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  1. Cologne Brexit Meeting - Wed 13th Feb

      According to what I see in this thread I would say lot of whining  
  2. Salary Range for IT Product Manager

      Because usually it works the other way round, at least according to my past experience. They ask you what is my salary expectations...and this makes sense because, especially for "medior" or senior position, you should know your place on the market. But, as I said, for me this position is almost totally new so I have a detailed idea about the salary. I am just trying to grab some info in order to provide a decent and realistic range, avoiding the risk to burn a chance.
  3. Salary Range for IT Product Manager

      Guys, please don't assume always that on a forum you have in front of you a total dumb.  If I am evaluating that position it is because I read the complete description, I did my homework to better understand the role and I am confident I can do it (I am not just a "SAP-only" profile although SAP is my main field.). Then I was just asking some figures but also constructive opinions/criticism are really well welcome.  The fact that I wrote "owner" instead of "manager" can just be a lapsus for me (thinking "A" but writing "B") and a detail in which to  get lost for someone else.  
  4. Salary Range for IT Product Manager

      Well, i would rather say that I know what I want but I admit that maybe, as we say in my country, I want "the wife drunken and the wine bottle full".
  5. Salary Range for IT Product Manager

      Because I am tired and bored of technical positions and I want to move to managerial position. At 40, if you are techy and you don't know German it is quite hard to move to SAP managerial positions. I don't want at 50 still being in front of the monitor reading tons of detailed technical documentation to update me and accomplish tasks. Being stuck for ever in technical position starts to concern me. I like it but just as an hobby in my free time and using technologies and tools different from the one I use in SAP. Also, all in all, I am also bored of the SAP stuff I do.   Said that I am a quite pragmatic person. Money matters too and Munich is where I decided to stay for ever (i am 40).  Although boring, I continue to perform 110% at work and it is not for me a tragedy the fact I don't like the current job. I never thought that work has to be necessary funny. I consider other activities funny.        
  6. Salary Range for IT Product Manager

    Sorry for the confusion but actually the position is "product manager" that in the SCRUM context, apparently, is "higher" than product owner.
  7. Salary Range for IT Product Manager

      As stated I never have been a "product owner". I wished to have just a dry number according to the title of the position and the seniority level requested on the position. Company is a kind of startup, around 150-200 employees, involved in SaaS business (they develop and sell their own products).   Said that, I am a technical profile (mix of development, architect and some times team lead) in SAP world, 11 years exp. This position is not SAP related but several cross functional requirements match with my background. Let says that can be a kind of bridge to finally leave behind me the technical stuff. Problem is that at same time, especially in a city like Munich, I dont want make some steps back in term of salary (105k total package, included bonus and pension plan).
  8. Salary Range for IT Product Manager

    Deezz thanks for the links but I already knew those websites. Unfortunatel, at least for my profile, I always got erratic results. I hoped to have some first hand feedback here.
  9. Do you have any idea about what can be a salary range for an IT Product Owner, medium or senior experience ? I never was in that position, I don't know the related market.   Thanks
  10. Sufficient salary ranges in and around Munich

      If the question is: is Allianz a good employer ? I would say yes, you are not jumping in the middle of no where.   If the question is actually: is 70k a good offer, especially if it comes from Allianz then I think we need much more info:   - 1) Which position exactly ? (Ok, it is IT, but what ?) - 2) How many years of experience you have ?   And persoanlly i would be curios to know where are you from.    
  11. I contacted flatex support (that will answer in German...) and I am trying to google with googletranslate helping me but it would be great if I can have an answer here. In 2018 taxation rules for fund changed. I knew it. But i did not know about this fiktive Veräußerung and so I am trying to understand if my broker basically sold and bought again without triggering the capital gain taxes payment ...or yes ? What it is happening actually ? Expecially from a tax point of view, what happens and should I do some actions ? My broker manage automatically the tax part, so automatically capita gains are payed to the Finanzamt. Does this fiktive operations change something ?   I discovered this looking at my Depotbestand and I saw that the "kauf" costs did not match with the one i have on my excel sheet where i track all operations...they were too much near the current value of funds although i bouth them few months ago.