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  1. 1. crusoe May 2,7,8 2. Gen May 2,7,8 3. 
  2. My report:   Caitlin Doughty wrote a book about working at a funeral parlor, and she's on YouTube as Ask a Mortician:   And I'd call her a doughty mortician too.  An aptonym!   The Hexatime app colors your phone screen differently every second, as time passes, in html hexadecimal:   Der Nockherberg 2019, Fastenpredigt und Singspiel:   Mary Roach writes wonderful non-fiction books:  Stiff about corpses Gulp about the digestive tract Packing for Mars about going into space Bonk about se
  3. Heavens, it's been a year. Have you all moved to another platform perchance?  There's someone looking for someone to speak German with, of all things... 
  4. 1) Crusoe - all dates 2) Munichmon - March 26 & 29 are ideal, April 3 & 4 a maybe 3) Gen - all dates 4) 5)
  5. Angel food cake recipe that works in Germany

    That's what I've been doing for years and have wondered why it never worked out like it should. Stella's article above explains why it's not that simple.  I mean you still get an edible cake that's very nice, but it's not what it should be...
  6. Angel food cake recipe that works in Germany

      It's not - cake flour is bleached, and that's banned in Europe "for health reasons".  Fear, basically.  Also cake flour has less protein aka less gluten. - Nigella Lawson - Stella Parks thoroughly explains the bleaching   I've seen Swans Down at some Asian shops around town, the more Japanese-oriented.  No, there's no apostrophe.   Maybe after Brexit, the UK will allow bleaching of flour?  Silver lining...   @eurobabs Stella Parks also recommends going gluten-free for people in Europe looking to make the authentic version.  You had the idea earlier!
  7. Just a quick reminder to all that the huge Munich English Book Sale is this coming weekend: For those not familiar with this annual event, the sale will offer around 15,000 donated English-language books and DVDs at cheap prices. All proceeds go to fund our humanitarian work in Ilembula, Tanzania. In years past, we've funded projects such as: - The building of school kitchens with more efficient wood stoves to reduce deforestation and provide the students with a warm meal of porridge. - Health classes for 1500 students - The building of school latrines - Soccer balls with bells and Braille paper for he school for the blind - The building of an AIDS education center We're all volunteers and every cent we earn goes to support these projects. You can read about these projects and see pictures at: Over half our books are priced at 2 Euro or less, so there will be plenty of bargains even on Saturday. You'll find hundreds of children's books as well, sorted by age group.   Friday Feb 22 from 3-7pmSaturday Feb 23 from 11am to 3pmWhere: Ernst-Mach-Gymnasium Jagdfeldring 82 in 85540 Haar This is just a short walk from the Haar S-Bahn stop, and signs will guide you there. Free parking is available in the parking lot and on the street.As with the Fall Sale, we’ll be offering homemade baked goods and coffee/tea in our lounge area.      In our reader's lounge, you can enjoy homemade cake and a cup of coffee or tea while you chat or read. Hope to see you there :-)   Facebook events to add to your digital calendar: Friday Saturday Send an email to to have your name included on the mailing list for future announcements!       FAQ: 1a. Can I bring books to donate? 1b. Yes, you can generally also donate at the sale, but get in touch with @MunichMom for confirmation on that - she's been running this sale for years. 2a. Do you accept donations of other things? 2b. Yes:   Book and DVD Donations The Book Sale is only possible thanks to the thousands of books and DVDs donated and purchased so generously by the general public over the years. Please contact us to obtain further information about donation procedure (see Contact Information below). Non-Book Donations The following items are also desperately needed by the community in Ilembula and can be brought along with book donations or given to volunteers at the Sale. They will then be added to the containers sent twice a year to Ilembula: English medical, surgery, midwifery, nursing, anatomy or botany books, encyclopedias; laptop computers (no matter how outdated, as long as they are in working order and are not password-protected), cutlery, kitchen aids and appliances, tools, musical instruments, mechanical typewriters; shoes (clean, but no winter boots please!) – please do not bring clothes as transportation costs to Africa are much too high to make it worthwhile and as we prefer to support the local textile industry.
  8. Tuesday drinks at a local bar or beer garden

    It's easy: -- just takes one person to take the helm.
  9.     That's a survey for professional translators that my friend Heddwen is running for her research - some fun for a Friday evening? 
  10. Also, free cargo bikes in Munich - there's more than one:   But having your own bike trailer is probably more convenient, if you've got parking.  
  11. - der verpackungsfreie Supermarkt -- I've not tried it, but I bet they have solid shampoo there. The podcast was Library Bytegeist, but also the Kitchen Sisters.  It turns out the episode about the Dark Side of the Dewey Decimal System was first on LB, and then the KS did a different version of it in cooperation with LB: I've listened to both now, highly recommend both.    Israeli next?  Neni or a different one?
  12. Mark your calendars for Aug. 3, 2019 -- you heard it here second!
  13. Do you in this thread know about this other thread of boardgame meetups?