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  1. Why are you unhappy today?

    When I'm Hegemon, I will punish the perpetrators with the exact same cruelty they inflicted. No discussion, no args.
  2. Deregistering when leaving Germany temporarily

    Oops - my bad, crappy use of language, sorry!  I learn and obey!
  3. Deregistering when leaving Germany temporarily

    Ha!  I may have doctored the house somewhat to 'reveal' what looks suspiciously like absenkung in order to impress the court-appointed valuation 'expert'.  Fixing the mess is top of my list this summer, and then someone can look at it - but not until then!
  4. Deregistering when leaving Germany temporarily

    Good evening to you too!   DKV: I have carefully read all your posts on the topic of insurance and made copious notes.   (Very ashamed of myself that I handed the responsibility over to a broker.) @PandaMunich kindly provided a very comprehensive sample letter which I cloned to ensure I have all my bases covered.   Building insurance: I can't change it until the Grundbuch entry has been made (long and messy divorce; TL;DR). Hopefully this will be done soon, at which point I can cancel the policy and get a new one. I've been getting my insurances from our local Allianz person for years (inertia), but using a tied broker is not a satisfactory state of affairs and I'm determined to change that.
  5. Deregistering when leaving Germany temporarily

    Hi John, No idea why I put the words "health insurance" in there - too much wine too late/early, I suspect. NL registration, CZ (public health ins) w/S1, NL bank a/c: check, check, check.   The GEZ froze your bank a/c?? I thought only the Finanzamt could do that. B*******! I've sent a begging letter asking for various exemptions, plus there's maybe the 2nd home card. Am awaiting their response. From other posts on here, it looks like they may be impermeable to all pleas, but we will see.  Nothing ventured, etc.   If you don’t de-register, you have to continue payments. Our local Bürgerbüro said I should not deregister, but designate my house as a Doppelte Haushalt / Zweitwohnsitz or some such. She's a really lovely lady, but it takes a shovel to dig through her 1,000 km/hr Schwäbisch. Not really sure what she meant, have to do some research. DKV said if I sent in my NL health cert, they would cancel the a/c.  They did mumble something about wanting the abmeldung, but (a) I reckon proof of NL health insurance should be good enough, and (b) they changed the subject when I said I was keeping my house here. I will be coming back with CZ public insurance, so DKV can take a hike.   I'm holding off on the DE de-registration pro tem while I investigate all possible nooks and crannies. I'm particularly interested in getting around this (just for fun): 4. The long-term resident who has resided in another MS in accordance with Chapter III shall no longer be entitled to maintain his/her long-term resident status acquired in the first Member State when such a status is granted in another MS pursuant to Article 23.   Purely hypothetically, of course: if I support myself, and have health insurance in both MS, and I'm not a terrorist, and I do not work in the EU, and I pay taxes only in the UK, *and* I split my time exactly equally between two MS, then how is it determined where I live?  Say my brother lives over the road in DE; and my son lives over the road in NL, so I have family in both MS.  I am thus 100% in compliance with all the requirements.  How and why is it decided? I've done some digging, and it seems to me that the MSs only care when there's money involved, ie taxes. I even wrote to Your Europe, who responded with "erm, um, ah, (shuffle, kicks dust), you'll have to ask each MS".  IOW, they haven't a clue either.   Insurance: thanks for the heads up, that's a very good point which I had totally overlooked. I'll write to all of them tomorrow.  On that note: my Buildings Insurance (which is not in my name, btw) expires Dec.31st.  Know any decent companies? 
  6. What about people who have been living outside the UK for a long time, and are STILL paying UK taxes?
  7. Brexit: The fallout

    Could I have more explicit instructions - I can't make this work, probably doing s'thing wrong.
  8. Unacceptable noise from construction work

    @optimista I wasn't really lawyer material. Went into it as a youngling with my head in the clouds, full of "Truth and Justice for All! Yay!"  Heh.   Flugelhorn: funny, I had been thinking that my fancy amp needs a workout, possibly with the Bach Double Violin Concerto (BWV 1043).  Very penetrating   The neighbours' behaviour does have me puzzled. We meet in the street, and all they can say is "bitch, moan, complain, ..." - but they don't seem prepared to actually do anything, hence my thinking that there was probably nothing we could do.  However, there's more than one way to skin a cat...  roosters, for eg. (evil grin).
  9. Deregistering when leaving Germany temporarily

    I have to leave Germany temporarily for a year, and do not want to lose my permanent residency. I have a house here which I will return to; it will probably stand empty, alas.   What to do about the Rundfunkbeitrag and the health insurance?  If I do not de-register, then I must keep on paying.  If I do de-register, I lose my residency status.  I call that a rock and a pretty hard place   I have to register after 3 months in the other EU country, but then I will be registered in *two* places.  Is this even allowed?   Does anyone have any advice on this pickle?  @2B_orNot2B seems to know quite a bit about this - do you have any tips?
  10. Unacceptable noise from construction work

    Nothing like as much as I wish I had!
  11. Unacceptable noise from construction work

    @White Rose of Yorkshire I detect more than a hint of exasperation in your post!  It's not that I'm a wimp, it's more that from the start you know you have to put up with it because building by def'n is a noisy exercise. When it gets too bad you ask the owner to take steps, he agrees, it's better for a week or so but then goes back. You let this go, you let that go, you talk to the owner again and again, he apologises, nothing changes, you yell at him, then he says "I can do what I like, you can't stop me". I kindof rely on my much pissier and more argumentative neighbours to know the ropes better than I do, and they all said there's nothing we can do - hence my inaction. They did work on Sundays, PHs, etc at the start, but stopped when they were told the rules - which they push at the margins of, even now.   I think the guy has a Douglas Redwood on his shoulder because he just started building after he bought the house. Of course he got reported, and had to apply for permission. We (his 4 immediate neighbours) objected to the massive 2-storey extension he wanted to build, as his house already overlooks ours horribly.  I don't think he's ever forgiven us. His wife came round and demanded I sign the "approval", and started screaming at me when I refused, "You MUST sign it!".  She got even madder when I just grinned at her.   He only has access to his tiddly back garden through his house. He came round last summer to ask if he could bring "a few buckets of dirt" through my garden.  I demurred, said he'd been a shitty neighbour, and wtf should I do him any favours. While we were talking, I noticed a massive 40 cu.m. container standing in his parkplatz and alarm bells went off. I asked what it was for, and he hummed and hawed. I started laughing at him, and said "sorry, no can do".  He got really mad, and yelled at how he would make my life hell, and do this thing and that thing. Didn't go down well when I pointed out he'd already achieved that.   @black1 How I wish I'd known such a thing as a Lärmwand existed. What a difference that would have made / would make.  I shall get on to the Amt at the cod on Monday am - heartfelt thanks for that.   @fraufruit Had I known the Amt für öffentliche Ordnung existed, you can bet I would most certainly have contacted them. Working as a solicitor in my dim + distant past taught me that the only people who win at that game is the lawyers themselves. Besides which, I am not of a litigious nature. I suppose I thought there must surely be an end as there's not much more he can do. Perhaps I've been fortunate in life, I've never come up against such entitlement before. It's clear this guy will only respect boundaries drawn in blood (sigh).   On that note, does one require permission to build a pool and pool house in one's back garden? And to whom can I report those bloody cameras and lights?  I'm sick to death of those football stadium lights shining into my house + garden.
  12. Unacceptable noise from construction work

    Bumping this post because I have the same problem, except I own my home. When we moved in, there was a lovely older couple whose favourite pastime was to hang over the fence and tell me what I should be planting.  We became fast friends after my cats ate all their Koi carp   Well, time passed, and sadly they both died.  The house was sold to a Croatian sob (= sob because he refused to put a hedgehog tunnel in the new concrete fence between me and him, which means forever having to rescue incredibly loud distressed younglings).   This man started work FIVE YEARS ago and work has not stopped. I have a litany of complaints, amongst which is he refused to cut tiles in his double garage, which meant I was locked inside my house with all the windows closed for 2 years solid because of the dust + noise. (I was married to a builder, I'm not picky about a bit of dirt.)  He refuses to prioritise the work, eg do the noisy stuff during the day. I totally lost it one time when they were chucking scaffolding around at 9:30pm.     And it's STILL going on. The minute he finished his house, he started building a vast swimming pool behind it, complete with pool house. Jackhammers, concrete mixers, you name it. I have a nasty feeling he will never, ever stop.  He's also immune to "concrete is very CO2-intensive..." pleas. The police say there's nothing they can do.   No kidding, I'm seriously thinking of selling up if this continues. It's bad luck that my office window is only ~50m away, with the prevailing wind blowing from him to me.  My lovely, quiet-except-for-the-birds home has been trashed.   There *must* be something one can do. The other neighbours are also super-pissed off, but say gibt nichts. I don't want to get into a war, because that's a one-way road to hell (for eg. there's his cameras and lights that blaze into my house and onto my land as soon as it gets dark). Bah!  
  13. UK pension S1 form and Krankenkasse agreement

    @GaryC I've sent you a DM. Long story short: rules, like piecrusts, are made to be broken.  
  14. UK pension S1 form and Krankenkasse agreement

    The first contact I had with HMRC was waayyyy back in ~1978. My (new) husband was allergic to paperwork, a shortcoming he had failed to tell me about.  I discovered several cardboard boxes in the attic FULL of unopened "File or we will shoot you at dawn" letters. I only found out by accident, fell over a Court hearing date letter addressed to him, which I opened.   I dictated a letter to him (which he wrote under duress), along the lines of "I'm a hippie, doing my own thing, living off savings. I have not earned anything in the past 6 years. I'm really, really sorry I didn't file / inform HMRC, ... ..." Long story short, the local inspector came round, had a cuppa tea and made bad jokes about prison. He then vacated the hearing and binned all demands. I've had a soft spot for HMRC ever since.
  15. UK pension S1 form and Krankenkasse agreement

    @GaryC Thanks for that, is nice to have a 2nd opinion. After very little consideration (ie. less than 1 second) I think I shall decline a possible "discussion" with the German authorities as to whether my reasons for applying late were good ones - plus, I can now see a way through the forest to make this all work for me, so no point.   "Hard-nosed HMRC": Going to have to disagree with you there. I have always found HMRC to be incredibly nice, and pretty much leaning-over-backwards to help.  *Really* wish the Finanzamt would take a leaf or two out of their book.   Very much appreciate your input. Thanks again.