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  1.   I am asking to everyone everywhere. And this forum is a part of this "everyone everywhere".   The more the feedbacks the better.
  2. Hi,   I opened this on purpose here because I think that the area where you want to do this matters.   I hope that someone that already directly or indirectly experienced it can share his/her thought with me.   Me and my girlfriend want to buy an apartment here soon (not later than 2 years).   I was thinking to evaluate also the option of buy a Grundstuck and build our home. This will let us to save money and/or having a bigger apartment (we come from countries where 100 square meters is just the default standard option).   She is an inner arkitekt and she has experience in managing "internal" construction site. Also we count on the fact that thanks to the contacts she has in her work we can have access to trustable/qualified construction companies and not just making a bet in choosing one of them.   Of course we have a lot of doubts. For example there is a way to be sure that we will stay inside the budget ? I mean, a legal way to specify this in the contracts ? What are examples of things that can go wrong ?   Which kind of mortgage we can expect from the bank ? We just will have around 100-150k to put upfront, the rest will be all mortgage.   Any thoughts, opinion or useful links (also in german) are very welcome.   PS: I know that on this board there is who thinks that buyng a property in MUC are is a total no go but please this is not the topic of the thread
  3. Or should just sent the tax declaration as it is, with that 1500 euro in Zeile 21, and then the Finanzamt will do all the math ?   Ok I think that it works like I wrote in this post. About the software I just activated the voice for inputing the Doppelter Haushaltsführung expenses but without inserting any expenses and it automatically updated the total sum of money I should receive back by considering the additional taxation on that 1500 euro.
  4. Hi,   when I changed employer in 2018 the new employer paid me 1500 euro lump sum for move expenses. It was tax-free and indeed I found it in Zeile 21 of my Lohnsteuerbescheinigugn.   I am using a well known online software for my 2018 Steuererklarung. I put all my relocation expenses in order to have some taxes money back. Now I want to put this 1500 euro as a normal taxable income because this software doesn't automatically do this kind of reconcilation between Umzug expenses and this 1500 euro I received.    Can I just fix it by simply add this 1500 to the Zeile 3 (taxable income) ? 
  5. Decent hand car wash in/around MUC.

    Hi,   I need an hand car wash. I don't mean to wash my car in the street but I am talking about this authorized car was services where you go and use a high pressurized water pistol to wash your car. You put the coin and you get 30-60 seconds of water/soap going out from the pistol or brush. I googled but I just find not hand car wash.
  6. I bump up the thread for an additional question. Where should I add this expenses ? Anlage N as Werbungkosten or Anlage S (I guess in the depreciable goods ) ? I really hope it is not Anlage S because then I guess I have to start to make statement about value of my assets and other stuff. Actually I am in the Kleine Unternehmen case and basically with very simple stuff to declare (just to invoices, no expenses or other fancy stuff).
  7. Hi All,   In 2018 I did an interview with my current employer and they refund me the travel expenses according to the Km I did with my car. Should I put this sum as an extra income in my tax declaration, so that it can be taxable ? Or this kind of reimbursement is tax free ?   Please note, I am not talking about declaring the travel expenses I sustained for the interview. Of course they are supposed already covered by the reimbursement.
  8. Thanks Panda. Just to doublecheck. I did not payed this 800 eur to the car repairer but to the Car Renting Company that provided me a report of the expenses they have to sustain in order to repair the van. Is that ok anyway ? And should I add this bill as attachments or just keep them in case Finanzamt ask for clarification ?
  9. Hi All,   this year I will put in my tax return also the expenses related to my relocation. I changed city (inside Germany) because I changed my job. During the relocation I rented a van. I will put the renting cost in the relocation expenses. But...I had a little accident during the usage of this van. Long story short, I had to pay on top about 800 euro of damages (rest was covered by the casco insurance). Do you think can I put in my tax return form this 800 euro in the total expenses for relocation ?  I personally don't think, but I ask here just in case
  10. Cologne Brexit Meeting - Wed 13th Feb

      According to what I see in this thread I would say lot of whining  
  11. Which Mieterverein ?

    I will move to Munich at end of July and I would like to join a Mietverein in Munich right now. IS this possible ? ( I still don't have an apartment in Munich). Also, do you have any suggestion on which can be the best one to join ? I see there are several Mietverein.   Thanks
  12. I made my research here and in the rest of web but I have still some doubts.   I am a permanent employee. My employer provide me a Laptop for work, and just for work. I don't use that laptop at home for private reason. I use just in case I do homeoffice for my employer or emergency activities ( I work in IT).   I am also registered as Freiberufler and I am (and I plan to stay according to my planned incomes) in the Kleine Unternhemen case. By the way my employeer know and authorized this Nebenaktivität.   As Freelance I work still as IT Developer/Consultant and I am using my private laptop.   I need to buy now a new laptop and I am thinking to put this as an expenses for my freelance activtiy in the tax declaration. Basically my freelance activity is eating ALL my free time. This means also that each time I turn on my personal laptop it's (sadly) 90% of time for working as freelance. The remaining 10% is just to see occasionaly movie or play some videogame (actually I don't play since months  ).   So I would like to declare the truth and putting just 90% of the laptop value as an expense for my Freelance activity, and not 100% of value. Is this possible and legal ?   Also, I read about a yearly limit that force you to spread the cost among 3 years. On a website I read this limit is about 960euro but here I read that it is 480 euro (about). What is this limit ?
  13. I contacted flatex support (that will answer in German...) and I am trying to google with googletranslate helping me but it would be great if I can have an answer here. In 2018 taxation rules for fund changed. I knew it. But i did not know about this fiktive Veräußerung and so I am trying to understand if my broker basically sold and bought again without triggering the capital gain taxes payment ...or yes ? What it is happening actually ? Expecially from a tax point of view, what happens and should I do some actions ? My broker manage automatically the tax part, so automatically capita gains are payed to the Finanzamt. Does this fiktive operations change something ?   I discovered this looking at my Depotbestand and I saw that the "kauf" costs did not match with the one i have on my excel sheet where i track all operations...they were too much near the current value of funds although i bouth them few months ago.
  14. Taxation of Stock gains

    Hi,   I know about capital gain taxation. In my home country Bank or the Intermediation Provider takes care to deduct and pay for me this taxes on each gain. To make it short, you don't need to fill paper and do complicated or boring stuff. Is the same also in Germany or I should declare in detail all gains in the annual tax form ?      Also, are losses put in a kind of pool as a compensation for capital gain taxation ? I mean, if I make 100 euro loss and afterwards  I make a 100 euro gain for which I have to pay 25 euro tax (just an example), then i will not pay 25 euro tax and my "loss pool" will decrease from 100 euro to 75 euro. Is this in place in Germany ?