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  1. We have found our "traum haus" and are due to sign for it at the Notar's on Thursday 8th Jan. We got the contract last night, and are painfully translating it (unsere deutsch ist sehr schlecht).   I found this paragraph: "auf die Bestimmungen der §§ 95 ff. VVG und die Energieeinsparverordnung (EnEV). Der Verkäufer erklärt, dass er nicht im Besitz eines Energieausweises ist. Der Erwerber verzichtet endgültig auf dessen Vorlage und Übergabe."   My questions are: How big a problem is this? And (more importantly) how much does it cost to get a Certificate? And how does one get one?   The house has been empty for the last two years, which is why it doesn't have one.