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  1. Digital Impfpass, Vaccinated in USA

    I hope there are some people out there still discussing this...   I'm an American but have resided here in DE for ages.  I got my first shot, a J&J, last May in the US.  I happened to be visiting and got the jab.  The CDC card I got was a joke, all handwritten, without any info about the vaccine, lot#, etc.  No way I could show it to an Apotheker here and get a QR code.  In July I had to travel to the US again for a funeral and managed to get the CDC card fixed.  Brought that back to DE and my friendly pharmacist did indeed give me a QR code for a digital Impfpass.  Problem solved.   Last week I got a booster in the US.  Came back to DE and today was told by the same pharmacist that, as of 3 weeks ago, he is no longer allowed to give me the QR code.  He recognised the absurdity and said that "Your Botschaft is your Ansprechpartner" on this.  Thinking he meant "Go to the embassy and tell them; that is where policy change starts," I laughed it off (bitterly).  But now I'm wondering:  was he telling me that the Embassy may have some ability to make this happen?   What do embassy personnel do, for instance?    Has anyone had recent booster experience like mine?