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  1. And in Zoom now...
  2. As we suspected, this event must happen virtually. Watch2Gether requires no installation and works on phones too. You'll be muted and your video off when you join, so you'll have to turn them on to participate actively - click on the video icon at the bottom of the Watch2Gether screen, then hover over your avatar and click on the red microphone to turn it to green. We all get to eat our own food and drink our own drink - and we don't have to worry about participant numbers and having enough space!
  3. Coronavirus

    Some media outlets are reporting that Bavaria is on lockdown (looking at you, Deutsche Welle!).  We are not. We have Ausgangsbeschränkungen, which is also not a curfew -- only necessary business, but taking a walk with your family is also ok.  Joachim Herrmann specifically talked about "jogging" in the press conference just now.  Bayrischer Rundfunk got it right:,RtO8eS2
  4. Voting for the next date is on:
  5. Americans?

    The English-Speaking Music Ensembles e.V. still need folks in the orchestra -- and saxophones in the Big Band.  The choir is full.  Next concert: April 26.   If you’d like to join the ESME orchestra, please fill out the Introduction Form. Presently we are specifically looking to increase our lower string section, with spaces available for violas, cellos and double bass, although violins would also be welcome. We also have space for brass instruments (specifically trombones, trumpets) and for a further bassoon. The flute and clarinet sections are full.   Bake This improv still posts here, as does Entity Theatre.   Meetups have left Toytown because Editor Bob deactivated useful functions like the event calendar.  Oh well!  
  6. The location's been set, join to join:  
  7. 17. Feb, location tbd.
  8. Oh yeah - 23.Jan.2020 @ Hofer 19:00   Good to see the thread title does update on Twitter even though the URL doesn't change anymore.