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  1. How can I Kündigung the contract with Vondafone? is very useful for cancelling contracts. You just enter the name of the company you want to cancel, then fill in the details, contract number etc, and then you can send it direct from the website (they fax it for you). It costs a couple of euros, and you could do it for free yourself, but it saves you a trip to the post office, and you have the peace of mind that they send it to the correct person etc. It won't help get you out of the contract any earlier though. 
  2.   That probably depends on how much rent you are paying. An investor would have to take over your lease contract, but if you are paying a good rent, it might be attractive rather than off-putting for a certain type of buyer.    
  3. Changing mind about a job before starting

    If you don't want to accept the offer anymore, call the new company and tell them. They may be unhappy, but they will accept the decision and move on, and probably appreciate your candour. In that case there is no reason they would contact your old company. The fact that you have signed the offer might look bad, but they can't actually hold you to it in any way.   On the other hand, if you start for 2 weeks and resign on day 1, they will have to pay you for 2 weeks, and go through all the admin associated with a new employee. Speaking as a manager, if someone I recruited did this, I would be pretty annoyed about it. I don't think anyone would officially contact your current employer, but if someone has some contacts there, this is the sort of behaviour that might 'come up in conversation'. I don't know what industry you work in and whether people are connected, but this would be a fairly reckless thing to do with your reputation.     Also, at the moment you took holidays and worked at the other company you would be employed by both companies, which is likely to be a breach of both contracts. It would probably also come to the attention of both employers when they try to pay your monthly health insurance contributions. 
  4. One concrete bit of advice I have: make sure you have 'rechtschutzversicherung' (legal insurance) now. You can't just get the insurance after you need it. It shouldn't cost more than €200 per year and If it comes to the point where you decide to take legal action (or you need to defend yourself) it will be the best investment you ever made.  They also have helplines that might give you useful answers to questions like these.