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  1. Hi All,   i wanted just to doublecheck , is it still like that ? When I bought I was already resident in Germany.
  2. Private unemployment insurance

    Ok, I found a pair of product from r+V and segura. I am quite sure that the monthly payment you receive in case of unemployment is a gross sum that then, after declaring them in the yearly tax claim, will be subject to taxes and deductions. What I can''T figure out is how to calculate the taxes I will have to pay on this sum and then what is the real netto they will provide me though this insurance.  I could "reverse engineering" and from the max Arbeitlosgeld i can take (around 27600 netto per year) I could calculate the corresponding fictitious gross salary. Then add on top of that the private insurance payments and see how they will be taxed. But I am not sure this would be the correct way. Any ideas ?
  3. Private unemployment insurance

    Hi,   i am necroposting here because I was evaluating to look for a product like this. Background of this is that I am evaluating my affordability for a mortage not only in my current situation (me and her, both working and with good(?) salaries) but also in cases where one or both of us loose his/her job. Furthermore, the 60% or 67% mentioned above is anyway capped to a gross salary of, at least for this year, 85200 euro. In my case my gross salary goes over that number and then the hit would be bigger in case i loose my job.   Anyone knows any insurance product that can let me and my gf to bring at home in total (ALG I plus private insurance ) at least  around 80% of the last averaged netto salary in case we loose our job ? Also some simple german keyword to use in google would be enough      
  4. Hi John,   thank you very much for your answer. Yes, it is what she did after I posted here, asking to the broker. The broker said she has the right to transfer the money to the company pension scheme (actually is the Chemical Category Pension fund to which the company will pay additional money). The broker said that because it is not her fault she will not have to pay the fees (a real steal) for "abandoning" the current pension plan. The broker also said that there are agreement among the insurance companies exactly for managing this without hitting the insured with additoinal fee. I am honestly a bit dubious but I will see, when the transfer will happen after she will finish her probation period.  
  5. Hi All,   my girlfriend will change company soon. She has a Direktversicherung and till now all her employers  where managing her monthly payments to it, letting her also to get the known tax discount. New employer has stated that they will not take care of her payment, I guess also because they provide already a company pension plan. Quitting the current DirektVers is not an option because she will pay so much "penalty fee" that will loose more than half of the money she paid in these last 3 years and half. She is willing to make by her self the moonthly payment but the Insurance Company support told her that in that case she will not have the tax benefit. This seems to me strange,  I thought she could have get back the money (tax benefit) with the yearly steuerklarung. Am I wrong ? can anyone shed a bit of light on this please ?    
  6. Pros and Cons of moving back to New Zealand.

      Well, italy is "long"  I am from the south, so it is around 12-15 hours by car depending from the traffic   Well maybe I missed the fact that husband is not from your country. This I believe can make things more complicated, because He also has to undertsand what he considers home. About you, if NZ is not your home then what you consider your home ? I believe there are things of Germany that you don't like at all, maybe you hate them and make you feel a bit apart. And you don't feel like that in NZ, so, actually NZ could be your real home.   You know, I am seeing here (in germany and not in Toytown) too much expats that are not happy, that don't like some stuff of germany and germans till the point, in not few cases, to HATE an entire country and an entire population. Just because, at the end, they are different from them. The worse one are the "südlander" (italians on top of the queue) due to the obvious cultural difference. And I usually tell them "you constantly bash this country and the entire population (like they are an unique uniform entity), you constantly judge them putting yourself on a Pedistal and looking at them from top to down. Do yourself a favor, leave this country and go where you will be happy". The answer is an hateful "here it is again the lawyer of the Germans"   Of course this is not your case, just "writing loudly"
  7. Pros and Cons of moving back to New Zealand.

    If you in New Zeleand will not starve then just leave germany and go back there. It is obvious that you can't consider Germany your "home" and the risk you will live a miserable life here is quite high. Money is not all unless you are starving and you really NEED to expatriate. It is the same I say to friends, relatives and former colleagues in italy that ask me "hey, how is life in Germany?" because they are thinking to move here for the definitively higher salary (and less hours of work). And a great bunch of them I know will be the classical one that after 1 months here will start to crying about how much they will miss, sun, pizza, mamma, "warm people", bla bla bla bla bla bla.    
  8. Problems Installing COVpass app

    You can use the Covid warn app for this purpose. You can download iteven if your country in google is not Germany
  9. Euro 2020 and 2021

    This discussion reminds me when the topic is  "what an atrocity the nazi did with the jews" and you see people (usually the modern nazi fan) answering stuff like : "ok and the gulag in soviet union?"  "ok and the redskins massacres in USA?"  "ok and massacres during colonialism?"    Und so weiter, und so weiter 
  10. Euro 2020 and 2021

    Actually it's Bonucci who said that in front of a cam
  11. Euro 2020 and 2021

    It was coming home...
  12. Euro 2020 and 2021

    I watched Italy - Spain in a Biergarten...too messy, too uncomfy, too noisy, too schlect food.  Today I will watch the match at my place sweet place.
  13. Euro 2020 and 2021

    wow, a lot of Britons here 
  14.   Maybe you quoted Mike's list by mistake or maybe actually with your post you did not answer at all to his points
  15.   Ok necroposting but I can'T resist. For your info, if a non muslim want to marry a muslim woman, he has to leave his religion and convert to muslim religion. And this is not about is something requested from the country of origin of the woman in order, in the best case, to make the marriage valid there also and in the worst case to avoid problems with local "justice". This is because great part of muslim countries were not able to separate the f***ing religion rules from the men rules.   So yes. For muslim religion marriage, also from legal point of view, in some(?) cases contemplate forcing to leave/change religion.   And on top of that, leaving muslim religion is something that is prosecuted with death penalty. This, again, because great (if not all) part of countries where the muslim religion is the main religion were not able to separate religion from state.