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  1. Using your suggestions as inspiration, Bake This will perform an entirely improvised seasonal musical live on stage! Get your jingle bells on, and dance and sing your way into the Holidays with us! Make sure to reserve your tickets as spots are filling up VERY fast!  Reserve Tickets WHEN: Wednesday, 11.12.2019 @20:00  WHERE: Wirtshaus Zum Isartal, Brudermühlstr. 2 *Doors Open at 19:00. Food and Drink served in the theater. About Bake This: Bake This is Munich's English speaking, international improv comedy troupe. We've been mixing it up since 2011 and performing regularly. Our name, Bake This, derives from our original rehearsal space in a small bakery and reflects our diversity in blending comedy with serious theatrical elements. In addition to our monthly performances, Bake This has performed at TEDx, Germany’s Biggest English-German Comedy Show, the INTERACT fair at TUM Graduate School, Graduate School of Neurosciences at LMU, Süddeutsche Zeitung, The Bavarian International School, the Pädagogisches Institut München, and a variety of corporate events. Bake This loves to bake it big on stage, and if it can be belted out in song, even better - big emotions, big fun!
  2. Someone of facebooks parents in munich is organizing a large group, including trunk or treaters giving out candy from cars, who will be in my neighborhood. That’s all I know. Have fun!
  3. FYI - I will sadly not be participating this year. We will not be decorating the haunted house or organizing the Trunk-or-Treaters. I am managing an Improv Festival that kicks off on Halloween so I won't be around. Next year we will be back, bigger and better than ever before :-)   Have a Happy Halloween!
  4. Freestyle Improv Rap Workshop - 10.Aug.2019

    Hey LukeSkywalker, as they say, don't judge a book by its cover.   I've personally taken his workshops and he is absolutely amazing!  
  5. ImproMunichorn is thrilled to welcome the improv rap master, Trent Pancy, back to Munich for a one day only Improv Rap workshop! This 6 hour workshop runs from 11:00 to 18:00 with a 1hr. lunch break. Workshop will be held at the school on Elisabethplatz. Get your TICKET now! Freestyle is a quick and dirty introduction to everything you need to know when it comes to rap and improvisation. This workshop focuses on the basics of rhyming, rhythm, beatboxing, and everything else you need to step up and own the stage. We’ll also jump into scenes to discover how much fun it can be to incorporate rap (or any rhyme skills) into your short form AND long form improvisation. It doesn’t matter how much you know about hip hop, whether you can rhyme, or how well you speak English. This workshop is for anyone who wants to add a little flow to their improv.   GET YOUR TICKET Along with having a ton of fun, you'll... – Learn how to release your inner MC – Get comfortable Rapping & Freestyling – Develop your Rhyming Skills – Incorporate Rap & Freestyle into scenes ABOUT TRENT PANCY: Trent is an American who has been studying, performing and teaching improv since 2002. Armed with a BA in Theatre Arts from Kalamazoo College, Trent spent 4 years in Chicago, where he completed the improv programs at The Second City Conservatory, The Second City Music Program, the iO Theatre Training Center, and also trained at ComedySportz Chicago. Trent currently lives and works in Tampere, Finland, where he teaches, produces and performs improv professionally. Since moving to Finland in 2010, Trent earned a second BA in International Media Production, and recently received an MA in Screenwriting. Trent is the founder of YesFinland, where he teaches weekly improv classes and workshops, facilitates Applied Improv training sessions, and produces two weekly shows in Tampere. He is also the Founder and Artistic Director of the Finland International Improv Festival, and performs with a variety of players and teams locally and across the world. Trent also travels frequently, teaching public and private workshops internationally, inspiring teams and players throughout Finland and across the world, including Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, England, Estonia, Germany, India, Israel, The Netherlands, Romania, Spain, and more. His show GUEST, a duo which features a new guest Improviser for every performance, has been running since 2014, and has been performed across the world. Trent’s approach to teaching and performing combines his Theatre background with his experiences from performing in Chicago, and adapts them to serve the European improv community. He is playful, energetic, and incredibly supportive in the classroom, on the stage, and at home. NOTEWORTHY INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL TEACHING: The Finland International Improv Festival – Tampere, Finland (2012-2018) The BIG IF – Barcelona, Spain (2014, 2015) ImproAmsterdam – Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2015) IMPRO! – Bucharest, Romania (2015) TILT – Tallinn, Estonia (2015) TIF – Turku, Finland (2016, 2017) Slapdash – London, England (2016) Improvember – Munich, Germany (2017) Sofia International Improv Festival – Sofia, Bulgaria (2018) Bengaluru Improv Festival – Bangalore, India (2018)
  6. It's that time of year again when vampires, witches, and Disney Princesses spookily roam the streets of Munich with bags of candy dangling from their chilled hands. Why not make your way over to our neighborhood and join in on the sweet Halloween fun?  We appreciate all of the support we can get to keep this event running as amazingly as it has been. If you would like to Trunk-or-Treat (offer candy from the decorated trunk of your car) we more than welcome you to park on Ernst-von-Beling-Straße or one of the side streets off of it. To make it easier to plan how much candy to get, last year we had between 150-250 kids.  It's suggested that the kids go in smallish groups around the neighborhood. It's harder with very large groups of kids...part of the fun is bumping into each other along the way. Think about glow sticks or other things to make sure you are well lit for the traffic. For those of you who have been here before, we will not be making a map this year but will instead hope that many neighbors participate by placing jack-o-lanterns and the like in front of their houses making it clear if they are participating. So just park your car in the area around Ernst-von-Beling-Straße and start trick-or-treating! We look forward to seeing you in our spooky garage, so be sure to stop by and say hi! Feel free to share this with anyone you think might be interested!   WHEN: October 31, from 7pm - 9pm   WHERE: Untermenzing. Park on Manzostraße, Schweidnitzerweg, or Zittenauerstr. We need room for the Trunk-or-Treaters on Ernst-Von-Beling Str.  WHAT:  Kids walk around in small groups (with adult depending on age) and bring a bag with them. All kids should wear a costume (adults are encouraged too). The costume does not have to be scary...anything goes. They go to houses which have made it obvious they are participating (pumpkins, candles, decoration) and say trick-or-treat at the door. They will normally put some candy in each kid's bag or ask the kids to take for them selves. It is best to only take one and ask if you are allowed to take more. make sure to come by the spooky house on Ernst-Von-Beling Str. (my house) as I also give adults special treats as well! (Get your mind out of the gutter please)....See you there! Just PM me with questions. You can find the Facebook event HERE:   
  7. Hey...just trying to see how many other Pittsburghers there are living here in the Fatherland. I'm from Greenfield/SQ Hill area area originally. Rogers and Allderdice Grad. Been in Munich now for 13 years...was love that brought me and kept me here.   How about you?