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  1. Apart laws, rules and stuff like that I think it should be a form of respect to at least try to learn the language of the country that is giving you its citizenship. Furthermore, it is not completely true that working in IT makes learning German useless. At least in my IT field major part of job positions requires a decent German knowledge because sometimes you will probably find yourself interacting  with key-users that don't give a crap about talking in english to explain me their business process and how they want that interface. They are germans living in Germany. It is fair.     And don't get me wrong on this. My German is not good, I find ultra difficult to improve it. 
  2. My natural gas rate doubled

      Usually is the "heated space". That actually means all what is inside the roof and the external wall. Even if a room is not heated, the heat will tend to cross the internal wall and door in order to reach that not heated room
  3. BREXIT positives and negatives

      Yes but this time no special status for UK. If they want to come back in the EU this shall be at the same conditions of the other countries.
  4. Working on garden leave

    have you tried to contact the new company and explain them the situation ? 6 week delay is nothing   PS: please don't tell them you are willing to work for free as a workaround.
  5. My natural gas rate doubled

    11 is nothing. Local Stadt provider here in Munich area will go 18 from 1st nov. Free-market or private providers ask for 25-32 cents per KWh
  6. My 9kWp Photovoltaik Anlage

      I can confirm what Gambatte said. Here in Bayern, if you want to install an heat air pump (not geothermal, not water) you have to spend even more than 40k. A lot of demand for the Air Pump (they are available next years) and for the HeizungBauer (lot of them were telling me I had to wait next year, they were full of work). Prices for heating systems, solarthermi, PV systems are going up crazily.
  7. The War in Ukraine

      Well actually "opposition to the war" is just an act of hypocrisy in order to save in some way the face. The facts here are very clear: Russia invaded Ukraine. That is an aggression to a free independent country.   Yes, each country acts for its own interest and for sure there is no knight in shining armor here but at the same time it is very clear to which side to stand here from a moral point of view. History will remember who tried to oppose to Russia and who actually winked at it and saw a chance to make good deals for oil and gas (on the skin of the Ukrainians people).   I perceive a rampaging nationalism among Indian people since Modi is ruling but I don't know if Modi is the cause or the consequence of it. Each time I talk with another Indian colleague that I can define a "dissident"  he always "facepalm" and tell me how sadly are going wrong things in India due to this increased nationalism that helps to mask real people problem. Great part of my Indian colleagues are not convinced that Russia is to blame for this and actually some of them are even full supporter of this act of aggression. But that's because they are full Modi supporter, so they are completely aligned to his thinking.   So Yes, I could expect, and morally accept, China winking and not blaming Russia because historically is in a block opposing the western countries but I see no justification for countries like India.    
  8. Property Tax Reform and New Tax Returns

    I bought an house on May 2022 and I am wondering if I have to bother to check if the previous owner will do the Grundsteuererklärung. He is by the way a Steuerberater, it would be very weird telling him "hey have you done the  Grundsteuererklärung  ?"...I guess he should concern is that he will not care (no real reason actually he would not...he looked like me a good person).    
  9. Hi,   today we will probably order the new kitchen. It will be without household appliance for two main reasons:   1. I don't want to pay the big surcharge usually the Kitchen seller put on the price of household appliances. 2. I want to choose the house hold appliances. In this case they told me I would receive the kitchen next spring    The day the kitchen will be mounted by who is selling me it, I will also have a separate person that will take care to install/connect the appliances. I have doubt about the warranty. Does this person have to have any title in order to be recognized as a proper technician ? Or in the future the appliances vendor will refuse the warranty because it was not installed by a proper "professionist" ? This person will come is registered as freiberufler and will release regular invoice.   The kitchen seller doesn't want to take care of the anschluss of the the appliances because doesn't want to become resposnbile for the warranty.  
  10. Buying property in Germany

      An update about this, at least for my current purchase process.   After the sign of the contract I got 2 bills from the Notar:   1. Related to the kaufvertrag handling and betreuungstätigkeit (falligkkeitemitteilung and Überwaching eigentumsumscrheibung) 2. Related to the Grundpfand recht.    Till the call I made today to the Notar to ask if I should have expected further Invoice from them, I thought that the 2. was covering just the Grundschuld creation for the hypo and the creation of this "lock" on the Grundbuch that stop the seller to sell the property to someonelese in the meanwhile. But apparently this 2. covered also the "effort" from Notar office for asking/requesting/following/ complete update of Grundbuch till the point we are the new owner on this document.   Strange things is that while the Grundbuch update fees (that i pay to the local landsjutiz-something) are the expected 0.5%, the notar fees are basically half of the expected 1.5%. I know that this 1.5% is not a fixed value but 0,75% of difference appears to me a huge difference.     PS: writing the part in bold took me 5 minutes 
  11. Solarthermie

    It depends also from the square meter of panel you are installing but it is important that you have a water buffer enough big to manage the huge amount of heat you will get in summer. If the liquid that transport the heat from the panel to your water buffer doesn't properly "cool down" by releasing the heat in a buffer at a lesser temperature then at certain point it will reach a so high temperature that it will evaporate and your solarthermie implant will stuck (stagnation). On the other hand choosing a too  much big buffer is not the best decision. Although the warm water will stay always on top and the gas heater will provide heat just to this top part (if needed) , anyway you will have a certain degree of dispersion from top to bottom, across the layers of water at different temperatures.   From what I read online and from the offer I got, for 4-5 people and 10m2 panel surface the volume of this Pufferspeicher range from 750 to 1000. But I guess this is the case where you want to use the solarthermie also for "supporting" the heating like the HB told you.  
  12. Solarthermie

    How many square meter of panel and which orientation of the roof (and inclination in degree)? 
  13. Moving back to the UK, then selling my apartment...

      I know it is off topic but maybe someone else can read this and get confused. Even if in your case (assuming true certain conditions) you are not obliged to do a tax return, actually it would have been convenient for you to do it. Usually you can get back some hundreds of euro not only for declaring "werbung" costs (example cost for reaching your working place) but also because can be the case that your employer took and forward to finanzamt a bit more of the taxes you were supposed to pay.
  14. Buying property in Germany

      Hummm, at which point of the process you are ?  
  15. Cost of living crisis

      In Aldi (and I guess also in LIDL) you can even find special minced meat with very low fat %. It is good in case you are on a kind of diet or if you want to be sure to buy meat and not 50% fat :D. On the other hand, for some preparation, you need to pump in some fat to balance (olive oil is ok) in order to have a tasty meat. At the end is the fat that gives great part of the tasts to the meat.   When i make hamburger the meat just stick together without any problem. I put the meat in a large bowl and i add: salt, pepper, olive oil, some grana padano or parmigiano cheese (shreddeed), parsley, a bit of lemon juice and if you like a bit of shredded garlic or shredded onion. Usually I don't add the last two. You mix all with the hands and you shape the hamburgers. There are also tools for shaping them but i like my hand made irregular-shaped ones You put them on a plate and you put the plate in fridge for 30/60 minutes. If you don't have time you can just cook them directly.   A trick for keeping the minced meat together if you have problems on this, is to add an egg to the mix above mentioned. It doesn't change the taste of the meat.