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  1. Car involved in accident damaged my fence

    Yes that was clear to me. My doubt was about how to proceed. If I shall close the open case with my Home Insurance and just followup with the driver insurance or better to keep the case open with my house insurance and inform the driver insurance about this. Yesterday I had a talk with some neighbour that called a friend of their who work as insurer and she said I should just followup directly with the driver insurance. My thoughts were actually to keep going with my House insurance because, maybe mistankely, I think they will be more keen to refund completely the damage.
  2. Hi, few weeks go two car had an accident on the road beside my House and one of them went with the back against my fence. Hedge PLants and net fence were damaged. I opened a case with my House Insurance. Unless my bad German fooled me, they made me understand that, yes, this is a case where I can reach them out and that they will refund the expenses for fix it and they will claim them back from the insurance of the driver. Few days ago I received a letter from the insurance company of the driver, asking me pictures, cost and date of building of the fence (the previous owner built it), etc. Before contacting this last insurance company I would like to understand to what I should be prepared. Shall I told them that my House Insurance is following up this case ? Shall I not mention it at all, in case my House Insurance chicken out and I need to then knock to the driver Insurance ? I am a bit lost here on how I should act. Again, yes, I should call the two insurances but I would like first to be in some way "prepared", "ready".
  3. If this is the case I am not sure this law provides in a fair way the same rights to each inhabitant. My wife took recently the German citizenship and still she has no way to bring here her parents from that "troubled" country where they live. It would be quite a paradox if she, German Citizen, can't bring her parents here and a newcomer would be able to do so. I can foreseen hard times for me at home -_-"
  4. Annoying door-to-door wall cleaning proposal

    No peephole, but we can spy from the windos beside. Before reporting to the police I was trying to understand if there is any legal reason I can appeal to but I think that if they pop up again I will go to police.
  5. In the last 2 months these people came 4 times at my door asking if I want them to clean the external walls of my house. The third time I have been crystal clear: I told them this was the third time they came although we were not interested and they should not come anymore. Yesterday they came again, I was not at home, my wife was. They have a van with French plate (at least when I saw them). The business card they left indicate a company based in Mannheim. Honestly this insisting behaviour looks like also suspicious to me, maybe because I come from a place where bulglar costantly check if someone is in a flat/house to understand when to hit. If It was at my home city I would have been almost sure they were just monitoring me but I dont think this is the case here in Bayern :D . Are they legally allowed to do this ? To come again and again to my door although I clearly told them I am not interested ? How I can get rid of them ?
  6. Steuernummer shared among a married couple ?

    Hi Panda, as usual you have been more than great. Just to see if I understood, a little recap of what happened to me: 1) When I Was in munich I had StrNu 111111 2) Several MOnth ( few weeks ago) after my move to Erding area I got the new StrNu 222222 3) I submitted a joint steuererklarung with my wife and used the StrNu 22222. Our first joint steuer erklarung. We married on April 2022. 4) One week (?) after I receive a new StrNu 444444, this time related to me and my wife. If I undestood well, the StrNu44444 has to be used in order to represent the entity "couple" that is doing a joint steuererkalrung. IN My EUR I will keep using StrNu 22222. Is it correct what below? I submitted a joint steuererklarung and just when they received the generation of a "couple" StrNu has been triggered. Or the fact that the joint Strnu was sent some weeks later my new personal StrNu and after the submission of the Steuererkalrung is just a coincidence ? Because in this case I am wondering if I have to ask to Fnzamt Erding a fix to my steuererklarung, having me submitted it just with my strNu.
  7. Hi, few years ago I registered to Finanzamt as freiberufler (IT ENgineer) and I got a Steuernummer. Each time I was changing city I was assigned a new Finanzamt and hence a new Steuernummer. This happened also recently. I received my STn by post. I used this number to fill a joint Stuererklarung (our first joint one, being married since 2022). I used an online software. While i was filling the forms part related to steunummer I saw an option like "tick the checkbox here if your wife as a different steuernummer...if she did not requested a different one then don'T tick". Was not clear to me the sense of this, being the freiberufler activity something related just to me. After few days the finantamt send me a new Steuernummer. Actually this time the letter was addressed to me and my wife. I am going to call finanzmat to ask clarification (with the hope to understand them) especially because I submitted the steuer erkalrung with the previous steuernummer that was sent just to me. I would like to ask here what is this about ? Why my wife apparently got a shared steurnummer although she is not registered as freiberufler IT Engineer (and a potential application would be rejected because she has at all no experience in the field). What does all this mean ?
  8. Actually is 150.000 of taxable income. De facto it could be something like 180.000 joint salary. Let see if this will arrive as it is and then pass in the Bundestag. The current limit is 300.000 euro. We will be definitively hit by this...and hit under the belt. We have good salaries but we are not at all rich and we don't see our selves as really wealthy. Our mortgage takes one third of our income (not counting bonus). We haven't made there the step longer than our leg. We earn almost the same (I earn just few thousands euro brutto more per year), so not having for one year half of our household income is an hit that needs to be "countermeasured " well in advance with a dedicated saved lump sum. If currently we could have not be worried about having a baby now I realized we will have to count each single euro. And living in Munich area will not help, in term of cost of life. For couple where the wife will earn definitively less than the husband (apparently a common situation) this will mean "force" the woman to stay at home. Here there is a link to an online petition that reached more than 500.000 signatures in 4 days and where there is also a link to an article that explain the reason behind this cutting proposal