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  1. Bodhi has won!,11.542629&z=15&t=m&hl=en-US&gl=DE&mapclient=embed&cid=1390932206146957977   Reserved for four.  Go to   if you still want to sign up...
  2. Planning continues -- join here to help vote on a location for June 13: 
  3. As long as you've got an FB account, you can join the group and get invited to the meetup -- because it's very easy to invite an entire group, and as long as you haven't turned off Facebook emails, you'd get that.      Many TT groups have moved to Meetup, but Meetup's not free...
  4. Hey all, let's see if this works better -- I've put up a poll for the next meetup over here: -- join up!  As soon as we have a date and location, I'll post it over here too.
  5. I can currently make any of those June dates.   I'm working on solving the notification issue.  I haven't gotten any for ages myself.  Anybody else ever miss a notification?
  6. May Day events - Munich

    Well yeah - that's why the village Maypoles are the thing to do. It's Labor Day, a federal holiday, and stuff is closed.  Some places they even have riots.
  7. Notes from last night:   Swiss Spaghetti Farmers:   The upside of quitting:    Michael Glas Immobilien: may have space in Berg am Laim Ortlieb bicycle bags: is much cheaper, hmmmm   Adam Grant WorkLife podcast: the cost of working with assholes --  and also    Facebook groups for stuff: Verschenkt's, München verschenkt --ünchen%20verschenkt there seem to be several versions.   Multiterm convert plugin for Trados - Excel is having problems...    Dampfnudel at the Auer Dult are highly recommended    New York Times Netanjahu Cartoon -- I forgot to mention that Netanyahu is a dog because he's a service dog leading the blind Trump! there you can see it and  I think the NYT needs to learn to discriminate between antisemitism and anti-Israel...    Rough Translation on le negre for ghostwriter in French: 
  8. May Day events - Munich
  9. New stuff at the Dult this year:
  10. >>>If we take Thursday 2nd we could meet at Keko, the Turkish place by the Auer Dult (which runs from Saturday April 27th to Sunday 5th May).    Sounds good to me!  
  11. 1. crusoe May 2,7,8 2. Gen May 2,7,8 3. 
  12. My report:   Caitlin Doughty wrote a book about working at a funeral parlor, and she's on YouTube as Ask a Mortician:   And I'd call her a doughty mortician too.  An aptonym!   The Hexatime app colors your phone screen differently every second, as time passes, in html hexadecimal:   Der Nockherberg 2019, Fastenpredigt und Singspiel:   Mary Roach writes wonderful non-fiction books:  Stiff about corpses Gulp about the digestive tract Packing for Mars about going into space Bonk about se
  13. Heavens, it's been a year. Have you all moved to another platform perchance?  There's someone looking for someone to speak German with, of all things... 
  14. 1) Crusoe - all dates 2) Munichmon - March 26 & 29 are ideal, April 3 & 4 a maybe 3) Gen - all dates 4) 5)
  15. Angel food cake recipe that works in Germany

    That's what I've been doing for years and have wondered why it never worked out like it should. Stella's article above explains why it's not that simple.  I mean you still get an edible cake that's very nice, but it's not what it should be...