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  1. I contacted yesterday afternoon about a smashed iPhone screen. I asked if I could get it fixed at 5pm. Went round today at 5pm and was a happy customer with a new screen by 5.30pm. Can only recommend :-) Competitive price and great job, thanks!


  2. Anyone else had any experiences with the MUC - MAN singapore airlines flight?

    I'm flying to MAN on Saturday morning, but am wondering if I need to be at the airport any earlier than normal (I would normally aim to be at the airport an hour before take off), seeing as it is a super big plane and may take longer for everyone to board!

    Or maybe it is just extra people who get on in Munich to fly to Manchester, rather than everyone from Singapore getting off and then on again... Any info greatly received! :-)


  3. anyone any good at playing 21s? actually, i take that back - anyone not very good at playing 21s? as if you were good, it kind of defeats the object as you wouldn't get drunk! ;) funny game!

    quite fancy this whole beer pong thing but won't be in munich on friday :(


  4. I would be well up for netball - also not played for a while but think it could be like riding a bike! I used to be goal attack until everyone else got taller and therefore nearer the net while I stayed ridiculously small! :( So then I played wing attack.


  5. Hey... this isn't fair! I'm a newbie who has her own name as her login name - I can't work out how to change it though! Any suggestions / hints as to how to change it??? :unsure: