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  1. What do we need Car Friday for anyways?

    I thought it was 'Klar, Freitag'  take the day off...
  2. Parkrun in Cologne,Bonn and Düsseldorf

    Düsseldorf Parkrun starts on the 4th May
  3. Three-word story

    with their strimmer
  4. Three-word story

    to their privets
  5. Three-word story

    across the road
  6. Three-word story

    that we know
  7. How to legally annoy your live-in landlady/landlord?

      Really? Gosh is there anything they don't have rules for @ the OP - find a new place to live - sounds like you are living with right hill billies.
  8. For anyone interested in a 5km run, jog, or walk on a Saturday, there are now Parkruns in Cologne and Bonn   Cologne Aachener Weiher Bonn Rheinaue   Saturdays at 09:00   details at    
  9. Did you use it to ride home? Same circumstances applied to me. My old paper license was falling to bits.  It had a UK address on from about 15 years ago. They exchanged it with no fuss.  Seems to be some people from the UK have been asked to get their licenses translated. I guess it depends on the clerk dealing with the request.
  10. Complete FAIL

    Please someone take this site down... I can't get any work done   Failblog