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  1. HI,   my kids go to Kindergarten in Sendling, Kita Igelchen e.V. ( and there is still a spot available for a 4-year old (born 2018/19) from August/ September this year.   The Kindergarten is a parent initiative, meaning the parents are somewhat involved in the running of the kita and everyone has a little job to support, eg. go shopping for fruit every couple of weeks, organise events, birthday presents, help if any renovations is needed. So we need parents that enjoy being part of a community and help out, but the "helping out" is on a very doable level - no cooking and cleaning needed.   The Igelchen have 18 kids in total age 1-6 with 3-4 teachers, so it is a very cosy and well staffed place. We are funded by the city of Munich and therefore the fees are the same as in city run Kindergartens. The Kindergarten is not bilingual.   So if you are interested ask questions or fill in the application form on the website and send it to:   Cheers, Steffi