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  1. Grundsteuerreform

    I have to file a Feststellungserklärung for my Schrebergarten, and have two questions, please.   Question 1: The garden is comprised of 3 separate neighbouring plots, all purchased at the same time. Each plot has a separate Flurstück Zähler/Nenner, and a separate Grundbuch Blatt. To make matters worse, one of the plots is sub-divided into two separate areas with two separate types of use (one = leisure garden, and the other = vineyard).   I've been sent an info letter for only 1 of the 3 plots. It seems nuts to file separately for all 3 - is this really what we're supposed to do?   Question 2: Each plot has two sets of entries: Teiflache 1 (999m2)  -  Zuffenhausen (999/1) Bodenrichtwertnummer:    999999991 Bodenrichtwert je m²:        35,00 € --- Bodenrichtwertnummer:    999999992 Bodenrichtwert je m²:        18,00 €   Q: Why are there two sets of land values for each plot?  Which one am I supposed to use in the Feststellungserklärung? Apart from the Bodenrichtwertnummer, the rest of the values are identical. The land use is identical. What purpose does having these two distinct land values serve?    
  2. @emkay: fwiw, I hit the same stone wall wrt being barred due to non-residency + £££s premium increase. A solution: if you have a good friend in the UK, you can transform your insurance policy into a "joint" insurance policy by putting your friend's name on it; then use their bank account to pay the annual premiums.  Note the ins. co. will send the reminders to them, not you ('cos uk residency). Worth setting up a special email address for your friend, which redirects to your own email address. You still do all the admin - after all, it's /your/ policy.  And buy your friend a case of beer, cheap at the price. All above board and 100% legal to boot.