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  1. Working remotely for a German company, sometimes from Italy

    Majority of the companies, including big US Companies in Germany are operating in a "Don't ask Don't tell" policy regarding this topic. You do whatever you want, if goes wrong is your problem. As long you continue register in Germany.    If you want to do it legally, specially inside the EU/EEA the company can issue a GME1 fomular. That's the legal way of doing it.    But it really does not matter that much. Working insurance even within Germany are pretty much useless for home office. And you're not going to work abroad inside other company installations where a control by the authorities can occur.    The only way you can have problems, is if you get sick or injury (and severity means a big bill for the insurance to pay..), then they will check everything and if you're not by the book you can have problems. 
  2. Just for future note in case someone ends up here with the same question:   - form GME1. 
  3.    it actually exist, but only in the US, not UK 
  4. there is actually a good article on this:   unfortunately on the article it starts to divagate.    Anyway, even without the virus, is a normal things special between UE people to work on another country and extend there vacations.    And I just wanna to know the legal framework for this, if any.    Otherwise there is always the "don't ask don't tell" policy.   
  5.   I understand, but from a practical point of view, I have TK, abroad extension and as a citizen of the country i go, having insurance or heath care is not a problem at all for a short stay ( 3 months)   The problem here is just legal/insurance paperwork, I cannot find anywhere describe if you can go to another UE do home office or not, which restrictions apply and how to do it legally.    I heard sometime ago that you can go 4 weeks abroad with no (working) insurance problem. But I cannot find anything. Do I have to pay another insurance? is the A1 form valid fort this? I have no idea.       
  6. Hi everyone.    If you're living in Germany, and you ask to go a few weeks to your home country (EU country)    Supervisor says yes, but the HR compains about some insurance policies.    And this is something that I cannot find information in the internet, what are the rules here?