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  1.   Investing in an MSCI world important money that you can need in 2 months or in 3 years is not at all a better plan. You invest in that kind of assets with a timespan of 15/20 years.
  2. I am already over the limit and very soon even much more.  When I will "drain" out the money ? When I will find a property to buy, and this can be in 5 months or 50 months, who knows ?    DKB, my current bank account, is doing this change next year ( I don't remmeber if march or april).    
  3. Hi,   as we all know the trend is now this. Bank are charging 0.5% on the part of your money going beyong 50K  (25K for DKB). I am not "rich" but I find myself in an temporary uncomfy situation because a pair of years ago my parents gave me part of my "share" to help me buy a flat (process not yet started). Furthermore I am going very soon to dismiss what has been resulted  a really gainful investement for the same reason (having cash for the upfront money for a mortgage). Long story short, this 0.5 really will hit me. I am thinking to open several bank account in order to not have any of these saving over 50K euro limit in any of thoese accound. Fee are usually free if I setup a monthly inflow of 750 euro from my main account. Anyone in the same situation can share how he is coping with this issue ? I was thinking also to buy a (almost) zero risk fund (monetary one ?) but I really don t want to risk any of those money because I need for the mortgage.   Any suggestion for other bank account without monthly fee? I was thinking to open an account to the below banks:   - consors - Hypovereinbank (no bank account fee for 5 years and negative interest from 100k instead of the usual 50k) - Ing     While i can understand the negative rates what I don't understand why are they all starting to charge for the EC-Karte and keeping the Credit card (actually a Debit card) free.
  4. 3G in Restaurants?

      I am not sure it would be costitutional to directly force vaccination. Of course there are other ways to try to by pass costitutional constrains and remaining in the legality. 2G at work (like in Italy) and 1G in public places can be one.
  5. DKB Bank (Deutsche Kredit-Bank)

    i am a dkb user. so at this moment who is offering free (real) credit card among the online bank accounts ? with the same conditions of dkb possibly
  6. Hi All,   i wanted just to doublecheck , is it still like that ? When I bought I was already resident in Germany.
  7. Private unemployment insurance

    Ok, I found a pair of product from r+V and segura. I am quite sure that the monthly payment you receive in case of unemployment is a gross sum that then, after declaring them in the yearly tax claim, will be subject to taxes and deductions. What I can''T figure out is how to calculate the taxes I will have to pay on this sum and then what is the real netto they will provide me though this insurance.  I could "reverse engineering" and from the max Arbeitlosgeld i can take (around 27600 netto per year) I could calculate the corresponding fictitious gross salary. Then add on top of that the private insurance payments and see how they will be taxed. But I am not sure this would be the correct way. Any ideas ?
  8. Private unemployment insurance

    Hi,   i am necroposting here because I was evaluating to look for a product like this. Background of this is that I am evaluating my affordability for a mortage not only in my current situation (me and her, both working and with good(?) salaries) but also in cases where one or both of us loose his/her job. Furthermore, the 60% or 67% mentioned above is anyway capped to a gross salary of, at least for this year, 85200 euro. In my case my gross salary goes over that number and then the hit would be bigger in case i loose my job.   Anyone knows any insurance product that can let me and my gf to bring at home in total (ALG I plus private insurance ) at least  around 80% of the last averaged netto salary in case we loose our job ? Also some simple german keyword to use in google would be enough      
  9. Hi John,   thank you very much for your answer. Yes, it is what she did after I posted here, asking to the broker. The broker said she has the right to transfer the money to the company pension scheme (actually is the Chemical Category Pension fund to which the company will pay additional money). The broker said that because it is not her fault she will not have to pay the fees (a real steal) for "abandoning" the current pension plan. The broker also said that there are agreement among the insurance companies exactly for managing this without hitting the insured with additoinal fee. I am honestly a bit dubious but I will see, when the transfer will happen after she will finish her probation period.  
  10. Hi All,   my girlfriend will change company soon. She has a Direktversicherung and till now all her employers  where managing her monthly payments to it, letting her also to get the known tax discount. New employer has stated that they will not take care of her payment, I guess also because they provide already a company pension plan. Quitting the current DirektVers is not an option because she will pay so much "penalty fee" that will loose more than half of the money she paid in these last 3 years and half. She is willing to make by her self the moonthly payment but the Insurance Company support told her that in that case she will not have the tax benefit. This seems to me strange,  I thought she could have get back the money (tax benefit) with the yearly steuerklarung. Am I wrong ? can anyone shed a bit of light on this please ?    
  11. Hi,   I googled but i failed to find something matching my case. Me and my partner are both non german citizen (i am EU, she is not). In our origin countries after marriage the members of the couple keep their own original surname. No need to change for one of them, no need to add hyphen seprated surnamet, and all this German stuff.   I was googling and I found a post in another forum where it was mentioned that if we are both non German citizen we are free to keep (or choose) our own surname according to the law of our countries, even if we celebrate the marriage in Germany, in a german stadamt. Is this correct ? Could you please point me to some official link or suggest me some (german) keywords that can be helpful in my search on google ? (my german is not that good, unfortunately).   Thanks.    
  12. I contacted flatex support (that will answer in German...) and I am trying to google with googletranslate helping me but it would be great if I can have an answer here. In 2018 taxation rules for fund changed. I knew it. But i did not know about this fiktive Veräußerung and so I am trying to understand if my broker basically sold and bought again without triggering the capital gain taxes payment ...or yes ? What it is happening actually ? Expecially from a tax point of view, what happens and should I do some actions ? My broker manage automatically the tax part, so automatically capita gains are payed to the Finanzamt. Does this fiktive operations change something ?   I discovered this looking at my Depotbestand and I saw that the "kauf" costs did not match with the one i have on my excel sheet where i track all operations...they were too much near the current value of funds although i bouth them few months ago.
  13. Taxation of Stock gains

    Hi,   I know about capital gain taxation. In my home country Bank or the Intermediation Provider takes care to deduct and pay for me this taxes on each gain. To make it short, you don't need to fill paper and do complicated or boring stuff. Is the same also in Germany or I should declare in detail all gains in the annual tax form ?      Also, are losses put in a kind of pool as a compensation for capital gain taxation ? I mean, if I make 100 euro loss and afterwards  I make a 100 euro gain for which I have to pay 25 euro tax (just an example), then i will not pay 25 euro tax and my "loss pool" will decrease from 100 euro to 75 euro. Is this in place in Germany ?