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  1. TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite

    I am using Telekom Magenta 100/40 with a Fritz Box 7490. All works well (especially after I used Scotchloks to improve the incoming DSL quality). I also use the Fritz wifi Mesh feature with a couple of Fritz powerline-connected wifi access points. The Mesh works generally really well. Consistent, no hassle, wifi coverage through the house. And once I re-routed the DSL cable, the powerline no longer interferes with the DSL signal (it was f*cking nightmare up until then).   Last year, when the BBC seemed to figure out people were using SmartDNS, I switched to VPN - I settled on ExpressVPN. At the same time I had upgraded to 100mbs download, so the loss in bandwidth, due to the VPN, was not impactful. We used our old TP-Link 841N for the VPN service.   Once I trusted the VPN, I connected our Sky+ box to it. After that, we've never looked back. We can download anything we want from BBC, ITV, Ch4, Sky etc etc in full HD and then watch through the Sky box planner - no buffering, can rewind, fast forward through the ads etc. Only use iPlayer for live TV (even got Wimbledon on full UHD!).   So far, I am pleased with ExpressVPN. So much so, that I bought, on eBay, one of the listed routers they support with their customised (DD-WRT) firmware. This makes server switching much, much, easier (yes, still have to do that occasionally) and it will cut the internet connection if it detects the VPN is down and only restore once it is back up  - this is a big feature for me. It also sustains much higher speeds through the VPN than the old TP-Link box. I bought an Asus RTAC87U - ugly but effective,  
  2. TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite

      Thanks, but too big for the small space I have to work with. But the "people also looked for" section threw up this...   So I'm getting closer!
  3. TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite

    This is not the right forum for this question, but people on it are probably knowledgeable on the topic...   I am tidying up the DSL wiring in the house (since it was causing a lot of problems) and I need to correctly connect two ISDN telephone cables (not Cat 5 - all wire are red coloured with black dashes to code them). I have limited space since it will be behind a cable duct access point. So I need a small "punch down" block to connect the two "DSL" wires.   Ideally I'd run in a new cable, without need of connectors, but the cables are tight in the ducts they won't come out, so I'm having to re-purpose old ISDN cables.   Could someone point me to the right page on Conrad, an eBay supplier or even Amazon to get these kinds of parts.   I can normally work out these things, but I keep getting ethernet connectors or great big connection boxes.   Cheers,   RT