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  1. TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite

      Keith2011 - if you don't mind, please PM me with the VPN service you are using.   Cheers,   RT
  2. TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite

    Question is really about the UK FTA services. They seem to be all blocked and that's never happened before.    But thanks for the update.    RT
  3. TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite

    About two days ago we lost iPlayer and Ch4 via Unotelly SmartDNS (ITV didn't work anyway). Tried all the usual things - reboot everything, use different SmartDNS servers. No luck. Anyone have similar experiences with other SmartDNS providers?    RT
  4. Company formation (GmbH/UG) in Munich-area

      Funny you should say that, since the DB person manning the help desk emphatically said it was possible for a Freiberufler to open an account connected with their business status and use a company name - this was the lovely person from DB. On a later call, with my personal banker, the smug one, said it wasn't.   @PandaMunich - if you can point me to a bank that routinely does this, or to a bit of legalese I can use to show to my smug DB personal banker, showing that it can be done, then we'd be very grateful.   Really appreciate your help.   RT 
  5. Company formation (GmbH/UG) in Munich-area

      My previous and current Steuerberater also advised against setting up a GmbH since you'd always lose out on tax and for no real advantage - better to stay Freiberuflich.    However we have a problem now (actually it is my wife's international consulting services company - I am a "simple" employee of an American multinational) in that due to recent regulations, the Chinese government will make a charge of 20% for any foreign transfers to personal accounts. This is obviously to do with money laundering. A business account, held in the name of the business entity, would solve this.   “Due to stricter overseas transfer control by Chinese government, we are unable to transfer any fund to an overseas personal bank account without filing and paying Chinese income tax.  Unless she can provide a business account, banks in China will only accept transfer request with proof of tax payment. The tax payment (about 20% of total cost) will be an additional cost on top of the invoiced amount.”   But I'm told you can only open a "business account" if you are a GmbH or similar (the lovely people at Deutsche Bank smugly told me this).   The business coming from China is growing, so we may be forced to form a GmbH, but it will be very costly and complex - and not needed for the other clients.   @PandaMunich - Any thoughts on how you can open a business bank account as a Freiberufler?    RT