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  1. A similar discussion is going on Twitter right now, and amazingly since 2006 nobody's mentioned the word Frischkäsezubereitung.  That's what the Philadelphia brand sells here in Germany, but you have to look at the ingredients list itself to see it.  I'm convinced that's the issue and not the Doppelrahmstufe. In fact, the Philadelphia brick in the US has 35 grams of fat per 100g, while German Frischkäse tops out at 27g fat in the brands I looked at in this spreadsheet  - and the Philadelphia Frischkäsezubereitung only has 21g. 


    Thanks to @ellbie for confirming that draining water from Frischkäse and maybe even Frischkäsezubereitung worked well for cream cheese frosting, too.  That Milbona brand has the highest fat content I've seen in Germany... 28.7g! might be useful too. The American mentioned above who has a whole book dedicated to baking cheesecakes in Germany.


    And there's a whole thread about baking cheesecakes in Germany with notable successes: 



  2. On 12/6/2010, 1:01:57, mmueller said:

    - a driver's license on the name of Justin which is why we assumed he is the owner,

    - a non-branded office key card on the name of Noah,
    2) I found and contacted both via PM on asmallworld, an by invitation only network that has a very well connected community.

    Justin will get back his ID by mail, Noah will pick up his wallet tonight.

    Huh - reading this ten years later I notice that it was one guy carrying the other guy's driver's license in his own wallet.  And what's a cheat card?

    Anyway I just got an ad from Lufthansa - they'll give me lots of extra miles if I join ASMALLWORLD and I wondered if it was the same community:

    >>Get the exclusive Prestige membership to ASMALLWORLD, the leading travel and lifestyle community, by 19.12.2021 for the regular price of EUR 5,200, and earn 300,000 award miles instead of the usual 250,000 miles – giving you 50,000 miles extra.1   

    Very pricey.


  3. This is the paragraph that I found somewhere on the internet -- it told me to go ahead and register to get immunized - actually it's info from the official government website, from the Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Gesundheit und Pflege:



    • Nutzen Sie die Online-Anmeldung unter Zunächst melden Sie sich über das Registrierungssystem unter Angabe Ihrer für die Priorisierung notwendigen Daten, wie beispielsweise Alter und Berufsgruppe, zur Impfung an. Nachfolgend werden die registrierten Personen mit der aktuell höchsten Priorität entsprechend der Coronaimpfverordnung, je nach Verfügbarkeit der Impftermine von dem für Sie zuständigen Impfzentrum per SMS oder E-Mail zur persönlichen Terminbuchung eingeladen. Die Vergabe der Impftermine orientiert sich an der Zugehörigkeit zu der jeweils aufgerufenen Prioritätengruppe. So wird sichergestellt, dass immer die besonders gefährdeten Menschen zuerst geimpft werden.


    Clearly, everyone is allowed to register now and can go ahead and take care of it, and we are assured that our registrations will not block any appointment for anyone with higher priority.  That Pressemeldung telling people not to register if they're not in a prioritized group is unfortunately not linked from that page or even mentioned in the above paragraph, and I didn't run across it when I started from the Ministerium homepage either.  How disorganized of them!  Given that the Bavarian online schooling system mebis also breaks down regularly, even after they had the summer to fix it, and they still have to keep using it, I guess we shouldn't be surprised that the immunization registration also breaks down occasionally.  Germany's not so great with the whole digitalization thing.  Anyway, there's no hurry if you're under 80 anyway... but gee, given that thousands of hospital workers are refusing the doses for now, they might get through the high priority groups quicker than we think.  That's why I signed up asap.


    When I registered it went through immediately without a hitch.  I'd guess it depends on traffic, but of course networking problems are the hardest to solve...

    Thanks for adding to the discussion, all, gets more eyes on the news.  We need hope right now.  Talk to those folks you know who don't want immunizations and get them to sign up!


  4. Hey FF!  In Bavaria, the authorities are writing to everyone who's over 80 so that they or their carer can call for an appointment by phone.

  - there's an overview of all states, looks like about four of them have online registration available (and more all the time), but I think they're all also doing it by phone.


  5. Update: the Wertstoffinseln (for glass, metal, and plastic) are where you bring your packaging.  A map of all of them is here: and I read somewhere that the city believes that nobody lives further than 200 meters away from one - check the map and maybe there's one on your way to work if you just go up a different street for part of your journey.

    Explanations of what goes in which bin:

    Also, the city believes that all households have a brown bin for organic waste.  Their data says my own building has had one since 2005 - but it hasn't.  The lady on the AWM phone suggested our Hausmeister might have hidden it because he didn't like cleaning it - that apparently happens regularly.  But we have a right to a Biotonne, and the AWM will simply deliver us another one.  I wish I'd realized that years ago!


  6. As we suspected, this event must happen virtually.

    Watch2Gether requires no installation and works on phones too. You'll be muted and your video off when you join, so you'll have to turn them on to participate actively - click on the video icon at the bottom of the Watch2Gether screen, then hover over your avatar and click on the red microphone to turn it to green.

    We all get to eat our own food and drink our own drink - and we don't have to worry about participant numbers and having enough space!


  7. The English-Speaking Music Ensembles e.V. still need folks in the orchestra -- and saxophones in the Big Band.  The choir is full.  Next concert: April 26.




    If you’d like to join the ESME orchestra, please fill out the Introduction Form.
    Presently we are specifically looking to increase our lower string section, with spaces available for violas, cellos and double bass, although violins would also be welcome. We also have space for brass instruments (specifically trombones, trumpets) and for a further bassoon. The flute and clarinet sections are full.


    Bake This improv still posts here, as does Entity Theatre.


    Meetups have left Toytown because Editor Bob deactivated useful functions like the event calendar.  Oh well!