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  1. The first newsletter's just gone out. Read it from here and sign up for the future:
  2. Where can I purchase LMU PhD robes?

        I'd love IPJ's husband to wear this just for her.
  3. Reservations have been made for Aug. 28 at Alpenhof Osteria. Please sign up here if you want to join us!  -- you have to join the group first...
  4. Where can I purchase LMU PhD robes?

    Hi IPJ! Will you be wearing them every year at annual commencement ceremonies?  Yeah, ask your Doktormutter or Vater. Or student services. looks like they do robes from a bunch of different schools.  Maybe all manufacturers do.  There's not that much variety, after all -- you need to know what color your subject wears, if your hat's supposed to be square or octagonal, soft or a plate, etc... 
  5. Odd. It seems a link to an album doesn't work, but a link to a photo in the album does work -- and then you can click through the album.  Try here:   And to be updated on next year's cookoff, we've started a newsletter to be independent of any particular social media platform.  Sign up from this page:  
  6. The judges had a tough time yesterday as the points sheets all got soaked! Nevertheless, winners were declared... read all about it here: Photos:
  7. Hot enough for ya? The sun's shining, the birdies are chirping, and doors open for competitors at 14:00.  See you there!
  8. Voting progresses over here: KW 35 or 36?
  9. And the makers will be opening up the microphone to all comers (in addition to our regularly scheduled entertainment) so if you've got an urge to be judged on your music and not just your cooking, you've got another reason to come along!
  10. But you can from 
  11. We've won a prize sponsor for this year - Honest Ron's Hot Sauce from Munich! Read all about them here:   Not sold in any stores, the sauce will be available for purchase at the Cookoff.          
  12. U.S. passport renewal/extension in Munich

    No. This is why we end up doing it in person and not by post:   If applying in person for your passport renewal we also accept: Cash in U.S. Dollars or Euros (for payments in cash local currency is preferred) Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover; no EC Cards are accepted
  13. Only five more sleeps! This week's cool enough to make slaving over a hot stove appealing... and Saturday's forecast doesn't have rain!   (Even if it does rain, the Zar Bar has plenty of space for us inside.)
  14.   There it is!  See also