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  1. So they want to hold your Zeugnis hostage and/or negatively influence your Zeugnis on the basis of a negative Glassdoor review? Sounds like a lovely company that wants to control things beyond its control.   Just write the email saying you didn't do it. You might also want to pay a lawyer later to check your Zeugnis for any potential negative Zeugnis code.
  2. Thanks, Spidey! I don't recall seeing those on my last trip to Scotland but then again, I was busy eyeballing Walker's salt & vinegar crisps.
  3. This could be a long thread... 
  4. I recently saw a news article on Facebook about the "Seid's freundlich" stickers in Augsburg. Mr. Porky Pine got a huge laugh out of that. He said, "In Germany you'd have to mandate friendliness to get people to comply". He's German. Those were his words, not mine. There's also a Facebook group "Seid's freundlich"; it seems to be a private initiative. Edit:  "...to get most people to comply." There are friendly people in Germany. I have several in my building and neighborhood. Tell your husband to forget the funny farm...for now.
  5. I know we usually post about the deaths of celebrities on here but I just found the obituary for Peter Mansfield, who co-invented the MRI scanner. Even though I'm not crazy about the feeling of claustrophobia I've experienced during MRI's, I am extremely grateful for this revolutionary technology and the man who helped pioneer it. RIP, Sir Peter Mansfield. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-38919614  
  6. Aw, come on, RenegadeFurther. That was tacky. Universities need lecturers, and especially ones who love their job, like the OP. I remember my college days and the teaching assistants and profs who didn't love their jobs. I sure did enjoy classes with the few who loved their jobs; it usually made all the difference in my enjoyment of the subject matter.
  7. Bingo! I live in Germany. And sorry, but I think an Abstandszahlung to the soon-to-be former tenants is a rip-off or a rather bogus attempt to claw back expenses. It just ain't kosher IMO.
  8. Sounds like a huge rip-off attempt to me. Where I live, tenants renovate all the time...at their own expense. And when those tenants move out, any upgrade in the living condition of the apartment benefits the landlord. No Abstandszahlung is demanded by the old tenant of the new tenant. 
  9. Thin walls - no taking showers after 20:00

    I feel your pain. I live in a building with incredibly thin walls. Sometimes my next-door neighbor comes back from a business trip and has to shower at 3 am.  No big deal. I'd much rather listen to the shower running that the thumping aggressive beat of loud techno music. You should join the Mietverein, and let them deal with it. Momma always said, "Kill them with kindness." Momma  was a very polite person but she didn't have to deal with shower curfews or type-A neighbors complaining about one-off  noise infringements. Momma would have told you that the next time you encounter your charming neighbor, smile from ear to ear and wish him "einen absolut wunderschönen Tag!" 
  10. You're welcome! Maybe you got to spend the weekend on much more enjoyable activities that preparing idiotic US tax returns.
  11. Etiquette when visiting German boyfriend's family

    That's downright tacky. Gifts are nice but are not a requirement. However, manners should be and I think your in-laws were hiding the day God handed those out. You definitely lost the mother- and father-in-law lottery.
  12. What's got you flummoxed today?

    I don't get it. I'm starting to cut back to 2-3 small cups of coffee a day so that they do NOT keep me up all night. I'm turning into my parents...
  13. @Ben21: The yearly average currency exchange rates for US income tax have just become available at IRS.Gov.  Consider it a weekend present from the IRS!   For Euro-US$, the yearly avg exchange rate is 0.940 for 2016 income tax purposes.  It's very close, but not 100% exact, to the Treasury year-end currency exchange rate for 2016 FBAR reporting (0.9490). https://www.irs.gov/individuals/international-taxpayers/yearly-average-currency-exchange-rates      
  14. That's odd. Maybe you should respond with "Me Tea" and see what kind of remark you get out of them.