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  1. Hi,  Our good friend that lived with us is moving with her Bf and therefore leaving our house.  We (me and a friendly Italian guy) sublet the room to a friendly, easy going woman or man in her/his 30-40s with a stable job.  If you have a car, then this is your place to move in.  Beautiful surroundings, Bus/Sbahn connections, furniture for your room if necessary (bed, desk, couch, closet).  You can have a pet (we would be happy to help if necessary), smoking is no problem as long as you do it in the garden (Yeah!we have a garden).  The rent is 370 € warm (with internet, electricity, water, etc included), you would need to pay a Kaution (+ one month in advance). We consider to have a cleaning lady but this would cost extra.  Regular contract, regular Anmeldung, long term is preferred.