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  1. One concrete bit of advice I have: make sure you have 'rechtschutzversicherung' (legal insurance) now. You can't just get the insurance after you need it. It shouldn't cost more than €200 per year and If it comes to the point where you decide to take legal action (or you need to defend yourself) it will be the best investment you ever made.  They also have helplines that might give you useful answers to questions like these. 
  2. We brought our Kaufvertrag and Grunbuchauszug along - that worked. (Was for a niederlassungserlaubnis, but I suppose the same rules would apply). I think actually just the Grundbuchauszug would have been enough
  3. Chimney sweep access to your house

    Thanks for the info Spiderpig. I called the guy and he will come and inspect in a couple of weeks - I didn't mention the fact we've already been using the fireplace. Lets see if there are any consequences for that. 
  4. Chimney sweep access to your house

    Reviving an old thread with a question. How does a chimney sweep know which houses to visit?   We built a fireplace 2 years ago - it was done by a professional who I assumed took care of any certifications etc that were needed. I was under the impression, from reading this thread and others, that the chimney sweeps come by more or less unannounced and inspect / clean the chimney, so I didn't need to do anything.  But I have never seen one here, and now from reading on the internet I'm a bit worried that I should have called them before we started using the fireplace to get a feuerstättenbescheid or something like that.  Is that the case - and if so, am I looking at a big fine now for not doing this?