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  1. 12 minutes ago, Harders said:

    Checking regarding Cooleringking and his plus 2 is ongoing... Until I have further info, the list from the end of page 2 has been reinstated!


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  2. I also received the job offer spam mail today. Changing passwords doesn't help but even if you follow DK's advice you'll still get the crap - just not on one of your "regular" e-mail addresses ;)


  3. Check out this company. I just got a quote from them. They have a special offer running from Jan-March, 2015 for €17 per square metre (incl. VAT) to freshen up white walls. They literally calculate by the square metres of your flat (not wall/ceiling surfaces). So, in your case it would be 75 sq m x 17 = EUR 1.275. They have good references on their website.


  4. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news...Frank's support team are very much alive & kicking and desperate to improve your customer service experience with 1&1 :) They thank you for contacting them with your problem and hope that all your issues could be dealt with satisfactorily and now invite you take part in a customer satisfaction survey, which of course won't take up very much of your precious time and by participating you would be doing them a great favour ;)


    Hope you get your internet back soon :-)



    I like to go in a store and pick up something that weighs 10kg to see what I was schlepping around with me.

    I watched Extrem Schwer (on RTL II) on Monday - some amazing stories of personal weight loss over the course of 365 days with professional coaches/sport trainers. The woman featured in Monday's episode weighed a staggering 139kg and lost 71kg to make it down to 68kg (over half her original body weight) !!!


    The trainer made her carry 2 sacks of concrete (weighing 45kg=her weight loss at that point) across a bridge. Hard to imagine what is is like to effectively carry another "person" around with you all day.


    If the candidate keeps their goal weight for at least 6mths then RTL II pays for the operation to remove all the excess skin.


    While on the one hand I admire what these people achieve in the space of a year, what stands out is that nearly all the candidates are YOUNG men and women. None of them have medical issues which would make them obese - it's merely over-eating/comfort-eating due to low self-esteem or various life circumstances/probems that lead them to end up in this situation.


    Definitely food for thought!


    Congratulations on your weight loss Moondancer! Weightwatchers is indeed a great method (used it more than once myself).