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  1. I worked for the university medical center as a postdoctoral researcher. My whole team is likely to be integrated into a newly formed independent research institute while remaining a link to the uniklinik -- therefore, if the research institute became a reality my contract will be splitted into two, a larger part of my salary will be from Leibiniz and the smaller part will be from the uniklinik.   I'm reading the possible scenerio about tax class, and it's quite clear to me that I will have to get a class 3 (I'm married) for my larger part of income and class 6 for the smaller part. Compare to my current salary (it will remain the same after the split) more tax will likely be deducted from my brutto each month. My question is, am I correct to assume that once I submit a tax return claim I'll get back the difference of tax (irrespective of other tax deduction claims) comparing to the amount of tax I'm paying right now?