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  1. A rant about my landlady

    Well, we have a clog so I got my landlady. Mind you it took me 6 days to do so since I don't like to deal with her because my lack of German and the fact that she is a typical Swabian lanlady, clean freak, runs around like a crazy person, works works works. The day before we moved in we found out that she was suing the previous tenants (Americans also) because they destroyed the house basically and were filthy pigs. So...that's what we started with. Anywho she starts telling me it's my fault and we have to pay for it before we even get up here. Then she tells me the pipes are full of fat because I don't clean my dishes well enough. My husband cleaned out the pipes and there wasn' t much in there. This all ties into the dishwasher too which isn't getting an water. So, basically I get a lesson on how to clean over and over again like I'm a fucking idiot. Then she's cleaning my toilet and telling me how to do that. No shit! In the middle of all this crap I'm crying becuase I am so freaking frustrated. I can't say that this clog has been around from day one and the dishwasher is the thing that clears it out when you turn it on. Things like that I can't tell her. If I do try to tell her somtihing she misunderstands it and I am wrong. I want to move so fucking bad from here. I love Germany but this apt. is driving me insane. We have insurance against going to court and we photographed everything when we moved in. We have a huge deposit on this place and pay ALOT for rent (my husbands job does). Now the plumber is coming in an hour and we have to pay for it.