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  1. Or should just sent the tax declaration as it is, with that 1500 euro in Zeile 21, and then the Finanzamt will do all the math ?   Ok I think that it works like I wrote in this post. About the software I just activated the voice for inputing the Doppelter Haushaltsführung expenses but without inserting any expenses and it automatically updated the total sum of money I should receive back by considering the additional taxation on that 1500 euro.
  2. Hi,   when I changed employer in 2018 the new employer paid me 1500 euro lump sum for move expenses. It was tax-free and indeed I found it in Zeile 21 of my Lohnsteuerbescheinigugn.   I am using a well known online software for my 2018 Steuererklarung. I put all my relocation expenses in order to have some taxes money back. Now I want to put this 1500 euro as a normal taxable income because this software doesn't automatically do this kind of reconcilation between Umzug expenses and this 1500 euro I received.    Can I just fix it by simply add this 1500 to the Zeile 3 (taxable income) ? 
  3. Decent hand car wash in/around MUC.

    Hi,   I need an hand car wash. I don't mean to wash my car in the street but I am talking about this authorized car was services where you go and use a high pressurized water pistol to wash your car. You put the coin and you get 30-60 seconds of water/soap going out from the pistol or brush. I googled but I just find not hand car wash.
  4. I bump up the thread for an additional question. Where should I add this expenses ? Anlage N as Werbungkosten or Anlage S (I guess in the depreciable goods ) ? I really hope it is not Anlage S because then I guess I have to start to make statement about value of my assets and other stuff. Actually I am in the Kleine Unternehmen case and basically with very simple stuff to declare (just to invoices, no expenses or other fancy stuff).
  5. Hi All,   In 2018 I did an interview with my current employer and they refund me the travel expenses according to the Km I did with my car. Should I put this sum as an extra income in my tax declaration, so that it can be taxable ? Or this kind of reimbursement is tax free ?   Please note, I am not talking about declaring the travel expenses I sustained for the interview. Of course they are supposed already covered by the reimbursement.
  6. Thanks Panda. Just to doublecheck. I did not payed this 800 eur to the car repairer but to the Car Renting Company that provided me a report of the expenses they have to sustain in order to repair the van. Is that ok anyway ? And should I add this bill as attachments or just keep them in case Finanzamt ask for clarification ?
  7. Hi All,   this year I will put in my tax return also the expenses related to my relocation. I changed city (inside Germany) because I changed my job. During the relocation I rented a van. I will put the renting cost in the relocation expenses. But...I had a little accident during the usage of this van. Long story short, I had to pay on top about 800 euro of damages (rest was covered by the casco insurance). Do you think can I put in my tax return form this 800 euro in the total expenses for relocation ?  I personally don't think, but I ask here just in case
  8. Cologne Brexit Meeting - Wed 13th Feb

      According to what I see in this thread I would say lot of whining  
  9. Salary Range for IT Product Manager

      Because usually it works the other way round, at least according to my past experience. They ask you what is my salary expectations...and this makes sense because, especially for "medior" or senior position, you should know your place on the market. But, as I said, for me this position is almost totally new so I have a detailed idea about the salary. I am just trying to grab some info in order to provide a decent and realistic range, avoiding the risk to burn a chance.
  10. Salary Range for IT Product Manager

      Guys, please don't assume always that on a forum you have in front of you a total dumb.  If I am evaluating that position it is because I read the complete description, I did my homework to better understand the role and I am confident I can do it (I am not just a "SAP-only" profile although SAP is my main field.). Then I was just asking some figures but also constructive opinions/criticism are really well welcome.  The fact that I wrote "owner" instead of "manager" can just be a lapsus for me (thinking "A" but writing "B") and a detail in which to  get lost for someone else.  
  11. Salary Range for IT Product Manager

      Well, i would rather say that I know what I want but I admit that maybe, as we say in my country, I want "the wife drunken and the wine bottle full".
  12. Salary Range for IT Product Manager

      Because I am tired and bored of technical positions and I want to move to managerial position. At 40, if you are techy and you don't know German it is quite hard to move to SAP managerial positions. I don't want at 50 still being in front of the monitor reading tons of detailed technical documentation to update me and accomplish tasks. Being stuck for ever in technical position starts to concern me. I like it but just as an hobby in my free time and using technologies and tools different from the one I use in SAP. Also, all in all, I am also bored of the SAP stuff I do.   Said that I am a quite pragmatic person. Money matters too and Munich is where I decided to stay for ever (i am 40).  Although boring, I continue to perform 110% at work and it is not for me a tragedy the fact I don't like the current job. I never thought that work has to be necessary funny. I consider other activities funny.        
  13. Salary Range for IT Product Manager

    Sorry for the confusion but actually the position is "product manager" that in the SCRUM context, apparently, is "higher" than product owner.
  14. Salary Range for IT Product Manager

      As stated I never have been a "product owner". I wished to have just a dry number according to the title of the position and the seniority level requested on the position. Company is a kind of startup, around 150-200 employees, involved in SaaS business (they develop and sell their own products).   Said that, I am a technical profile (mix of development, architect and some times team lead) in SAP world, 11 years exp. This position is not SAP related but several cross functional requirements match with my background. Let says that can be a kind of bridge to finally leave behind me the technical stuff. Problem is that at same time, especially in a city like Munich, I dont want make some steps back in term of salary (105k total package, included bonus and pension plan).
  15. Salary Range for IT Product Manager

    Deezz thanks for the links but I already knew those websites. Unfortunatel, at least for my profile, I always got erratic results. I hoped to have some first hand feedback here.