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  1. Generally she does, yes - right @MunichMom ?  And the next sale will be in October 2018 again.
  2. @jess have you remembered the name of that funny book about "What you should know before becoming a translator"?  Speaking of which, does everyone know the Munich English Book Sale Clearance is on this weekend?    
  3.   Clearance Sale Public  · Hosted by Munich English Book Sale   Going Share     clock   Today at 10 AM - 4 PM Starts in about 2 hours · 7° Mostly Cloudy   pin   Bürgersaal Haar Kirchenplatz 1, 85540 Haar, Bavaria All profits go to the Ilembula project!
  4. @caillean0 ah it works this way, see above...
  5. -- Those are the young folk with the signs I was talking about.  The Singspiel is a good example of how you can speak a language extremely well and still not understand what's going on, and not even understand that you're not understanding what's going on -- who among us gets all the jokes in the Singspiel without having a German (who follows politics very closely and watched enough TV and movies and read enough books growing up to get the cultural references as well as the politics) explain what's going on?  @caillean0 maybe a topic for your company blog...   
  6. Hey does anybody know a translators' group in Stuttgart? Asking for a friend of a friend. Who also plays piano and is thinking of going freelance for translating DE->EN and wants to know how it is out there, but we generally talk more about technology and not so much about market trends... maybe someone local could help?
  7. Yay MunichMom!    I'd be for Vinorant - it's been ages!
  8. Yay!  I'll be coming quite late from the airport - can we go somewhere on the S8 or the Stammstrecke?  I could probably get there by 9... and would have ESME bookmarks for @MunichMom if she can make it...    1) crusoe 2) rappy 3) jess  4) Gen 5)
  9.     Lost Weekend Bar Opening Party - Jackson & The Randy PlantsToday at 8 PM - 12 AMLost Weekend München   Schellingstraße 3, 80799 Munich, Germany    FREE ENTRYThis is gonna be fun: Big Opening Party for the new Lost Weekend bar!Lost Weekend has become one of THE best places in Munich to listen to live music and drink delicious coffee. Now you can enjoy the great atmosphere in the evening, too.So we are celebrating by throwing great party! Come check out our newly installed stage and sound system or just come for the good times.Jackson & The Randy Plants will keep you entertained all night.Join us for dancing, live music and delicious drinks!   Details are here:     Some members of Jackson and the Randy Plants are also involved with @TTMusic aka ESME aka English-Speaking Music Ensembles e.V., which comprises a Big Band, Orchestra, and Singers.    A bunch of ESMEites will be at the party tonight too.  
  10. Mods - why was my topic deleted from the forum?

    A very common reason was always "collateral damage" -- it could be that at 3am someone went on a tear and said all kinds of horrible things in many separate posts and in the morning a mod saw it and said OMG cannot even deal with this shit I'll just remove the whole thing.
  11. Mods - why was my topic deleted from the forum?

    This is the Reasons for Removed Posts referred to earlier.   It's broken though, has been for years.  It would only show the reason if you were the OP.   Anyway, this page is still valid though lots of the links are broken: 
  12. Looking forward to it!   1) rappy 2) crusoe 3) Gen    
  13. Has it been so long?  I figure we'll get to meet up in January again unless you all come to our concert on Sunday, Dec. 10:ünchner-künstlerhaus/   Check out our huge variety!  Beethoven, Uptown Funk, and carols.  And more!  Would love to see you folks there --  It's in the afternoon this time because it's a Sunday.
  14. Read about Dinner for One at, the channel that originally produced the film. Search for "Dinner for One" and you'll find it on their site along with the documentation of the rituals that have grown up around this show. They also filmed a version in Plattdeutsch, which I found terrible. Miss Sophie smokes a cigar through the whole thing -- seems they took "Platt" to mean more than just the dialect.   The movie is in English, done by English people, but apparently nobody in the UK has ever heard of it. Freddie Frinton and his partner May Warden toured southern England's sea baths doing sketches: this is one. A German TV producer saw it, had them appear live on his show, and then had them film the sketch (1963) -- Freddie Finton's only film. He died five years later, and in 1972 the film was first shown on German TV. Now it's on every year at Silvester, I might see it myself this year for the first time. It's actually the old lady's 90th birthday, still don't know why it ended up being a New Year's tradition.     Kika, the Kinderkanal, has done a parody: Dinner für Brot     There's also a Swiss version from Schweizer Fernsehen, which has minimal differences: it's shorter, as they eliminated the introduction, assuming their audience would be able to figure out what was going on. I find the camera angles terrible in this production, the German one focuses on the more expressive bits.   Read more (in German) on Dinner for One at wikipedia!