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  1. It's that time of the year again. Glühwein, Lebkuchen and galloping through the woods. The Ismaninger Winterlaufserie is a good laugh and a great incentive to keep training during the Biergarten off-season. 


    Costs €40 for the whole series, including the timing chip fee of €2, if you sign up in advance. Good quality T-shirts too.


    Three runs, all starting at 10:00.


    1. 13th December 2015: 13,000 m

    2. 17th January 2016: 17,000 m

    3. 21st February 2016: 21,400 m


    Anybody interested in putting a team together? Post here if so and use Toytown as your team name when signing up.


    More details here with entry forms:


    Online sign-up:


    Maps of the courses:


  2. Hi everybody,


    It was good to meet up, hear some new ideas and it was cool to be to have an opportunity to see other peoples work. I think that it will help us to eat the frog, to borrow your phrase, Chris.


    The second Monday of October doesn't work for me either.  We could do the first Thursday of the month instead?




    Hi Njave , sure you're welcome. Everybody seems to writing fiction but bouncing ideas around is good.  


  3. Good, interesting night last month so just bring along something you are working on, read it out and we will discuss it. Venue to be decided later.


    Edit: Thanks to my editor and after some quick lessons in calendar interpretation I have decided to align myself with the Google schism.


    The Writers' Meeting will be on Thursday, 12.04 at 19:00. We can hit the second meeting on the second Thursday of the month. It's worth something, somewhere.



    1. Yeti.