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  1. And in Zoom now...
  2. As we suspected, this event must happen virtually. Watch2Gether requires no installation and works on phones too. You'll be muted and your video off when you join, so you'll have to turn them on to participate actively - click on the video icon at the bottom of the Watch2Gether screen, then hover over your avatar and click on the red microphone to turn it to green. We all get to eat our own food and drink our own drink - and we don't have to worry about participant numbers and having enough space!
  3. I'm doing a translation and a whole section is based on this slogan. Just wondering if IKEA in English-speaking countries actually had an equivalent to this. If not I'll just have to translate it as something like:   "Are you just existing somewhere or have you made a home?"   Thanks in advance for any input, the funnier the better.
  4. Book recommendations

    This is the place for book recommendations, maybe a short review. No chat, and please include Amazon links.