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  1. Yes, once a plan is made might as well stick to it.  I look forward to hearing about the acoustics in particular!  We had 26 last night in the Sendlinger Augustiner nearby and four people could hear each other at a time... 
  2. Oh for pete's sake, I overlooked an appointment in my calendar.  Sorry, I have to drop out! And it was my venue suggestion too!   1) crusoe 2) Troubie 3) MunichMom 4) Conq 5) Merula (tentative)
  3. I'd take:   Tuesday 20th Tuesday 27th Thursday 29th   Stemmerhof?  I know you're there all the time crusoe, but I'm trying to get my choir to go there after rehearsal and would like to check it out in advance...
  4. Some of the items from last night: anyone looking for garden furniture?   Anyone looking for a job?  This company is looking for a full-time EN xlator and editor!  Some great people there that I know, a great location, very central -- right near Keko actually! Liz Ryan's columns were recommended for professional career advice including  How To Get Your Job Interviewer Off The Script is a bio food delivery csa kind of thing that has non-eu conforming uglies for cheap. -- ebikes for cheap, though the cheetah has been discontinued... this is June 17 at the US Consulate, Citizen Information and Passport Day.   What happened at the other end of the table?  Keko was unfortunately too loud to effectively talk to more than one person at a time. Like most places.    
  5. Or even:   1) crusoe 2) Conquistador 3) Lygeia 4) Gen 5) betsy 6) munichmom (and maybe +1) 7/8) Troubie, maybe
  6. Thanks doll, I was just checking that.  See you later!
  7. The Amerikahaus is going to run a Bookswap on March 30.  More info here:
  8. Is that curly Andrea?  Wow, another blast from the past! :)
  9. It's her all right -- from the TT Book Club.  She hasn't posted on TT in two years.  (All in the member profile)   Reservation on the 30th for 7 at 7, under Cory.
  10. @Merula - is it really you? After all these years?  How's the Alpenhof doing then?  Shall we go there?
  11. 1) munichmom 22nd or 30th 2) Conq  22nd (first week in April is also OK) 3) Troubie 30th 4) crusoe 22nd or 30th 5) Heidi 22nd 6) Food mom (either date) 7) kayjog (both dates ok) 8) Gen 30th
  12. And was it as good as promised?  I ended up going last night myself and had the very lemony Vladi, der Falsche Russ.
  13. You made me feel better already.   Have a Zwickl for me!