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  1. Has it been so long?  I figure we'll get to meet up in January again unless you all come to our concert on Sunday, Dec. 10:ünchner-künstlerhaus/   Check out our huge variety!  Beethoven, Uptown Funk, and carols.  And more!  Would love to see you folks there --  It's in the afternoon this time because it's a Sunday.
  2. Mods: Toytown Aggression

      Your memory is correct, he was a mod for a while.  And he always complained about the Wiki being broken...  @Small Town Boy might get him to show up again just for lulz...
  3. Mods: Toytown Aggression

      Those are the only mods on the forum anymore.  I haven't been an admin since I quit in 2006.  And the Wiki is still broken -- the links here to the Moderation Team don't work anymore, looks to me like they've been turned off: 
  4. Keepin' it all together so we don't lose track of this on preceding pages:     9 Tues crusoe, Gen, rappy, jess, Merula Venue voting:  Sapori Originali   27 Wed crusoe, Patonki, rappy, jess, munichmom, Troubie, Chocoholic 
  5. Ooooh thanks for the Sedaris tip, I'd been seeing ads for the Vienna gig but nothing about Munich.  Facebook's algorithms are sometimes impenetrable.  I'll definitely go to that.   As always during choir season, I can meet up any day BUT Wednesday.   12 Tues crusoe, Gen 13 Wed crusoe, Patonki 14 Thur crusoe, Gen 19 Tues crusoe, Gen 26 Tues crusoe, Gen 27 Wed crusoe, Patonki    
  6. The Allusionist was the main podcast I was talking about.  Toki Pona is the language.    Rappy mentioned Song Exploder as well.
  7. Heads up -- Entity does update the Facebook event (Shakespeare's Twelfth Night) if they have to cancel because of rain.  They just cancelled tonight's premiere, so TOMORROW night will be the premiere!  Unless it keeps raining...
  8. Too rainy for tonight! Check the Facebook event page for updates before heading out!
  9. Food was pretty good, service was rather scatterbrained, but I thought this place was the quietest place we've ever ever been.  Conversations galore.  Alcoholic offerings rather limited though.
  10. For the sake of crusoe's humor, I think we should settle on the Wednesday, the 26th.     Previously in this thread: (The Italian in Stemmerhof, Sapori Originali, is nice but only for very small groups.)   Is 5 a very small group?  
  11. The Results: First Place Vegetarian Chili: Mark Burke with Red Rum (that wasn't red and didn't have any rum in it) Third place regular chili: Wade Dugas with his grandfather's cast iron pot! Second: past champion Brian Hooser who ended his vacation early to make it back! First place: Kenneth Beer with his chili called "Nil by mouth" -- because he's gone vegetarian and wouldn't taste it, and still won. For the fourth time since 2004. Chef's prize: Wade Dugas! Special Category "The Chili that Lost Its Way": Randy Wheeler. Reduce, reduce, reduce, and you'll have a lovely pot next year! And of course the Hottest Chili Prize again went to Stephen Dell, not for the first time either. (Maybe someday he'll just go for best chili? It really was tasty but so painful...) His chili was called "Don't!" Lots of folks brought cornbread and biscuits, but oddly enough nobody brought any cookies this year. Maybe this was The Year of the Diet? Our total donation this year to the KlinikClowns e.V. will be somewhere around €220. Many thanks again to the Zar - Restaurant & Bar our faithful hosts for many years. You guys make it easy for us to hold this event with a minimum of fuss. Thanks especially to the Jason Serious band for supporting us as they have for so many years! And thanks to all our eager competitors and friends and family and spectators. We love putting this on and hope to do it for many years to come. The date for next year: probably July or August. Watch the Facebook page! 
  12. That's the UBahn ticket desk they're talking about, btw. -- there's no ticket desk at the Theatron.  Entity will be posting on Facebook if they have to cancel because of rain.
  13. We're already seeing Pot Posts this morning on Facebook. Keep it up folks, see you by 2pm!
  14. Can't make it, but good to hear from you! If anyone else can only make weekends and evenings anymore, I'll suggest the Chili Cookoff on Saturday, I'll be there:      
  15. Doors open to accept competitors at 14:00hrs. Judging starts at 15:00hrs sharp. No advance registration necessary!