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  1. I recently bought an apple macbook and a printer which came with a 90 euro rebate I filled out the form with the serial numbers, cut up some nice boxes to have the UPC codes and mailed everything in. Now I received an e-mail from apple that I have not sent in the UPC codes. I am upset with the way they handle their customers since they will not accept a copy of the codes, but only the original codes.   I bought this through the german apple online store and the rebate center is in the UK. My question is how can I get legal remedies. In the US, I can lodge a complaint with the Better Business Bureau which tracks all customer complaints and the responses from a business. I can also contact the attorney general for the state in which the problem occurred and fill out a form which requires a response from the company. Are there similar "consumer protection" agencies in Germany or the UK?   Any links or advice will be most welcome.