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  1. Websites for online trading of stocks and shares

    Hello mates,  I got interested in Stock Trading lately, but I have literally no experience. I have read this topic entirely and now I am even more interested. Do you guys know if there are discussion groups beginner friendly? or if the discussion here went further in another topic?  I am looking at the moment for a provider and more education surrounding the topic.  Cheers, Luiz
  2. Xbox one for sale

    Hey, I may be interested. I will send you an inbox to know more details.
  3. Powerbeats 2 Wireless

    Hey I am interested. Sent you a PM. 
  4. Working permit Visa before end of PhD

      1. If your PHD is not 100% done, it does not matter at all for any visa procedure. They do not consider that because if it is not completed, there is always the risk that you will never finish it, right?  2. Yes in the German Bureaucracy you are then not considered a student anymore, but for the University it remains all the same. =)  I hope it helps you! In any case, I make myself available for eventual further questions. 
  5. Epson Printer/Scanner/Photocopier

    Hey!  sent PM.
  6. Hello everyone,    I have at the moment a visa for my PhD valid until 30.06.2018 (§20 ABS. 1), but my defense will be in the end of July or middle of August. This week I have received a job offer (full-time) and I would like to change my present visa to a working permit Visa in order to start working and also wait for my defense. Is it possible? Does somebody know which documents are necessary for that?   Thanks a lot for the help and attention.  ps: Maybe it is important to say that the PhD is in Physics and the job title is Software developer.