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  1. Mark your calendars, folks, ESME will perform again Dec. 9!  More details will follow!   Formerly known as the TT Orchestra and Singers, the English-Speaking Music Ensembles formed an Orchestra of 5 people at the end of 2008 and now have an orchestra of 45 people, a choir of 60 and a Big Band -- and we became an e.V. in 2011.   We usually play about 2 - 3 concerts a year. In 2010 we had our debut at the Gasteig. Yes, we're developing rapidly. But we're about *everyone* enjoying playing, no matter their standard or the last time they even looked at an instrument. We're also about having fun and enjoying a good social life! Rehearsals are all in English, and the Singers don't even need to know how to read music -- though you should be able to carry a tune...   We welcome new members at almost any time during the season. has current information on our open spots, and rehearsal times are at the bottom of that page.    Trombones for the Big Band? Double bass for the Orchestra? Tenors, basses for the Singers? Always welcome!
  2. Here's the poster to make it pretty:
  3. I can do Wednesdays now until September though.   Our concert's tomorrow night -- and I have a solo!    
  4. I'm currently working out of town Mo-Wednesday, but hopefully that will end soon. Maybe in time to be here for one of those dates...
  5. This one's yellow: ?  From  Breu & Schneider GmbH Verlag und Werbeagentur ?
  6. So MM, you mean this app?    
  7. If I can finish what has to be done, I'll make this. I've always wanted to take one of your tours.
  8. Sounds like a plan. I'm for trying all those.  Kabul first.     But when?   In June I can do: Thursday June 21 Thursday June 28
  9. So ahhhh anytime soon?  It's June.   #InternationalPoetryDay   Plus also tickets are on sale for the ESME Summer Concert:     
  10. These shows are great, but depending on the weather, can be buggy - thou must needs sprayest thyself!
  11. *The Bernstein piece is parts of the West Side Story Choral Suite by Leonard Bernstein, arranged by Mac Huff. We're participating in the Bernstein Centennial Celebrations.
  12. Generally she does, yes - right @MunichMom ?  And the next sale will be in October 2018 again.
  13. @jess have you remembered the name of that funny book about "What you should know before becoming a translator"?  Speaking of which, does everyone know the Munich English Book Sale Clearance is on this weekend?    
  14.   Clearance Sale Public  · Hosted by Munich English Book Sale   Going Share     clock   Today at 10 AM - 4 PM Starts in about 2 hours · 7° Mostly Cloudy   pin   Bürgersaal Haar Kirchenplatz 1, 85540 Haar, Bavaria All profits go to the Ilembula project!