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  1. This is the paragraph that I found somewhere on the internet -- it told me to go ahead and register to get immunized - actually it's info from the official government website, from the Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Gesundheit und Pflege:     Clearly, everyone is allowed to register now and can go ahead and take care of it, and we are assured that our registrations will not block any appointment for anyone with higher priority.  That Pressemeldung telling people not to register if they're not in a prioritized group is unfortunately not linked from that page or even mentioned in the above paragraph, and I didn't run across it when I started from the Ministerium homepage either.  How disorganized of them!  Given that the Bavarian online schooling system mebis also breaks down regularly, even after they had the summer to fix it, and they still have to keep using it, I guess we shouldn't be surprised that the immunization registration also breaks down occasionally.  Germany's not so great with the whole digitalization thing.  Anyway, there's no hurry if you're under 80 anyway... but gee, given that thousands of hospital workers are refusing the doses for now, they might get through the high priority groups quicker than we think.  That's why I signed up asap.   When I registered it went through immediately without a hitch.  I'd guess it depends on traffic, but of course networking problems are the hardest to solve... Thanks for adding to the discussion, all, gets more eyes on the news.  We need hope right now.  Talk to those folks you know who don't want immunizations and get them to sign up!
  2. Hey FF!  In Bavaria, the authorities are writing to everyone who's over 80 so that they or their carer can call for an appointment by phone. - there's an overview of all states, looks like about four of them have online registration available (and more all the time), but I think they're all also doing it by phone.
  3. Online registration for Bavarian immunization was put up live this weekend: - given the hiccups that might occur, I've registered already and if they call me because they've opened a jar they can't finish with the people they've planned for that day, I'll be right over.     Have any other states started online registration yet?