fault of that. This year I want to change my car insurance. In the information the insurance company asks (especially in the online form) there is the classical quesiton "did you have a car accident in the last X years?". Is the accident i had with the van relevant for this question ? Or the fact that was a rented van, casco covered, makes in someway this accident not part of my "accident history" ? (I doubt it)   Thanks,
  6. Being taxed twice on Inheritance. Ireland/Germany

    Hi    i hope this is not too much off topic but if I understand well if my parents provide me a sum (below 400k limit) when they are alive, I will not pay any taxes but if I inherit it when they die I have to pay taxes. Right ?
  7. I commute by car each day, around 30-40 minutes plus additional 10 minutes by walk. Not that big issue. And for the costs, remember you can put them in your tax return. You get good money.
  8. Taxation on gifts from family

    Hi All,   i read the source mentioned by Panda and maybe i translated in a wrong way but it seems that the 400k allowance is only in case of deceased parents (then hineritage). From the discussioni in this thread it seems that actually this allowance is valid also if the parents are alive. Can you please clarify me this point ?     thanks  alot
  9. I got the Steuer Bescheid for 2018 and I have seen that Finanzamt did not put as taxable income a lump sum I received by my new employer to cover my relocation expenses. The fact is that I put all my expenses in my tax claim already, so that lump sum should be treated as normal taxable income from my employer (it was a brutto lump sum, not taxed when I received it). Is finanzamt "final word" or I should care to inform them of what I think is a mistake ? More than the money (that are ok several hundreds of euros)  the problem is that I really really don'T want to bother with bureocratic stuff and in german (that I don'T speak enough well to manage this kind of conversation).
  10.   I am asking to everyone everywhere. And this forum is a part of this "everyone everywhere".   The more the feedbacks the better.
  11. Hi,   I opened this on purpose here because I think that the area where you want to do this matters.   I hope that someone that already directly or indirectly experienced it can share his/her thought with me.   Me and my girlfriend want to buy an apartment here soon (not later than 2 years).   I was thinking to evaluate also the option of buy a Grundstuck and build our home. This will let us to save money and/or having a bigger apartment (we come from countries where 100 square meters is just the default standard option).   She is an inner arkitekt and she has experience in managing "internal" construction site. Also we count on the fact that thanks to the contacts she has in her work we can have access to trustable/qualified construction companies and not just making a bet in choosing one of them.   Of course we have a lot of doubts. For example there is a way to be sure that we will stay inside the budget ? I mean, a legal way to specify this in the contracts ? What are examples of things that can go wrong ?   Which kind of mortgage we can expect from the bank ? We just will have around 100-150k to put upfront, the rest will be all mortgage.   Any thoughts, opinion or useful links (also in german) are very welcome.   PS: I know that on this board there is who thinks that buyng a property in MUC are is a total no go but please this is not the topic of the thread
  12. Taxation of Stock gains

    Hi,   I know about capital gain taxation. In my home country Bank or the Intermediation Provider takes care to deduct and pay for me this taxes on each gain. To make it short, you don't need to fill paper and do complicated or boring stuff. Is the same also in Germany or I should declare in detail all gains in the annual tax form ?      Also, are losses put in a kind of pool as a compensation for capital gain taxation ? I mean, if I make 100 euro loss and afterwards  I make a 100 euro gain for which I have to pay 25 euro tax (just an example), then i will not pay 25 euro tax and my "loss pool" will decrease from 100 euro to 75 euro. Is this in place in Germany ?
  13. I searched but I failed to find and answer to my question(s). Also some thread are quite dated so I fear info are not updated.   I'm an EU expat in Germany. I'm employed full time, permanent contract. Since from selection for this job I made clear to the interviewer that I was involved in a personal project for which I would have been paid. This is a project that I'm doing for a friend of mine who will pay me for this. I work to this project because it's my passion and hobby too, so I work when I want and when I have time (there's no a fixed  amount of hours I have to work on it). For sure, the hours per week I spend on it are a lot less than the hours I spend as an employee. At the same time I'm working intermittently on it since 3 years (and another 1 or 2 will be needed to complete). Also, the total gross income, will be between 25% and 40% of the yearly gross salary that I take from my permanent job. Of course it will be a "one shot" income that we can also split and spread in 2 years in order to stay under some threshold that can help me to manage in a more easy way all the fiscal stuff. Of course I want to pay all the taxes that I have to pay but I'm quite lost and before going to a Steuerberater I would want to prepare my self about the topic. How I should proceed ? I read about the 17500 threshold. What's and how it works ? Should I ask a new Stuernummer ? Should I register(?) as a freelance or a little company ? Is the 17500 threshold only for side income ? Or should I add the income of my permanent job ? In this case I will be far beyond that threshold. Also consider that my friend that will pay me is not in Germany but in my home country, an EU one. This will force me to open a VAT number and say bye bye to the 17500 stuff ? But in that case, due to the fact I have only one  "big" customer, I should not be permitted to have a VAT, right ? I also read that if the side jobs is not predominant (and I think that's my case) then I have not to pay all the "welfare" stuff such as pension, health, etc but only taxes. Is this correct ?    As you can see there's a total confusion in my mind :). I made my homework when I was in my homeland for the same case (employed with freelance job) but here I'm lost, also due to the language that I don't know (yet)   I would thank who would be so kind to help me.