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  1. On 6/30/2016, 4:09:45, Cuchulain said:

    Do they have a big screen or two? I'm quite keen on seeing Whales progress a bit further. They do have the finest songs.


    I think there's a bug here. The trainer is Swedish so one person is unaccounted for!



  2. According to the search warrant in your link:


    July 2 around 11.00 (i.e. AM), the phone was stolen.

    July 2 between 17.17 and 18.16, the phone was used in your house.



    If I was the police, I would also find this suspicious. It sure looks like someone in your household stole the phone (or someone visiting your house). Knowing that the person that reported the phone as stolen was in your house in the evening, it more goes in the direction of insurance fraud.

    But, it can of course also be due to some mistake when the policed took the report (e.g. mixing up date or time (AM/PM)) .



  3. Should be without charge also for EC-karte (well EC-karte doesn't exist anymore, it's V-pay or Maestro for "giro-karte" nowadays). But as said, better check with the bank.




    Gemäß der EU-Verordnung Nr. 924/2009 über grenzüberschreitende Zahlungen in der Gemeinschaft darf das Bezahlen mit Euro oder Schwedischen Kronen nicht teurer sein als daheim; d.h. in aller Regel ist es kostenlos.


  4. Marbe: I guess your "hefty fee" wasn't very recent?


    I'm pretty sure that it's forbidden for an EU bank (or any card issuing institution) to charge a fee in another EU country if they don't charge a fee in the "home country". I know for sure that there used to be a "hefty fee" when I used my German MC card in Sweden, but not anymore. But, better check with your bank.

    ATM fees are still there though.


    Shops in Swedan are not allowed (by law) to charge a fee for credit card payments.


    And yes, you will most likely not need any cash in Sweden. Personally I prefer to carry some. You never know... If you feel the same, use an ATM machine in Sweden to pick up a few hundred crowns. You can always use up the cash the last day.


    Finally, there is one advise that cannot be told too many times: be aware of Taxi prices. The prices are unregulated and they can charge whatever they want. Price comparison charts must be in place on the Taxis, but if you don't check beforehand you're lost (can be 10's of Euros per kilometer). Ask for a fixed price.



    Research for P+R parking. Not only parking is expensive in Stockholm, there is a toll to enter city center. Better to park on outskirts and use subway/trams.


    The toll is only for cars registered in Sweden. No toll for foreign cars.

    Could still be a good advise though. Parking is expensive and/or hard to find. Note that parking tickets are VERY high and most ticketing is done by private companies and they will find you through German collectors. So in general, pay the parking fees!

    Parking in the city or not actually depends on a lot of things. How long you stay and where you stay and...


    Fastest route is typically the one over Puttgarden-Roedby and then the bridge between Copenhagen and Malmö.

    You can completely avoid ferries if you go through Jylland and take the bridges over to Sjaelland. It's a bit slower (30 minutes or so) but you avoid any ferry queues.


  6. Right, good point. Forgot about that...


    I was mainly trying to say that from an energy point of view the temperature settings doesn't make much difference for a direct heater, but it does for heaters with a water tank. And in the later case it still makes sense to go down from say 80 degrees as long as you stay safe over the bacteria limit (not that I would though, I hate running out of hot water...).



    Your calculation itself is correct, but you interpret the flow restriction in the manually wrongly, IMHO. The "Maximum 7 liters per Minute" as mentioned in the user manual is not a flow restriction within the device due to an orifice...

    It means "We promise to be capable of reaching 60°C as long you don't demand more than 7 liters per minute".


    Almost correct. If you read the "Teknische daten" more carefully you'll notice that they don't guarantee the output temperature.

    They state the input temperature 1...25 degrees.

    21 kW at 7 l/m can only heat the water with ~44 degrees. So at 1 degree input you would get ~45 degree output == the middle setting of the temperature knob. So it seems they only guarantee this level of output temperature.


    However, more likely the input temperature will be ~10 degrees, giving ~54 degrees output (at 7 l/m).

    If the OP is using 10 l/m the heater will only raise the temperature with 30 degrees, giving ~40 degrees output temperature (not much room left for mixing with cold water...). I think that we can assume that 10 l/m is an approximate upper limit for this heater to produce shower water.



    That was my suggestion earlier. There is no sense in paying to heat up water to a temperature higher than you need it only to have to cool it down later with cold water.


    If he use 10 l/m it doesn't matter. He will anyhow only get ~40 degrees.


    Even with less flow (and higher output temperature) the losses are probably very low in this type of heater. You only have some loss in the pipe from the heater to the shower (probably small if the pipe isn't very long) and some loss in the electrical wires to the heater (hopefully very small, otherwise the wiring needs to be fixed).

    For the type of heater/boiler that use much lower power (few kW) and have a water tank as reservoir it's another story. Then you definitely should tune the temperature down to the lowest setting that you can cope with (not running out of hot water) because of the losses due to heat radiation from the water tank.


    So, sure, he could use a lower setting (middle) of the temperature (it doesn't hurt), but it will likely make a very small change in his energy consumption.


  8. I finally got the call from "Microsoft"..., but it was a bit disappointing. I really wanted to keep them busy for a long time, but failed.

    I executed the eventviewer command as they wanted and it showed a lot of errors as expected. They were of course excited about the errors but I just said that it looks as expected -> they hung up.

    Very disappointing...

    I think that the awareness of the scams have made them optimize their routines. As soon as they notice that the victim is not dumb enough -> hang up.



    that I have no use for european hockey has no relevance to the players themselves. those europeans are playing in the NHL, not in some 3rd class regional league.


    Please come back when you've watched as many games from KHL or the Swedish Hockey league as I have watched NHL games...

    As long as Swedish second division players (6th class league with your grading) go straight into the NHL team Rosters I think that the European hockey leagues are quite fine. Or do you think that the players you enjoy watching this season wasn't worth watching last season?

    I also noticed that during the NHL lockout (not last season, but the big lockout some years ago) when many NHL players played in the European leagues, that they didn't stand out much. E.g. none of the NHL goaltenders that came over could match the statistics of the best goaltender already playing in the Swedish national league (who, by the way happened to be Henrik Lundquist).



    Euro Hockey is too slow and not violent aggressive enough and "football"(as you call it) bores me to tears...


    Hmm, do I understand this correctly:

    you like the Red Wings, but you don't like European hockey.

    How does this match the fact that half (well 12/15) of the players in the Red Wings Roster are Europeans (Canada&Sweden leads with 8 players each). On top the Captain is Swedish and the two Assistant Captains are Swedish/Russian.

    Maybe you just watched the wrong leagues (the German league is probably not the one you should watch...)

    But I'm sure that the Red Wings can trade Zetterberg, Datiuk and Alfredsson to get some more violent players instead (keep Kronwall though, he should be tough enough even for you).



    ...but few teams will score four against even a depleted Germany side, and the US deserve credit...



    in October, Sweden fought back from 4-0 down with 30 minutes left to draw 4-4, in the WC qualifications, in Berlin, against the very best team that Germany can put together. And the current Swedish team isn't even good by Swedish standards...


  12. Hi Luigi,

    you may want to check my post here: Old Post


    I was told that if you re-register your car in another EU country, that country (in your case Italy) has to report it to the "previous" country of registration, in your case Germany, within 3 months.

    In my case it happened immediately and the German authorities automatically unregistered the car (so far without requesting any plates to be returned).

    Either the Italian administration is less efficient than the Swedish (judge the likelihood yourself...) or your car may already be unregistered in Germany. How would you know? Since I am still living in Germany, the German authorities could send letters to me. I don't know how they could inform you. Do they even have your Italian address?


    Maybe some TT:er knows an easy way to check the registration status in Germany so that you could poll it.


  13. Hi, posting an update in case someone else will be in a similar situation in the future...


    Thanks 2B for your nice re-arrangement-improvement of my issue description. I definitely took it into consideration.

    To play it safe I should have followed your advice, but I decided to go ahead with the "outfoxing".


    I simply took the car to Sweden and registered it there. The connection between the Swedish and German authorities seems to work very well. Less than two weeks later I got a letter from the Finanzamt that they will pay back the tax for the period I already paid (half a month) and that the "Steuerpflicht" ended the same date I registered it in Sweden. And another letter from the insurance company that they will pay back the "Guthaben" on the insurance.


    So far, so good. Still no letter saying that I should return the plates. I will wait a while, but if nothing happens I may visit the Zulassungs-place and return the plates. Always interesting to visit the place that every time makes me think of Kafka :-)


  14. I don't know, is it only me who react on:

    "I have been living with a girl for the past 15 months"

    "I really didn't concern myself about it, I figured it was her debt, her problem, they can bother her about it, I had nothing at all to do with it."

    "I thought it was her debt, HER problem!!!"


    So, you're living with a girl but you have "nothing at all" to do with her problems? Not much love there...


    Your girlfriend is obviously not perfect, having collected these debts, but I think your behavior is very immature. You should really help her to sort this out, e.g. by fixing a payment plan.


    What's next? She gets hit by a car because she didn't see the red light - her fault, her problem, you don't care?


    If you don't care about her, maybe you should break the relationship? If you want her to stay you should help her to fix this NOW. It won't get better by itself and she is obviously not capable of fixing it.

    The bailiff is just a symptom...



    In that case better avoid:

    • Anything Beko (as you discovered)
    • many Toshiba TVs
    • Lockheed F16s
    • Many Hyundai cars
    • Some Peugeot cars
    • Many Citroën cars
    • Mercedes vans
    • Many Fiat vehicles
    • Landrover Defender
    • Toyoto Veris and Auris
    • Honda City and Civic
    • Many carpets
    • Many dress suits
    • Many shirts
    • A lot of jewellry
    • Turkish Delight
    • Beautiful Turkish women (and men)

    Vestel, a Turkish company with a turnover of over $2.8 billion is one of the world's biggest OEM and ODM production centres - they produce components or products for many worldwide companies including Digihome, Electra, Finlux, Graetz, Innohit, Isis Luxor, Regal, Servis, Telefunken Vestfrost and Waltham. There is barely an electronic or white goods product without Turkish content these days.


    Actually a good list of things I would avoid buying... especially buying "Turkish women (and men)" doesn't sound right to me.


    And regarding the second list. I wonder if it's a coincidence that brands like Finlux & Telefunken used to be premium brands and now mostly are brands that pop up when Bauhaus or similar sells TV sets?


    Having said that, as long as there is a quality brand behind the product I don't think it matters much where they are made. After all, who cares if the BMWs are made by Turks in Munich or by Turks in Turkey :-)


  16. Ok, my problem isn't exactly matching the headline, but....


    I'm resident in Munich and have a car (also registered in Munich). I want to export it and register it in Sweden.

    I have two main paths of how to do this and need some input to decide for one of them:


    1: Deregister the car in Munich and then register it in Sweden

    2: Register the car in Sweden and then deregister it in Munich


    #1 has the drawback that I would likely need to get a temporary registration and insurance (adding cost and effort) to be able to register the car in Sweden. Also, the temporary registration can only last as long as the TÜV is valid and it's soon due, meaning that there will be a gap where I neither have valid temporary registration nor have received new Swedish plates. I can of course do the TÜV, but that adds even more cost. (#2 doesn't have this problem because Swedish registration will be ready before TÜV expires).

    #2 is simpler and less expensive. It also has the benefit that I can keep the German plates until I get the new Swedish plates. The problem is that I would need to send in the German papers to the Swedish authorities (papers in original is a requirement) and the Swedish authorities would keep the German papers. The problem is then: how can I deregister the car in Munich when I no longer have the German papers (they are required according to the Zulassungs-website)?

    I talked to the Swedish authorities and they said that if I register the car in Sweden they are forced by EU regulations to inform the German authorities within 3 months about this and then the German authorities should deregister the car. This sounds ok except that I foresee a risk that this will fail somehow and the car will remain registered in Germany and I will have to pay tax (and insurance) for it here. Also, having visited the Zulassungsbehörde a number of times I know how picky they are about thoroughly destruction of plates and stickers so I doubt that a simple message from the Swedish authorities will be enough...


    So, two questions to the community:

    - Has anyone deregistered a car without the papers (I can of course bring the signs)?

    - Any ideas of an optimal order of things?


    (and, yes, I can register a car in Sweden even if I'm not a Swedish resident)


    Appreciate any constructive input....


  17. Pharoe,

    you didn't mention what your expertise is.

    But assuming that it's related to cell phone development (not unlikely I guess :-)), you could try with Intel Mobile Communications.

    Go to and look for jobs in Germany/Munich or Nürnberg. You will find a number of open positions (at least for engineers).


    Munich is definitely different compared to Berlin though. For good and bad....


    Good luck!