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  1. 1) crusoe 2) Conquistador 3) Gen
  2. Thanks doll, I was just checking that.  See you later!
  3. The Amerikahaus is going to run a Bookswap on March 30.  More info here:
  4. Is that curly Andrea?  Wow, another blast from the past! :)
  5. It's her all right -- from the TT Book Club.  She hasn't posted on TT in two years.  (All in the member profile)   Reservation on the 30th for 7 at 7, under Cory.
  6. @Merula - is it really you? After all these years?  How's the Alpenhof doing then?  Shall we go there?
  7. 1) munichmom 22nd or 30th 2) Conq  22nd (first week in April is also OK) 3) Troubie 30th 4) crusoe 22nd or 30th 5) Heidi 22nd 6) Food mom (either date) 7) kayjog (both dates ok) 8) Gen 30th
  8. And was it as good as promised?  I ended up going last night myself and had the very lemony Vladi, der Falsche Russ.
  9. You made me feel better already.   Have a Zwickl for me!
  10. There is actually, I have to drop out myself because I'm sick!  I hope someone will be able to turn up on time to make sure my good name (Cory) on OpenTable is preserved?   1) Nadii 2) food mom 3)  @Conquistador 4) @MunichMom 5) leapfrog123 6) jess
  11. All right, the 16th has it, plus I remembered I have to get up early on the 10th.  That leaves us with:   1) Gen 2) food mom 3) Conq 4) munichmom 5) leapfrog123 6) jess   I've reserved for 6 people at 19:30 at the Paulaner Bräuhaus at Kapuzinerplatz.  Not sure the group's ever been there, but they brew their own beer in house in addition to the standard Paulaner fare, and it's currently one of the best Bavarian restaurants in town.  And nice benches to sit on that'll squeeze more people in if necessary.  
  12.  TT user @MunichMom accepts book and media donations all year for these sales!   Bücherflohmarkt “English Book Sale” Dear friends of the English Book Sale This sort of weather certainly makes you feel like snuggling down on the sofa with a plentiful supply of good books to hand. So here’s good news for all those whose reserves of English books are running low: you’ll very soon have a chance to stock up again at our SPECIAL CLEARANCE SALE to be held in conjunction with the Bücher-Flohmarkt (the 2nd-hand book sale held by Haar public library) on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th February 2017 from 10 am to 4 pm in the basement of the Bürgerhaus (Kirchenplatz 1, 85540 Haar) Despite selling a record number of books at our autumn sale we’re once more running out of storage space for all the books you’ve so generously donated; so we’ve decided it’s time to clear the decks again and sell off old stock in preparation for our mammoth traditional autumn sale. Thousands of books must go: we’ll be selling our full range, including children’s books, novels, thrillers and sci-fi, a wide selection of non-fiction titles, and also DVDs all books are two for the price of one – you get the cheaper one for free! the Bürgerhaus venue is easily accessible, located between the B 304 (Wasserburger Landstrasse) and Haar S-Bahn station (S4). It’s 10 minutes on foot from Haar S-Bahn station and the route will be signposted “Bücher-Flohmarkt”. as usual every cent of the proceeds will go to support humanitarian projects in ILEMBULA, Tanzania (for further information follow the link ). Please make a note of our next  Annual Autumn Sale which will be held in OCTOBER 2017! We hope that you enjoyed coming to the sale and are having a pleasant time reading or viewing your purchases. We are always keen to receive your comments or suggestions about how you think we could improve the sale and would really appreciate any feedback you would like to give us.        Contact information: Email: Facebook: Twitter: @EnglishBookSale or call Gerlinde Rückert on 089 463 198 or Kirsten Braun on 089 46 20 32 64. Your Haar Book Sale Team We’ll have thousands of books and many DVDs available. There’s something for everyone – from children’s books to travel books, all sorted by category. Most of our books are priced at €2 or less, so it’s a great chance to stock up on your favorite authors and subjects. As always, 100% of the proceeds will be used to provide practical assistance to families and orphans in Ilembula, Tanzania. With the income from past book sales, we have: Provided support for AIDS orphans (school supplies and school uniforms) Paid for the education of kindergarten teachers, nurses and solar technicians Helped pay for the building of an AIDS education center Provided the means for the HIV-positive group to start a small business renting out chairs and tents for weddings, meeting and other events Bought braille paper, and bell-equipped footballs for blind students Paid for the shipment of donated chairs, tables and material for the center for orphaned and disabled children and teens, the kindergarten and the AIDS education center Paid for the building of adobe stoves to reduce deforestation through the more efficient use of firewood, plus prevent smoke-related lung diseases and burn injuries Funded supplies for the Munich team of Days for Girls ( to provide girls with feminine hygiene kits so that they can attend school year round The “Ilembula” project was established over 25 years ago, and has worked continuously since then to enhance the lives of the community of Ilembula, Tanzania through health, education and environmental initiatives. These projects are funded through our book sale. At our 2015 Autumn Sale, we earned € 10.715 – a new record! This is quite an achievement, considering that over 90% of our books cost €2 or less. Our 2016 Spring Clearance Sale set a new record as well – we sold over 4,000 books at 2-for-1 prices and raised € 2.016. These achievements would not have been possible without our dedicated team of 18 volunteers working many hours to price the items and sort them into categories by genre. Please browse this website to see photos of some of the things we’ve funded with the book sale proceeds. Very many thanks to all of you who have donated so many books. Donations: This book sale is only possible with your donations of English-language books and DVDs. We particularly welcome your donations of children’s books. Additional donations The following items are also desperately needed by the community in Ilembula. Please drop off any of these items with your book donations or bring them to the sale and we’ll send them directly on to our partners in Africa: Encyclopedias (recent), medical, surgery, midwifery, nursing, anatomy or botany books, National Geographic magazines, shoes (clean, no winter boots, please!), laptop computers (no matter how outdated, as long as they are in working order), cutlery, tools, musical instruments, mechanical typewriters. Please do not leave any clothes, as transportation costs to Africa are much too high to make it worthwhile.
  13. 1) Gen 9th or 16th 2) food mom 9th or 16th 3) Conq 16th 4) munichmom 9th or 16th 5) rappy 9th   crusoe, are you sure you can't just change your plans to suit mine?  It would be more convenient for me that way.  On the other hand, is there a location you don't like that we should go to while you can't come?   The Book Sale has Facebook events to add to your digital calendar:    
  14. When shall we meet again?  It's Choir season again, so no Wednesdays.  I'd suggest    Feb. 9 or Feb. 16.   Any takers?
  15. Reputation points transparency

    There used to be but I think that was abandoned.   You can give reputation to old posts too, so zwiebelfisch's explanation is entirely plausible. How have you been "monitoring" the reputation of GoodBob?  Taking a screenshot every time the last 25 activities have switched to new ones?  Then you'd see it, but that post history (Klubbnika's goes further back than August too: ) just shows posts, not reputation activity.