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  1. I left the chatholic Church start of June. The Employee of the office where i did this told me that, tax wise, it would have been effective from start of July. How i can check/query BZSt in order to see if they have updated my data ? I want to open a joined broker account and I need to know first if now I am not a church tax payer anymore.
  2. Maybe was not clear in my post. What is the sense of a mortgage broker is the only thing he does is just query standard bank offers and propose to accept the best ? At least make an attempt to do what is supposed his job, talk with banks and try to have a REAL best condition. Broker i am talking here is not the finance consultant of a bank, the guy employed in the bank with whom you talk about mortgage offers of that bank. He is supposed to be an impartial third party interfacing me with the banks and doing is the best to obtain a good mortgage offer.
  3. This post doesn't want to generalize or be a useless rant. No intention to attack or offend a professional category or single people in this forum. I want just to report my experience hoping this could help other expats that are in the process of buying a property and need a loan. Oh by the way one month ago we went to the Notar for signing the purchase contract, what remains now is just bureocracy    My idea of a mortgage broker was the one of a professionist that bust is ass to put in competition different banks when it comes to propose a mortgage offer to his customer. I hand over to him/her what I should do by myself. Actually it was not and it is not the case. We know there are here in Germany at least 3 main companies specialized in mortgage brokerage for expat, I am not going to say to which one of them I went, it is not necessary (actually I went to several companies). But it exactly the same soup everywhere.   They do the videocall, they show you what are the best offers "their" software propose and then they simply say "Ok, look, this is the best offer with a green light beside (It means straight forward process, no issues), do you want to take this ?".   Really ? Why you don't take the first 3 best offers, contact the respective banks, and start to put them in competition to have better rate for me, your customer? What is your added value here ? I could have said "the language...the english instead of the german.." but actually i also contacted "german" mortgage brokers like dr klein, baufi24, Interhyp and I had  consultancy meeting in english without any problem. As I said the same soup everywhere...even the software they were using for interfacing with the banks. Apparently all these mortgage companies uses a software from Prohyp. The Interyhp consultant, upon my demand, clarify me that Prohyp is a company they created detaching from Hynteryp the division that was developing and mantainng (and selling to other mortgage brokers) this Prohyp software. Even the template of the printed offer were the same but with different logos   So at the end I had to put in competition different mortgage brokers. "Hey you know i have an offer from this bank through a broker, can you do better?". And here the miracle happens. Suddenly they were starting to literally bust their asses to not lose a good customer (financialy me and my wife were a very good case, we knew that).They were calling the bank and the bank was making better offers. When the fight between offers became tough, in order to beat the offer of the competitor they were starting to cut their own fees. "They" here means the bank internal mortgage salesman but, surprise surprise (not really), also your own mortgage broker. Yes in their website they state "we don't ask you any fee, is the bank that pay us fee if we close the deal with you !". This is absolutely true but you have to know that they can contribute to give you a better loan offer by cutting the fees the bank will provide them. De facto that is an hidden fee.   Anyway this "hidden fee" is totally fine for me (of course any job need a proper remuneration) if only they were acting really like a broker and not just showing the offers on their software and ask me to choose.   So my humble suggestion is to not go to a single broker and trust him totally. Just do your homework ask for different offers (Konditionsanfrage not KreditAnfrage) directly to bank or through brokers and put all of them in competition. If you are going through a broker ask him, according to his experience:    how likely a certain bank will accept your potential mortgage application what is the processing time of your mortgage requests (also this is in this prohyp software but better an answer based on real experience of the broker) and if the bank has some sort of priority path for certain cases   Also evaluate things like mandatority of opening lifeinsurance (typical postbank stuff), how many time (if any) you can change the repayment rate across your fixed rate period, how much time the bank is offering you between the signing of the mortgage contract and the effective utilization (by transfering the money to the seller) of the loan sum. For this last one the word in german is  "Bereitstellungszinsfreie Zeit". After this period you start to pay (high) interests on the money parked and not used. It happened to me that some brokers by mistake were printing/preparing offers with just one month of Bereitstellungszinsfreie Zeit, totally not enough in a Purchase of an existing property.   As I said this is just my experience, it can't be the description of a generic situation. My feeling is that these brokers were used to a long time of very low interests in a crazy real estate market and this means: tons of customers, easy deal with each of them. I guess that the raise of the interest rates will wake up these people and they will realize that it is time to do the broker for real if they want to bring the bread at home.
  4.   In Italy is the same as in Germany.
  5. Joined Brokerage Account and Church Tax

    I thought I should not report if I was not reaching the limit.  I did not reported the money sent by my parents in the last 3-4 years (around 2 transactions) and I read now that I should have done this not late then 3 months. Now I am a bit concerned, what I risk ?
  6. Joined Brokerage Account and Church Tax

    Gotcha, there is no hope, I guess it is really much simpler to just quit being catholic.    Thank you for your help Panda, as usual very detailed and appreciated.     EDIT: well, on the other side I have to say that we will be definitely under the 500k in 10 years 
  7. Joined Brokerage Account and Church Tax

    but if the money we put in the broker account comes from an existing  joined girokonto ? Would be that still a gift ?
  8. Joined Brokerage Account and Church Tax

    My wife wants our children to be catholic and baptised (at least this is the last update on the topic...she says a lot of things and change mind a lot of times on all topics  ), I honestly don't give a crap about it. I am not sure we could do this If i leave the "club".   Would opening an account just on my name and give her power of attorney a fair solution ? Ok, I will pay FULL  church taxes even if I should not , belonging to her  half of the saving we will monthly  put there    In the meanwhile I will check with smartbroker, it is the only other broker with decent fee (ok, don'T tell me about the spread) and that offers a joined account.   EDIT: or better, doing the contrary, so we will not have to pay church tax at all. I am not sure if this would be legal for tax point of view
  9. Joined Brokerage Account and Church Tax

    Hummm... Flatex answered me:   Für die Eröffnung eines Gemeinschaftsdepots ist es erforderlich, dass bei beiden Antragstellenden identische steuerliche Verhältnisse vorliegen. Ist z. B. ein Antragssteller im Ausland und der andere im Inland steuerpflichtig, ist eine Eröffnung aktuell nicht möglich. Das betrifft auch die Kirchensteuer.     If I am not wrong they are saying that in our situation we can't open a joint account because our "taxability" situation is different due to the Church Tax. It looks like to me a bit strange.  
  10. Joined Brokerage Account and Church Tax

      Hi Panda,   thanks for your input. As far as you know is this something that can still be managed by the broker itself or will I have to manage it separately in my steuererklarung ?
  11. Joined Brokerage Account and Church Tax

    nothing ?    in the meanwhile I sent an inquiry to Flatex...I hope to receive an answer before the end of the year    
  12. Taking over existing mortgage from seller

      Well, I think the answer is obvious. Yes.   In the Grundbuch there is an entry related to the mortgage and to the fact that the property is a garancy for this mortgage. Sometime can be just a "dummy entry" (i guess they call it something like "empty shell" entry) that was not delete after the mortgage was completely repaid (for convenience reasons that will be off topic to explain here). Assuming the current owner is still repaying the mortgage and that the remaining debt is 200k. Assuming the Purchase price 1000k and assuming additional expensense of 90k.   If you really can take on you his mortgage you still owe 800k to the seller and 90k to makler, tax office, notar.      
  13. Taking over existing mortgage from seller

    You have to check on the mortgage contract of the seller. In mine is written that I can't pass/sell the mortgage to other persons.
  14. Property Tax Reform and New Tax Returns

    For who has property in Bavaria, this can help   There is also clarified what happened if during this year you bought your first property.    Praxisbeispiel: Abgabepflicht einer Grundsteuererklärung zum Stichtag 1. Januar 2022 Für die Grundsteuerberechnung ab dem Jahr 2025 sind die tatsächlichen Verhältnisse am Stichtag 1. Januar 2022 entscheidend. Zwei Beispiele: Familie Meier hat im Mai 2022 ein Einfamilienhaus erworben. Da Familie Meier am 1. Januar 2022 nicht Eigentümerin des Grundstücks war, ist sie nicht verpflichtet, ab 1. Juli 2022 eine Grundsteuererklärung abzugeben. Dies muss der frühere Eigentümer übernehmen, auch wenn er mittlerweile das Grundstück verkauft hat. Hinweis: Ein reiner Eigentümerwechsel durch zum Beispiel Kauf, Schenkung oder Erbfall muss gegenüber dem Fiskus nicht gesondert erklärt werden. Dieser übernimmt die Zurechnung von Amts wegen. Eine Genossenschaft hat im Februar 2022 eine Gewerbeimmobilie veräußert. Da die Genossenschaft am 1. Januar 2022 Eigentümerin des Grundstücks war, ist die Genossenschaft verpflichtet, ab 1. Juli 2022 eine Grundsteuererklärung abzugeben, auch wenn sie nicht mehr Eigentümerin der Immobilie ist.   So the "snapshot" with the list of owner that must do this Grundsteuererklärung has been taken on 1st of Jan 2022.  I am by the way in the case mentioned in the above example. Just guessing if I have to be sure in someway that who is selling me his property will do this Grundsteuererklärung or I can avoid to care about it.
  15. Me and my wife would like to open a joined brokerage depot ( gemainschaftdepot ). I pay church tax but she is not liable to church taxes. Next year we will do, by the way, our first joine tax claim/declaration.   How it works the church tax on the gains in this case ? If we buy an ETF or a stock, for example, then we sell it and we have a surplus, how the church tax will be applied ?   Edit: I want the brokerage depot managing all the tax things.