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  1. There are many many times when Fauci and Birx (Brix?) have stood there stone silent when they should have been stepping up. They are cowards who are afraid of upsetting the bully. What you have seen is meek at best, when strong medical-based leadership was needed the most. Fauci is a fail.
  2. I think you'll need to start a new category. Cuba is 3rd world. 85 deaths, 2300 cases and they export their doctors to other countries to help out. Maybe we should create 12th world.  US might be able to fit that slot for a while before out-growing it.
  3. What is soul destroying is not have the spine to stand up, speak out about the harm being done. Fauci is just like all the others: Just wants to keep that pay check coming, no matter what. Gutless cowardice is a requirement to serve in this administration.
  4. He'll go lower and his people will cheer him on. This is his Jim Jones moment and he is going to make sure as many people as possible drink his spiked corona Kool-Aid.  My feeling is that he has erroneously concluded infection deaths are good because it will wipe out black, brown and other people who vote Democratic. He hasn't caught on yet that he is also burning down his own house.
  5. Yes, it is right, to answer your question. As to your second question, no laws were broken in the jurisdictions of Colorado or Virginia. Just as you cannot drive at unlimited speed in the US and then claim you did so because it is legal in Germany, you cannot record a call in Germany and use as a defense that it is legal in Virginia. Jurisdiction matters. I could advocate that you and your kind be eradicated by being slowly pulled apart between two tractors, but I don't think that means I have a right to contribute my viewpoint to the diversity of viewpoints in civilized society. Do you?