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  1. I have a question in regards to per diem rates in Germany or by German companies. My company pas a travel per diem set by the standard by the finanzamt. 6 euro for hours over 8, 12 euros for hours over 14 and a full day at 24 euro. I am from the US and a daily allowance is used by companies so they don't have to account for every penny spent on business trips. Therefore you receive this amount whether or not you use it. If you eat at restaurants that are more expensive, your loss, cheaper places your gain.   Now for my questions, if you don't eat during the day, does your company still allow you the per diem?   if you go over to a friends house and you eat for free, do you still receive the per diem?   if the client invites you out for dinner, do you still receive the per diem?   If there are any steuer links concerning this I would appreciate it.
  2. I am going to finally connect my lamps today. In the past, it was simple for me as, they already had connection boxes with the previous lamps already conncetd, and I only had to exchange the wires. Now I have live wires hanging out of my ceiling. What do I need minimum to buy, and how do I conncect the lamps to the wires. I know that in Germany Live wires are Brown, Neutral are Blue, and Ground are Green/Yellow. Some old house may have L-Black, N- Gray, G-Red. So, is there are prefered order or which wires I should connect first? I plan on purchasing the little patic boxes where you can connect all of the wires together. Where does one buy these? So I connect Live to Neutral, after connecting Ground to Ground? I also have a three way switch?? Two switches in different locations, for one lamp. Do I connect two lives to two Neutrals? Or is it simply one live to one neutral , a switch router to a switch router, and a ground to a ground? There are too many wires!!! And finally, are thes plastic boxes safe? Should I also wrap them up with electrical tape?