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  1. Hi.

    Let's say:


    1.) You already have a semester ticket. You travel in a regional train. You forgot your semester ticket somewhere in your house. The controller asks you to present it. You can't. 1a.) Do you still have to pay the fine? 2a.) If you have a photo of your semester ticket in your smartphone, will they accept it?


    2.) You purchased a ticket but forgot to print it or did not download it into your smartphone. The controller asks you to present it. You can't access the internet. What should you do? 


  2. Hi!


    In September and in October, I saw a few of them entering my room and our classroom. They have a strong back like a cockroach and look like a cockroach. They seem to have relatively long legs and they fly. I am pretty sure that they aren't cockroach but I might be wrong. Their size is quite comparable to a cockroach. They tend to be smaller, I think.


    One of them landed on my loose-fitting outer garments and I almost had a heart attack. I immediately slapped him down to the ground and stomped him with all I got, ending his idiotic miserable life.


    What are the names of these insects?


  3. 1 hour ago, BayrischDude said:

    This is the thread to which I was referring. The second sentence are your words. 


    My bad. I apologize. I forgot about this thread. I did not have any intention to punch anyone badly.


    1 hour ago, RedMidge said:

    you need to use more common sense  with some of your issues. 



    OK, I will use more common sense.


  4. 50 minutes ago, swimmer said:


    The response that it is a silly, childish and rubbish is a right reply, here.   If it was a young person in my family asking, I'd not use the first two words but I might well use a polite form of the third.   It's a question that's not part of the real adult world.   I would try and drag them back there, like the replies are doing.


    I've lived abroad for a long time, including here.   I work with other governments including sometimes police and other security services, in much more athoritarian settings.   Nobody sensibly tries to "save police officers".    The only advice if put in such an extreme setting would be "don't even think about it - get as far away as possible, as quickly as possible".  There is no other discussion.   The police can look after themselves and Mr Joe Average also can't help.   Not my job.  Same as I don't expect them to do my job for me.


    It's not on any sensible radar.  Like asking for advice on the best way to fly to Mars, or what to do when you are offered a place in the German national football team.   It's that unreal. If it is on your personal radar, the question is why.  (I guess there are many sites that happily deal with this sort of fantasy / narrative / imagined stories but this is not really one).   You need to worry about being an international student, not that.   An excessive focus on the police and authority is not unusual for a migrant but it is normally a sign of anxiety or stress, of feeling threatened.   Something perhaps student support services can help with.


    A bit like the above reply, I do often wonder about how little support so many young people, especially young men, seem to get, when I see some of the recent questions and issues here.  What do your parents or your fellow students say when you ask them this stuff, or handle on-going life issues?   Start there.   Quick discussion with them would probably set your mind at rest.


    Thank you for the explanation. There are parts which I disagree with. I do not find it objective. But this is a discussion for the other thread. You should have posted this message in the thread where I asked about helping the officers. This thread is about something else.


  5. 2 hours ago, BayrischDude said:


    Nothing.  However... it seems that near everything that happens in your life you come here and start a thread.  To include thoughts and your political views.  Some of your threads are unique for the most part, but it also seems you need validation or more the approval of others rather than come to your own conclusions and decisions.  Your profile shows you have three pages alone for the threads you've started.


    Moreover, and this is something I 'nag' my two daughters on - still.  Do your own bloody research.  It seems that younger people today are finding it easier to go to a forum, post a question, await the answers and be done. 

    As an example, you started a thread about beating some up and can the victim prove it was you.  Absolutely silly, childish and rubbish!  Asking about the validity of a business requesting your passport is somewhat intelligent. This former question shows your lack of maturity.  Simply googling that question and doing some light legal research would have not only answered your question, but you most like would have learned a few other things along the way from experts, the government and maybe even a scholar or two.


    I'm going to continue this a wee bit.  When I was your age, my sources of information were limited.  But it seems I was still able to find the information I needed.  Asking professionals, family members or friends who might know.  Library, newspapers, etc.  But asking perfect strangers their opinions or knowledge on a particular subject, I would have never done.  Basically, that is what a forum is.  You have the vast Internet at your avail to do your own research.


    I too have posted various topics here on TT, but only after having done my own research.  And seriously, to ask a question about hitting someone and their ability to prove it?  Seriously?  I hope you were fookin blootered when you wrote that!


    But the question was about saving the police officers, not beating someone up. Are you sure you aren't confusing me someone else?

    Moreover, I do not have a political opinion. I just feel bad police officers because they already have a tough job and some tugs (regardless of their ethnic origin) hurt them physically.


  6. 18 hours ago, ShannonWeedon said:

    Hi guys,


    My partner and I wish to travel to Germany for a year or 2 and work.


    Just wondered how we would go getting jobs over there?  Im a  Australian qualified sparky but will be tring to get whatever i can. Anyone have an experiences that they can share?


    German knowledge is extremely important, I think. Do not get discouraged by other people who tell you that German is difficult to learn. Sure, there are difficulties but it's a lot of fun to learn it. Be patient and stay motivated.


  7. On 8/22/2018, 7:23:26, dj_jay_smith said:

    Rather than asking the whole of Toytown to speculate why don't you just ask them?


    Under EU GDPR rules then need to have a valid reason for keeping personal data so if you ask them they must inform you why they need this.


    Thank you for your answer. It's been a long while that I was employed by the company. They wouldn't answer it now. I can try it if you want to. Next time, I will ask them. Also, what's wrong with asking it in this forum?


    On 8/22/2018, 2:26:11, generalmartok said:

    He likes asking TT about pretty much every little thought that pops into his head.


    What's wrong with asking questions in this forum?


  8. I will start my master's degree soon and I worked in 3 different companies. From each of them I got an Arbeitszeugnis. I will also apply for internships outside Germany (to companies in various English speaking countries). Is it worth translating my work certificates (Arbeitszeugnisse) to English for my applications and attached them to my applications? Or just a CV entry is enough? As my work certificates are quite positive, I am considering to attach them to my applications but I'd love to hear your opinions.


  9. Sooo. I got into contact with another customer service person. I formulated my sentences very clearly and told him that my new apartment is some sort of a student apartment and I cannot carry over my contract from the current apartment (which is going to be my "old" apartment) to the one which I am moving into. He explained that my contract can be cancelled and told me that I only have to inform them about the Zählerstand right after the day I leave my apartment.


    I think there is an important note here. If a customer service person isn't really helpful, try getting another one.


  10. I am sorry to say that you are going to get used to it. Most of the expats whom I know told me to they have experienced similar kinds of treatment. If you have the option and the opportunity, try to find another real estate agent. People with this kind of negative attitude won't get ahead in life. Even if they do, they won't be happy as they tend to have some sort of an inner fighter (a fight within themselves).

    If you are fluent in German, you can try arguing with him.


    Also, you should factor in the fact that an expat is more self-conscious in a foreign country just because he is foreign. Feeling and communication in a foreign language is whole another thing. But this should not make it look less important that some people are inherently rude and you can't really change them. Try find another driving school, another teacher, another real restate agency, another shop, another repairman etc.


  11. On the phone, a guy said I am not allowed to terminate my contract because my contract has a minimum term of two years. I told him that I was leaving my house and he kept repeating me that I am not allowed to terminate my contract. I have no idea why he kept repeating the same thing over and over again. It was like he wanted to dismiss me as quickly as possible. Tomorrow, I will call again and hopefully speak with another person from Vattenfall. If this does not work as well I will try real time on-line customer service. If this does not work as well, I will go to their place in Hamburg.


  12. My contract has a minimum term (Mindeslaufzeit) of 2 years. In August 2018, the first year ended already. Now, I am moving into another apartment and the cost of the electricity will be included in the utilities (in the Nebenkosten). I have been paying 70€ (10€ for the Grundbeitrag amd 60€ for the electricity itself) per month for my electricity bill.


    1.) Would Vattenfall agree to a Sonderkündigung (special termination) as I am moving out?  

    2.) If they do not agree to a special termination, will I still have to pay for 70€ every month even tough I will have moved out? I hope I don't.


    Anyone with any sort of experience about this?